… eavesdrops, listens and that they all agree that “Wow Libraries, Philippines” is POP!
Either channels 1 or 2 including T...
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Wow Libraries, Philippines is pop!


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Here in the Philippines, the next big-pop culture
wave after “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” for the travel industry might be libraries.
Better view: http://beingchiefofalibraryorganization.wordpress.com/wow-libraries-philippines-is-pop/

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Wow Libraries, Philippines is pop!

  1. 1. … eavesdrops, listens and that they all agree that “Wow Libraries, Philippines” is POP! Either channels 1 or 2 including TV5 can showcase pop libraries in the Philippines. May this be soon. NCCA grants with its subcommittee for libraries and other funding agencies can make this possible for massively drawing Filipinos into every corner of the nation’s libraries and information centers through a boob tube’s feature presentation. At the international scene, name countries like Singapore, Hong Kong or US have wonderful libraries that have become second home or more than an attraction but accept the general public and utilize the 5 A’s as model for library tourism and hospitality. (Read more about the 5 A’s, click: Next to Family is the Library) Specifically, the authentic library hospitality of its personnel, St. Scholastica’s College library is pop! Internal relations officer, Kristel, of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa, a first-time visitor, checked the comfort rooms and was amazed. Its head librarian, Mrs. Lea Olivia Aler, accompanied by equally young, all- smiled, lovely ladies in school corporate uniforms, dressed in eye-refreshing loveable purple dress was fantastically good vibe while all interior spaces and rooms, with one voice, spoke “Come and let’s have a read!” Five POP STARS go to SSC, also, for its biggest surprise this year to thirty-three (33) library tourists from the south – other than the usual very warm welcome greeting beginning from its school entrance a give away GO, ST. SCHO! blue fan to really, yummy favorite Tropical Hut tuna sandwiches and bottled water with napkin for snacks. The world opens at the DLSU Library and Learning Commons! What a spectacular, potential library love-brand for this huge, giant Henry Sy Building and every librarian’s dream library. (Read more about love-branding for libraries and library personnel, click: Love Date With A Librarian). Inside and behind the Green Tree Building is a big, new world where spaces don’t mean quality, scholarly, scholastic, academic researches enrich with print alone but a wealth of technology, collaboration and leadership await not only those who are Lasallians, but also those St. John Baptist De Salle has been embracing since the great time of France and that include aggrieved Filipinos. Newly renovated and presented in video as the heart of the institution, the library of Far Eastern University, awarded last January, now joins a roster of outstanding academic and research libraries like the other two visited by MUNPARLAS found in Asian Development Bank and Ateneo de Manila University. An episode in Kapuso Mo, Jesica Soho’s Sunday program about where else FEU students go and spend their time is a jumpstart point for a documentary on-air to show how libraries change and have become attractive to born-digital generation or have J Lo’s oozing star smile librarians, Janice Penaflor and Karryl Sagun, of DLSU and Rizal Library, respectively, both are special program and events’ lead persons with backdrop of an airplane landing full of passengers somewhere on the 8th floor for book loans or loan-a-librarian service (Fine Print), neon-colored bean bags, roving library personnel on skate boards or on rollers while being interviewed for Korina Sanchez’ Balitang K or Kris TV show. Noteworthy to feature in any possible magazine show on Kapatid is how these breakthrough libraries have achieved a well-balanced hybrid atmosphere, stimulating, challenged constantly in and out of the library spaces. ADB library’s patron-drivenness is hard- core service leadership and winsome. Most valued clients may be in “beach vacation or in their bedrooms, or under a tree” but still in touch with their info experts for they, too, value them, regarded as can’t live without them support people of anyone – available 24/7 and omnipresent. Pop is a term derived from or short for popular. Here in the Philippines, the next big-pop culture wave after “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” for the travel industry might be libraries. That “identity that goes along with being up to date with current styles and trends other than top music hits and in the know about current celebrities” is pop. Those libraries are “Breakthrough Libraries of the Decade.” They are Wow Libraries of St. Scholastica’s College, De La Salle University, Far Eastern University, Asian Development Bank and Ateneo De Manila University and are pop. W o w l i b r a r i e s , P h i l i p p i n e s I S P O P ! ByRoderickbaturiramos Beingchiefofthelibraryorganization