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  1. 1. DFEÜ/ Prof. Matinek Anzenbacher Ines V3A General Science/English: „I am packing my suitcase and I put in…..” GST 1 Teaching aims: The children should be able to repeat the words we have learned the lessons before (clothes). The children should be able to repeat what their neighbours have already packed in the suitcase and they should repeat it in a whole sentence. Description of the game/method : The teacher starts with the sentence:” I am packing my suitcase and I put in one pullover.” The next children has to repeat the sentence and has to add something. For example: “I am packing my suitcase and I put in one pullover and two shirts.” It goes around the class and everybody has to add something but first he/she has to repeat everything that´s already in the suitcase. The other children have to take control that nothing is left out. Teachers language: Today we are going to play a game. We´ve already heared about clothes and I´m sure you can remember some keywords! We are going to tavel around the world and so we have to pack our suitcase. Everybody puts something in our big suitcase, and we repeat it, so that we don´t forget anything. I will start: I am packing my suitcase and I put in one pullover. (- point on the first child and give a gesture to move on) Vocabulary: waistcoat (ärmellose Jacke), bathrobe/dressing gown, swimming trunks(Badehose), swimsuit, cardigan (Strickjacke),buckle(Schnalle), zip, pockets, laces, button holes, belt, gymshoes, mittens(Fäustlinge), gloves, tie, (bikini=Bikini; Childrens language: I pack my suitcase with: pullover, T-shirt, skirt, boots, shoes, socks, trousers, jeans, panties, underpants, tights, jumper, sweater, blouse, dress, coat, scarf, cap, hat, trainers, ……