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Why we fundraise.
This presentation was given at MCWS during our 2013 fundraiisng dinner.

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Ideal Islamic Center - Funds

  1. 1. DARUL IHSAN LATIFIAH MADRASHA & MASJID AL-IHSAN “Serving the muslim community since 2003.”
  2. 2. The Darul Ihsan Latifiah Madrasha has been in operation since 2003. Since then, hundreds of students have learned to recite the holy Qur’an and many have become a Hafiz as well. The classes would take place in the 2nd floor apartment of a home at that time and couldn’t continue on in such a space due to the growing number of students.
  3. 3. In 2011, the islamic school bought it’s first buildng – located on Holbrook Street of Downtown Hamtramck. The building was bought for $50,000 after struggling to raise funds for a cause that many were unfamiliar with.
  4. 4. After a long battle with the city, to operate as a nonprofit organization in a commercial area (what they called the Central Business District), the city finally granted us our license to operate as an Islamic Center. We named our islamic center the “Ideal Islamic Center”. An islamic center that is open to the community, regardless of caste and ethnicity.
  5. 5. In Early 2013, we started to offer Jumm’ah khutbah and prayer on Fridays for the people that lived nearby and worked at the many businesses in the area. Then, a demand for a masjid came. We figured that we cannot become a true Islamic Center without offering the daily 5 prayers.
  6. 6. Our Mission & Motto “Uniting our community through religion and appreciation of cultures.” “Educating our youth and making them better Muslims. Promoting positive character and raising Huffaz, Alims and Qaris to become the leaders of tomorrow.” “ ”  “Lord, increase my knowledge”
  7. 7. Services by Darul Ihsan A complete list and description of services available to the public
  8. 8. Additional Services: -Adult Education -Computer Education -Youth Center* -Annual Health Fairs -Future Projects Islamic Services: -Educational Programs: -Ta’limul Quran Course -Tahfizul Quran Course -Darul Qirat -Alim Course -Sunday Aqeedah Class -Islamic Library (English, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu) -Da’wah Seminars -Al-Islah Darpan Magazine
  9. 9. About our Quran Courses • Tahfizul Quran Course: Memorization of the Quran with Darul Qirat practices. This course takes 3 years. Students may receive homeschooling or take this course after school. • Ta’limul Quran & Islam Course: The basics of Islamic studies, and learning how to recite the Quran. This course also includes Tajweed, Al-Azkaar (Kalima & Dua), learning Hadith, Islamic Morals & Values, and learning the 5 pillars of Islam. • Alim Course: 4 years of scholarly studies and research. • All females are taught by female teachers.
  10. 10. Other Services The Ideal Islamic Center is working on many other projects to benefit the whole community. We’ve been planning for a very long time but cannot go any further without funding. A few being: -Adult Education Center: Teaching adults English and help them prepare for a GED. -Computer Classes: Teaching those who wish to learn how to use a computer, how to type up reports and resumes, how to search for jobs, etc. -Annual Health Fairs: Recruiting Doctors and health experts (Dietitians, Pharmacists, Ob/Gyn, Public Health) to volunteer and provide free services to those who have no or limited health insurance during this event.
  11. 11. NEW PROJECT: YOUTH CENTER Introducing
  12. 12. THE NEED FOR A YOUTH CENTER Muslim Population Consists of Almost Half of Hamtramck
  13. 13. We can all agree that youth is an age of craziness. At this age, most youth often lose their sensitivity and get involved in various sinful activities - such as drinking alcohol, gambling, drug addiction, and adultery. As a result, their education may come to an end and even their lives become at stake. Especially in this country, when a child crosses 18 years of age, he/she goes out of the control of the guardians. They often setup on the way of destruction because of leading reckless life and bad company.
  14. 14. In this situation, we, those who are engaged in religious work with mentality, have responsibilities to guide them to the right way. The Prophet of Allah (SAW) says: "You each person is a shepherd. And you have to be accountable for this" (Al-Hadith). In our little city of Hamtramck, the condition of our youth is not the best. Lack of proper guidance, they are getting involved in various sinful activities. If we do not come forward to guide them, then the lives of these beloved children of ours will be vulnerable. Their golden lives can fade away. The roof of our dream houses will be pulled down. Above all, if such a situation goes on, this society may become un- inhabitable. In such a situation, we will have to move away. On the day of judgment, we will be responsible for this sins and not only will they be punished, but so may we.
