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Architectural Design


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Architectural Design

  1. 1. Presentation on Industrial Visit,MiniProject and Main Project(phase 1) Guide : Asst. Prof.Anju S.S presented By, Asha Yeldose M.Tech-CSE Roll.No: 406003
  2. 2. Overview of Work Done:  Industrial Visit -Location : JMMC Trichur -Period : 2012 December 22 to 2013 february28  Mini Project -Preparation of As Is Document -Preparation of To Be Document -IEEE Technical Paper - ―Integration of ICU data into Electronic Medical Records- Issues and Solutions ” -Work on Android Applications – ongoing  Main Project -Problem identification –complete -literature Survey –partially complete -Solution Strategy –partially complete2 -Implementation –Pending
  3. 3. Overview of presentation:  About the Industrial training in JMMC  Mini Project : ICU Automation for JMMC – ―Architectural Design‖  About our IEEE conference paper ―Integration of ICU data into Electronic Medical Records – Issues and Solutions‖.  Main Project : Input Techniques in ICUAS3
  4. 4. JMMC – The Poor mans Hospital
  5. 5. JMMC – The industry  Normally known by the name ―Poor man’s hospital‖.  It is a healthcare industry—with intensive form of services for the well being of human beings.  The major inputs of this health care industry are: Hospital Medical insurance Medical Software Health Equipments.5
  6. 6. A satellite view…(just a glimpse)6
  7. 7. The major services…  Hospital 35 departments running successfully in the 4 blocks.The major blocks include.  Golden Jubilee Block  Hridayalaya  St. Thomas Block  Medical College Block7
  8. 8. The major services…  Registration  Cardiology  Registration  Administrative  Pharmacy I Registration  Pharmacy Wing  OPD  Emergency  OPD  Principals  Surgical ICU  OPD Room  ATM  Medical ICU  Cardiac Care  Lecture  Nurses  Neuro Unit Complex council Surgery  Computer  Biomedical  cafe Recovery ICU Services wing  Multidisciplina  Management  Cafeteria ry CCU group  Laboratory.  Auditorium  Dietician  Biochemistry  Council hall center laboratory.  Head nurse  Fitness center  Pg block station  Research  cafe centre Golden St. Thomas  Medical Medical Hridayalaya Block8 Jubilee Block record Block College storage wing
  9. 9. Health Equipments:  Multipara Monitor  Centrifuges  Pulse oximeter  Clinical analyzer  Ventilator  Calipers  Nebulizer (Ultrasonic)  Infusion Pump  Caloric Apparatus  UniCelDxI 600  Cardiac pacemaker  UniCelDxC 860i  Mammography System  LH 750 analyzer  M-mode ultrasonic  Ortho Vitros 250 scanner  Roche Hitachi 912  Gastric Pump Chemistry Analyzer etc.,9
  10. 10. Medical Software:  The entire JMMC runs on a software developed and maintained by MUZIRIS softech.  Different modules are controlled by them with in the JMMC network.  Some of the modules include: -Administration -lab Proceedings. -PMR tracking etc., Further details are given in the IV report.10
  11. 11. ICU Automation for JMMC – ―Architectural Design‖.
  12. 12. Existing System in Medical Neuro ICU of JMMC  A desktop based system.  Nurses has to walk around so as to update the patient’s medical record.  Not possible for doctors to have the latest updations.12
  13. 13. Health Equipments:  Multipara Monitor  Pulse oximeter  Ventilator  Centrifuges  Clinical analyzer etc.,13
  14. 14. Proposed System  A Tablet based System.  Portable.  Updations can be performed at the bed side  Wifi enabled.  Application based system.  Better feel14
  15. 15. The overall system architecture…15
  16. 16. ICUAS—Architectural design…..  Different modules come under this : The important modules are :  Log in  Log out  Lab request  Medication  Temperature, Pressure and Respiration  Billing  Nurses Record etc., All these modules are treated as separate android apps and are separately developed. Finally these apps will be made interactive with16 each other.
