50 Inspiring Healthcare Innovation Ideas


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Miron Healthcare Services, along with a fresh wave of cutting-edge healthcare facilities, is reinventing the concept of typical healthcare and reviving the spirit of the ideal patient experience.

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50 Inspiring Healthcare Innovation Ideas

  1. 1. innovations in healthcareI f you think of a healthcare If you answered “yes”, then allow the emphasis on healing environments. Our facility as a bleak Miron Healthcare Services team to assist approach is based on how patients feel asenvironment with insensitive in making your dream of an innovative they become immersed in your facility.lighting, stiff furniture and views of healthcare facility a reality.acoustical tile ceilings from a rigid bed, Miron Healthcare Services, along with Miron Healthcare Servicesthink again. Picture a medical facility a fresh wave of cutting-edge healthcare understands that patients’highlighted in warm, tender colors, facilities, is reinventing the concept of surroundings affect theirintegrating a positive experience at typical healthcare and reviving the spirit well-being.every step. How about an atmosphere of the ideal patient experience. Ourthat fosters a patient’s comfort and revolutionary approach, working with Here is our list of the topcontentment? One that brims with staff and patients, is to create unique innovations for the patientwarmth, ease, and welcome? Is this patient experiences and positive patient experience this year.your vision? attachments for your facility, placing theimagine this...Reflect the Environment Bring the Outside In Be More Productive with ‘CAFS’Integration of regional materials into the Surroundings within the facility are as Computer Aided Flexible Spaces, workfacility though locally grown plantings, calming and peaceful as the outdoors. spaces that are easy to store, manage andharvested wood and locally procured Imagine paintings of local exterior use, eliminate the need for large cubiclesculpture and fauna. impressions viewed by patients as they areas. enter the facility. A connection back toLet the Sun Shine In! the familiar is made—back to a sense of Appropriately Sized Private RoomsSaturating recovery rooms in natural peace… just like home. Private rooms with room for familylight leads to shorter patient stays and members, staff and equipment. Infectionhigher patient and staff satisfaction. control is increased while aiding in personal comfort.
  2. 2. Can we do a better job? ...of planning and building a more compelling healing environment for your patients?Flex Rooms Nursing PodsInclude the flex room concept so nurses move patients No longer are large, cluttered desks required. Everythingless often. All rooms are equipped to provide critical a caregiver requires is at their fingertips with easy accesssystems, such as anesthesia gases and heart monitors. for ultimate service.This design feature cuts down on noise and the infectionsthat may pass from patient to patient in shared rooms. A Neighborhood that Cares Localized healthcare ‘neighborhoods’ or workspaces,Incorporate ‘Third Spaces’ grouped according to discipline, foster knowledgeInclude hospitality cafés where Starbucks baristas assist in sharing. Each has a dedicated pod for instant interactionpreparing the coffee of the day. Juices, coffee and snacks and discussion.are made-to-order and easily accessible. Patient LoyaltyEliminate What We Don’t Want to Hear Satisfaction is over. Patient-centric strategies haveNoise reduction through planning of room placement moved from patient satisfaction and brand awareness toand material selection. Flooring, sound insulation, patient loyalty. Twenty-one targeted questions identifyceilings and corridor openings. and understand the attachment levels of customers, employees, managers and the community to yourPrivate Reservations Rooms brand. This effective analysis exposes current levels ofUnique settings where patients have the ability to discuss consistency, stability, confidence, trust, dedication andany item in confidence. Distinctive cube design with attachment.individual family areas.Make Creativity a HabitBegin to carve out innovation spaces – high-energy thinktanks, team spaces that provide digital projection, ‘sticky’areas, and whiteboards.
  3. 3. innovations in healthcaremore ideas for in-patient facilities...Advanced Data Retrieval System Mind the GapADR has been around for some time, however, the For the past sixty years, patients have complained. It’sway we use it has changed. Providing physicians with time to listen and offer new patient gowns. Designedinformation such as secure access to patient records via with the patient—not the hospital—in mind. Easy toa portable handheld devise or tablet PC. This includes use ‘tear-away’ gowns that soothe and comfort.up-to-the-minute lab results, radiology reports, vitalsigns, and medication lists. Pull Right Up Separate maternity entrance providing a specialLearn from Eastern Medicine experience for patients allowing for ease of service.Rooms that overlook Zen gardens support the healingprocess and help patients recover faster. Views of natural ‘Begin to Care’ in Maternity Careelements and the ability to absorb the warmth