  15. 15. Thus, without delay, the Muslim Youth Association of Hamtramck (MYAH) was founded with an aim to guide them to the right way. We hope that you will render your assistance toward us and express your solidarity along side us by reading our aim, objectives, and program. Objective: Spiritual, moral and life skills development by acquiring Islamic education according to the rules and regulations given by Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAW), as per the guidance of the Sahabas and Ahle Sunnat w'al Jamaat. Above all, to obtain the satisfaction of Allah and the Prophet (SAW) by building up a healthy, pious, work, family and community orientated youth.
  16. 16. Programs: With an aim to guide our youth as future leaders, our five point programs are: • To take proper initiative and start Islamic education for youths on the basis of Al-Quran and Sunnah. • To help them in acquiring Islamic education as well as worldly education properly. • To building them physically, mentally, and healthy through sports. • To take necessary steps in eradication of unemployment of youth. • To continue the preaching and introducing Islam to people of other religions.
  17. 17. For now, MYAH meets around Asr times at the Islamic Center. The children join the Asr prayer and then start their recreational activities with the proctor. Because MYAH has no actual gym/recreational center, we often use the municipal resources provided to the residents such as parks and fields.
  18. 18. Our need: To implement our aims, objectives and programs, we need a total of $500,000 to demolish and construct a youth center (with gym and playground). This will give an opportunity to allow the children to play in a safe and worry free environment. A place where they can do their homework and find tutoring FREE. A place where they can get counseling. A place where they can blow off some steam and stress after a rigorous game of basketball or soccer.
  19. 19. We have almost a hundred students enrolled at our Islamic School (Darul Ihsan Latifiah Madrasha) and we know for sure that the students will only grow as school is ending for many kids in the community. On Sundays, we have Aqeedah classes for our children. The teachers are Sheikh Taher Siddiqui and Ahmed Omar Jamaa. They come all the way from Fenton and Dearborn to teach our children about Islamic history and Seerah. This is very beneficial to them as they become well rounded in Islamic education. We are preparing for our Summer Program at the Madrasah, which will be 2 months long. During those two months, the students will be in learning from 10am to 2pm, 5 days a week.
  20. 20. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, we: • Own 3 buildings in one block. • One of which is being leased out to a grocery store to provide income for the Islamic Center. • Operate as a FULL TIME Islamic school. • Offering homeschooling for students who are in training to become a Hafiz. • Raised close to $200,000 since 2011 • 5 Students have become Hafiz since we opened in 2012. • One of which was still attending a competitive school while in the Tahfizul Quran program. • One more student will become a Hafiz on June 16, 2013. • Hundreds of students have learned how to recite the Quran with Tajweed. • Publish a monthly Islamic journal.
  21. 21. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE Why We Are Fundraising
  22. 22. The Qarde Hasanat Repayment Project Phase I Renovation Project
  23. 23. We have a total of $53,000 Dollars of Qarde Hasanat (interest free loans) from members of the community. As you can tell, that amount only went up since our last fundraising. We haven’t had much success fundraising over the past few months as the economy is hard on everyone and not many people know of us. We had no choice but to ask others to provide a loan. Qarde Hasanat Repayment
  24. 24. Phase 1 will focus on the Islamic Center only Renovation Project PHASE I
  25. 25. • • • • • • • •
  26. 26. What Your Donations Will Do • Pay our monthly expenses that total up to $5000 on average (bills, repairs, etc) • Paying off our Qarde Hasanats • Allowing us to hold programs and mahfils • Allowing us to do renovations • Allowing us to have something to fall back on!
  27. 27. Total Raised Today: • $4,425 Checks • $728 Cash • $6,750 Pledge • ================= • Total: $11,703
  28. 28. $2,500 x 1 $1,000 x 6 $500 x 6 $200 x 3 $300 x 1 $50
  29. 29. JOINING OUR MAILING LIST Very Important to us! Allows to have a connection with you.