  17. 17. A Sample running on Emulator….17
  18. 18. A Sample running on Emulator….  A simple app may contain a series of inner operations.  A sample login app will be like this.18
  19. 19. How two apps communicate…  Consider two apps login and medicine.  Medicine also contains a series of operations. Lets consider the medicine app… It has the following operations:  Viewing a patient by his ID  Provide Medicine  View medication details19
  20. 20. Operations under medicine app:20
  21. 21. How two apps communicate… • If there is an effective communication the logged in nurse’s name will be displayed. •To make the communication effective intents are used. •Intents are asynchronous messages which allow Android components to request functionality from other components of the Android system21
  22. 22. Advantages of New system.  Easy development of apps.  Easy replacement.  Better organization.  Provides a standard view.22
  23. 23. IEEE Conferenc Paper:"Integration of ICU data into Electronic Medical Records-Issues and Solutions"
  24. 24. About the Conference Paper:  Got a chance to prepare a paper based on the idea said above.  The paper titled as ―Integration of ICU data into Electronic Medical Records- Issues and Solutions‖ got acceptance in 2013 IEEE conference on information and communication technologies.24
  25. 25. About the Conference Paper….  Paper Submitted on : February 12  Paper get accepted on : February 27  To be presented on : April 11 or 12  Venue : Kanyakumari  Category : Networks – e-health  Co-ordinator : Dr.George Varkey  Guide : Anju S.S  Authors : Dhanyaja . N, Josmy T Jose, Asha Yeldose25
  26. 26. Abstract The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is the arena in which many succeed and many others perish in the intense battle between life and death. The systematic documentation of all events here will be invaluable for research purposes. Traditionally these are written on case sheets and maintained in paper form in the Medical Records Department. The advent of electronic medical records (EMR) has not only changed the format of medical records but also increased accessibility of information contained in the repository, especially for research purposes. Unfortunately, in most implementations of Hospital Information Management System, many major pieces of information from the ICU fail to find26 a place in the EMR. Even in cases where the EMR
  27. 27. Abstract (Cntd.)ICU is characterized by periods of heavy load of urgent tasks to be finished within precious time and manual entry of information into the medical record will be either postponed or dropped. This creates a statistical skew in the information captured that will affect the analysis based on them. On the other hand, an ICU automation system can alleviate the severity of above problem to a large extent, since it can ubiquitously capture all important information from the ICU and store it in the EMR. We are currently implementing a Tablet PC based system for automation of the workflows in an ICU. This paper presents the working of the system in capturing the pertinent information so that it may be stored in the EMR. The issue of27 integration of the ICU management system with the
  28. 28. MAIN PROJECTInput Techniques in ICUAS
  29. 29. Problem Statement  To develop the complete Android Application Suite for ICU Nursing Station wherein EMR gets captured ubiquitously  The proposed work will consider input from nurse’s  Extension of Mini Project  Uses the UI and Use Case Diagrams created as part of Mini Project  The system should become operational in JMMC29
  30. 30. Input Techniques in ICUAS…  Keyboard entry Touch screen k/b External k/b  Voice input  Camera mode30
  31. 31. In our scenario ICUAS:  We have an aakash tablet.  Have to connect an external wired keyboard.  The mounting and un-mounting of keyboard should be performed based on the click in the front end.  A power hub is provided to connect the keyboard as our tablet don’t have a USB port.31
  32. 32. Touch Screen Keyboard touch sensitive inbuilt keys  most doctors are more comfortable with pen and paper  It takes some time to practice in order to type quickly and accurately.32
  33. 33. Voice Input:  Helps in saving the doctor’s order.  A click on record button should start the recorder in the background.  It could be possible for long time recording.  The recorded file should be saved properly to the database.  It should be possible to hear it in a later period.33
  34. 34. Camera Mode:  Used to take the photo of the newly admitted patient in the ICU.  As said before the camera should be activated with in a single click.  The generated picture size should be reduced considerably and should be stored.34
  35. 35. Camera mode for taking handwritten notes… • Inbuilt camera takes pictures of handwritten notes. • Tablet is fixed in a frame that can be tilted as needed,in an angle most suitable for reading. • The paper slip whose Image need be taken is kept behind and one click is all that needed.35
  36. 36. Development Methodology:  Here we will see how an android application can be developed .36
  37. 37. Development Methodology……37
  38. 38. Testing Strategy.38
  39. 39. Testing Strategy…..39
  40. 40. Testing Strategy……40
  41. 41. Testing Strategy…..  A sample speech recording system41
  42. 42. System Integration:42
  43. 43. Activity Chart : Writing a Paper Prepairing Thesis Implementing + integrating with other modules Testing Collecting with information aakash FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE43
  44. 44. Impact Analysis:  Even in a ―touch‖ environment the user can work with an external keyboard (to which they are used with)  Single button clicks will bring exciting applications in the background.  No need to worry about the booting of a particular app.  Brings different inputting techniques under a single platform.44
  45. 45. Extension and Future Work  As far as the inputting techniques are considered, still there are some questions yet to be answered. We are searching for the same with the help of some forums like Android Forums etc.,  Android and postgres connectivity is a issue that should be sorted out.  Once the proper solution of deploying is obtained we have to try it in the aakash model.45
  46. 46. 46