Introduction of irdp


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Introduction of irdp

  1. 1. Innovation research and developmentprogram (IRDp)-13PRESENTED BY :-Student Innovation FoundationCell : +91 - 9548850829/9450608717Webpage: www.ranjeetsinghinnovator.webs.comE-mail: director.sif@gmail.com
  2. 2. The objective of this course to pay attention to the most important dimension of innovationand research i.e. training of innovation and research it will enable the researchers andinnovators to develop the most appropriate method for their innovation and researchstudies the mission of the course is to impart research skill to the beginner’s and helpimprove the quality of innovation research and practical knowledge by the existingresearchers.I found that as per the global innovation index Switzerland is ranked 1, Sweden 2, Singapore3, Hong Kong 4, and India 62. There is a relationship between the innovation index andcompetitiveness. While India is 62 in the index, Our ranking is global competitiveness indexwas 56 in 2010-11. If India has to graduate from 56 and become equal to the developednations (within the top 10) it is essential that we build indigenous design capability. Thepresent growth has been achieved by the use of technologies essentially developed elsewherebased on scientific discoveries and patents generated ten to fifteen years earlier.The latest technologies resulting from scientific advances are not available from developedcountries to India at least for a decade hence, Innovation and research is vital, particularly inbasic science, to take up India’s global competitiveness to the desired level. I give below theresult of one endeavor where India developed the required technology.In today’s world of competition, theoretical knowledge is not enough to excel in life. IRDPare especially beneficial for students and faculty who have the highest requirement ofindustrial and practical exposure.
  3. 3. The course structure is designed in a way that the learning ofinnovation and research methodology can move from mugging upsyndrome to fun-practical method; from a teaching process to anexperimental process from memorizing to brainstorming from clearingthe examination to feedback learning from knowledge transfer toknowledge creation from competitive learning to collaborativelearning. The participants of the course will start the course by readingthe provided package at the end of the course they will find themselves,equipped enough to author a book or two themselves.
  4. 4. Today some student’s innovator has a high intellectual level but they can’t reach theplatform of their desire, that’s why this intellectual level or power is not utilized in society.Some student’s innovator has a high level of creativity but have no any proper guide’s to fulfillthe requirements.Some student has great hobbies but their hobbies are not flourished due to lack ofknowledge.Promote research and innovation and all around development of students because“students are our concern” no matter from where they belongs.Our Organization provides necessary frame work, control and co-coordination by non-payable volunteers.Our foundation welcomes to all the students, innovator and responsible, respected citizensof world for their valuable service and co-operation for students innovator and innovationprogram.
  5. 5. Provide Study MaterialProvide Software worth 1500 INRLife time supportTo offer a Student Mentor in Student Mentorship programfor faculty member.
  6. 6. Research MethodologyOpen InnovationIntellectual Property rightsLatexInnovation and motivationDevelopment
  7. 7. · Academicians· Research Scholars· Professionals· Innovators· Writers· Graduate, Post Graduate &· P.hd Students
  8. 8. To become a Innovator, researcherproper utilization of knowledge as per future growth in theown field.Documentation help with all the innovative idea.Provide a platform.Help in profile by Innovation and etc .
  9. 9. 6 Days / 48 hrs courseTheory + Practical bothAudio/Visual Classes All participants will need a pen drive
  10. 10. Student InnovationFoundation provides allthese training in just 2000INR worth 6000 INR i.e. 75%discount for promotion ofinnovation and research .As per market cost oftraining is given below.We are provides a StudyMaterial and Software worth1500 INR absolutely free forstudents and facultymember
  11. 11. oPeriod of training shall be 6 days. (For the ease oforganizers, registrants are requested to decide and inform of thetraining days well in advance.oParticipants can choose their suitable dates.oIntimation in this regard will be given to them via mail.oTrainee shall submit his/ her activity/progress report with feedbackwithin a period of two weeks after completion of the training period.oThe applicants and the trainees are informed to check with IRDP andSIF website and over e-mail for any updates in rules and information ofIRDP-2K13oCompletion of training means completing all the required activities.o Audio/Visual and Computer requirements.oComputer Lab.oWi-Fi / Net connection.oProjector.oAll participants will need a pen drive.