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Friends of BJP Presentation


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Published in: News & Politics
  • we are shocked with the outcome of 2009-loksabha elections.these are very disappointing for us.we have lost a chance to oust congress from power.there was a chance,there were issues,but we failed.reasons,i think were;1.people do not trust us.2.we acepted Advaniji asPM,but people did not.problem with us is ,hindus are divided into casts & minorities are united to defeat us .we are not in a position to leave our core issues nither in a position to stick with these.there is need to get people into belief along with sticking with our core issues. we can do better for india.example is Vajpaiji's six-years tenure.we should also concentrate on better booth only about our plans for india,be constructive opposition . A. N. Tripathi.
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