of the sun Moms have been asking for this for years. Mother andelevate patient moods. The interior and outdoor flora of child share the same nurse for the entire stay.the facility can captivate the senses and invite more ofthe same: tranquility and relaxation. New Mother Gowns Designed with the breast-feeding mother in mind.Provide Therapeutic Art that HealsArt, strategically placed throughout the facility, Health-Related Retail Shopsenhances the healing environment and reduces stress for Gift shops focused on healing and recovery, addingpatients and staff. Peaceful, relaxing areas designed to value to patient well-being.add to the meditative state. Blissful BeddingHolistic Gardens Provide ideal bedding, such as 300-count thread linensCreate a spiritual awakening within the patient. and choice of pillow firmness upon arrival.Butterfly gardens, koi ponds, grains of sand that create Why See It?both mental and physical repose. ‘No-see’ equipment is hidden and stored behindDaybed Flexibility paintings, lessening patient anxiety and stress.Visitors enjoy in-room daybeds to remain connected to “It’s My Pleasure to Assist!”their family and friends throughout treatment. Concierge services to assist every step of the way,“Let Me Do it Myself!" including elderly guidance.Include personal patient environment controls in all Hospitality – Not Hospitalrooms. Self controls are designed with ultimate patient Room service that allows patients to order their mealscomfort in mind. via telephone or wireless handheld from a 24-hourRestock Without Waking staffed room service department.Include ISD in the design, In-patient Supply “Is Joe Here Somewhere?”Distribution, so supplies are re-stocked without ever Nursing areas equipped with patient way-findingentering into the in-patient room. technologies. No longer are you required to search for aBring it to the Park patient.Peaceful, relaxing areas for informal conferences, lunch, Welcome Packetprovider/patient-wide meetings and family downtime. Begin to understand the unique preferences and desires that a patient expects. What music, movies, and reading materials will make their stay more comfortable? Eliminate the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.
  4. 4. innovations in healthcaremore ideas for out-patient facilities...Improved Patient Exam Room Communication Help the KidsNo posters, no flyers. Provide the latest clinical happenings Childcare drop-in services for children 12 and under withand events via broadcast through exam room plasma screens. playground, arts and crafts, and scheduled activities.Instant Patient Name Recognition Keep Meds from LeavingProcess flow design allows nursing staff to know the patient’s Prescriptions filled immediately through physicianname without ‘broadcasting’ or asking for it. interaction in the exam-room setting.Ease of In-Room Scheduling Instant RegistrationRather than sending the patient to another secondary (sub) ThinkPad registration processes eliminate queue times andwaiting area, patients are scheduled for their diagnostics and provide instant communication in the admitting area.imaging right in the exam room. I-Spot Registration ProcessCompletely Integrated Physician Offices Separate areas designed to increase physician schedulingSpaces that serve multiple patient and family functions. access by 70%.Teleconferencing capabilities including ‘just-in-time’physician coordination. Lending Libraries Access to educational pods and resources through thePatient/Physician Conference Areas Internet with web sites available for all to use.Large conference desks are eliminated, adding to patient andfamily interaction. Barriers are reduced creating outcomes of “What Do I Hear?”care, personalization, comfort and well-being. Soundscapes are available and accessible at numerous clinical impression areas.Help with Teen OutreachConfidential counseling, suicide intervention, and prevention Eliminate Patient Linesactivities are available in a ‘teen-friendly’ environment. Begin a pre-registration process and eliminate wait times. Typical check-in times are 10 to 14 minutes, reduce to 35Private Rooms in the ASC seconds.Private pre and post-surgical patient rooms for comfortableand seamless recovery, enhanced infection control and Patient Procedure Pod Castsgreater privacy. Broadcasts sent to the patient before their arrival help eliminate the anxiety and stress often associated with aWellness, Fitness and Complementary Medicines hospital visit. Replace with outcomes like: ease, control andSpace dedicated to wellness and fitness for patients and comfort.staff to use when convenient for them and offeringsof complementary fitness programs such as yoga and ‘Orthopants’meditation. Special pants designed with the orthopedic patient in mind. Created by innovative orthopedic surgeons, the ‘orthopants’Therapeutic Bodywork allow complete freedom of patient movement and relaxation.Feature a variety of massage services such as prenatalmassage and more. CORPORATE WAUSAU MADISON IOWA 1471 McMahon Drive 500 First Street, Suite 4000 8215 Greenway Boulevard, 9440 Atlantic Dr., SW, Suite 3 Neenah, WI 54956 Wausau, WI 54403 Suite 100 Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 920.969.7000 715.841.4000 Middleton, WI 53562 319.298.5200 miron-construction.com 608.203.2700