Submission of assignment


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Submission of assignment

  1. 1. Submission of Assignment Step – I Prototypes from the selected ideas.
  2. 2. Problem Statement: • • needs a way to • because Smart, Hardworking team player graduate from college Find a competitive Edge In tough competition his resume should stand out.
  3. 3. Most practical idea: Do market research to know the skills in demand To study Industry requirements & research his prospects …… Job-1- Computer skills Job-2- Communication skills Job-3- Analytical skills Job- 4-presentation skills. For development of skills he make a search of a mentor or coaching centre. Stake holder
  4. 4. Explore internet to get latest information . Mentor teachers at coaching centre Computer training Communication skills & groom personality. Development of skills Stakeholder becomes a skillful job seeker Accepted & got appointment.
  5. 5. Prototype test: The stake holder was asked for feedback on the prototype • He was more clear about the out come of the process • He told that he could clearly visualize the impact of different steps of the process • He could also foresee the modification or alternatives which could be followed to reach the goal / destination • It gave him clarity and confidence
  6. 6. Prototype-II: Favorite Idea. Learn about Industry • Try to understand its challenges and come up with ideas to solve them • The curriculum of the degree course might not be updated in some areas according to advancement of industry • The gap between theory and practice has to be bridged by understanding the industrial demands
  7. 7. Prototype- II Stake holder Dreams for jobs Industry Needs & Challenges Skills & Competencies Self- Analysis Identify strength & weaknesses Mentors Training & Guidance Better skills & Compete ncies Better job opportunities Higher pay
  8. 8. Testing of Prototype – II: feedback captured from the stake holder. • The stake holder could understand the proper route he could follow to reach destination • He could identify the missing links he could not visualize earlier in discussions. • He was inspired to prepare him for alternative solutions if needed in advance. • He felt it to be more practical way of planning for future.
  9. 9. A reflection:- The prototype is a innovative idea for finding solutions. • What I learned- The ideas may seem to be simple but when put into practice, the problem takes a different turn. • The prototype may appeal but when tested, may give you unexpected outcome. • No idea should be taken for guaranteed. A number of solutions should be kept in hand. • The ideas should have scope for amendments as and when needed.
  10. 10. What to do next…..? If I were to continue with same project • I would study the market from the point of view of at least two prominent stakeholders i.e. employer and jobseekers & study the requirement of the competencies needed for the job. Then prepare the students to develop those competencies along with skills needed. • ……….. Lots of thanks to the team for giving a new experience…… rama sharma