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Insta Health solutions is a leader in providing hospital and clinics management solutions for the emerging markets of India, Middle East, Africa and Middle East. With over 200 hospitals and clinics using the system in both cloud and local server installations, it has built good reputation as a very easy to use and implement system.

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Presentation on Insta Health Solutions

  1. 1. Insta Health Solutions Pvt Ltd “About us”
  2. 2. Our Vision To improve productivity and efficiency of doctors and hospitals by delivering innovative applications through latest technologies To become No.1 Healthcare software company from India Confidential 2
  3. 3. Our Approach and Achievements To provide hospital IT solutions, keeping in mind the specific situation in healthcare markets of emerging economies in Asia and Africa, in terms of capabilities of hospital staff, turnover of hospital staff, and the business processes followed here. The core principles of our design are,  Easiest to use and implement software  Easy to customize to specific needs of hospitals or clinics  Easy to support and fix any issues and bugs remotely  Reduced total cost of ownership through our usage of Linux OS and licence free database that saves costs to hospitals in terms of Windows and Database licences  Provide advanced features for recording clinical information and EMR data Our Achievements  We have over 200 hospitals and clinics using our solution across the world. Of these around 30 of them are in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kenya and Nigeria  We have the largest deployment of cloud based solutions among multi-center chains with a single database Confidential 3
  4. 4. HMS – Operations Modules Basic and Modules Modules for Optional High for Clinics Hospitals End Modules 1. Registration 1. Doctor Scheduler 1. Ward Activity Management 2. Billing+Insurance 2. Bed Management, IP 2. Diet and Nutrition 3. Pharmacy Services, and OT Reports 3. Fixed Assets and 4. Lab 3. Surgery Scheduler Complaints Tracking 5. Radiology 4. Advanced Insurance 4. Maintenance and 6. Doctor Scheduler 5. Foreign exchange receipts Contracts 7. Services Scheduler 6. Consultant and Other 5. Linen and Laundry 8. OP Consultation and Payments 6. Ambulance and Triage 7. Supplier and Transportation 9. EMR View miscellaneous payments 7. Alerts and Messaging 10. EMR View – Trend Reports 8. Referral Payments (SMS and email) 11. Inventory Management 9. Clinical Packages 8. Patient Satisfaction (Procurement, stores 10. Interface to Tally or Focus Surveys management) or FA System 9. Accounting of 12. Reports and Business 11. Medical Records Consumables Analytics 12. Internet Access Module 10. Queue and token 13. User Management and management Master Settings 11. Waiting list display system 12. Dialysis Module 13. Ophthalmology Consultation 14. Dental Consultation 15. IVF Module 16. E-Claims 17. Insurance Remittances Confidential
  5. 5. Electronic Medical Records OP Consultation IP Treatment* Medical Records 1. Generic 1. Consent Forms 1. ICD Coding for Consultation 2. Vital Parameters diagnosis and 2. Specialty 3. Intake-output procedures Consultations 4. Anesthesiology 2. Upload of scanned • Dental Information records • Ophthalmology 5. Drug Delivery charts 3. Generic Medical • Dialysis 6. Doctor and Nurse Records (birth • IVF notes certificates, medical • Pediatric 7. OT Notes certificates, etc) 3. Upload scanned 8. Upload scanned 4. Patient Analytics Docs reports 5. Visa medical programs EMR View 1. Patient Search 2. Patient clinical information 3. Trend Reports for patient (weight charts, cholesterol charts, etc) 4. Patient Portal Confidential 5
  6. 6. Solutions for Doctors and Clinics Touch screen solutions  iPad/Android Tablets: Those doctors who are keen to enter the patient information directly into computer can use these new exciting Tablet PC solutions, including Apple’s iPad or other Android solutions.  The above solution let the doctor keep eye contact with the patients while storing the patient information digitally in the HMS Unique EMR solution  We let every doctor define his/her own specialty format to record observations on patient and the treatment Access Anywhere  The data of patients is kept in the Tablet PC and also backed up automatically on a central server. So doctors need not worry on backups or Internet connections. If they are away from their computers they can access the data remotely through Internet. Confidential 6
  7. 7. Common Server Architecture We support multi-center operations of Central Server hospitals or clinics through our single server approach. Apache / Postgres SQL / Application Common Database across all In this model there is no real clinics distinction between various centers. It is as if all centers are located together and operate on the same common rate plans and common administration. Each center will operate independently with no access to data of other centers. For chain of hospitals we recommend they take dedicated communicationCenter 1 Center 2 Center 3 links between the centers and for OP clinics, Internet based communication will suffice. Confidential 7
  8. 8. Benefits of single server approachfor chain of clinics or hospitals Centralized control on all operations and up to the minute information of performance Many functions like the following can be centralized  Insurance processing  Inventory control and procurement  Common help desk and appointment scheduler  Integration with financial accounting Confidential 8
  9. 9. Cloud Ready Insta HMS is one of the few Hospital Management solutions that is completely cloud ready. 100% of application is accessible through browser based services Following are sample set of customers who are using Insta HMS as a cloud solution  Chain of OP clinics in Mumbai  Chain of dental clinics in Mumbai  Chain of Dialysis Centers with headquarters in Bangalore  Chain of Dialysis Centers based in Hyderabad  Hospital Chain in Mumbai  Chain of diagnostic centers with headquarters in Chandigarh with their own internal common server and dedicated communication links to all their centers  One central hospital and 6 clinics in Kenya All of Insta’s internal systems are also moved to Amazon EC2 cloud to gain experience of working with cloud Confidential 9
  10. 10. Business Intelligence We provide business intelligence module for easy analysis of hospital performance  Dash boards  Dynamic reports  Drill-down features  Report Designer We are providing the BI through partnership with a 3rd party provider, but as total solution from Insta with tight integration with Insta HMS database Web based BI giving flexibility to see the data from anywhere Confidential 10
  11. 11. Customer Base Chain of Clinics or Hospitals – 7 Large hospital of more than 250 beds – 12 Large hospitals of 100-250 beds – 10 Small and medium hospitals of less than 100 beds – 82 Day Care and homecare centers – 6 International medical centers - 12 Confidential 11
  12. 12. Technical Details Development Environment  Ubuntu Server  Desktop Development Platform - Java 6  Database - PostgreSQL 10.x  Web Server- Apache Tomcat 5.5  Web Browser supported - Mozilla Firefox 3.x Hospital Environment  Server Specifications o Intel Dual core processor or Intel Xeon Server for high end hospitals o 2 GB or 4 GB RAM depending on number of terminals o 2*300 GB SATA disks o Linux OS and Database – will be installed by Insta  Desktop Systems o Standard PC with a minimum of 512MB memory with network access to the server o Microsoft Windows or Linux Ubuntu Desktop  Internet Access – broadband access for support and upgrades Confidential 12
  13. 13. Why Insta HMS1. Solution for multi-center operations2. Cloud Ready solution3. Advanced and customizable EMR solution4. Easiest HMS to use and implement5. Reduced total cost of ownership6. Easier maintenance and upgrades7. Tightly integrated system that leads to productivity improvement and efficiencies8. Following international healthcare standards like HL7, HIPPA guidelines9. Single version working across 200 hospitals and clinics all over the world which shows the configurability and flexibility of the solution Confidential 13
  14. 14. Thanks for your attention Please contact us at Insta Health Solutions Pvt Ltd, No. 3/4, Hosur Main Road, Madiwala, Bangalore – 560 068 Phone: 080-4001 6061 Email: Confidential 14