NDNC vs Opt-in: A Perspective


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NDNC vs Opt-in: A Perspective

  1. 1. NDNC vs Opt-in: A Perspective The Right of Choice The Right to Information NetCore Solutions , Nov 2008
  2. 2. Why does a person register under NDNC? • Receives un-solicited messages • Receives communication from un-desired and un-known sender • Receives communication at un-desired time • Receives un-desired content/information • He lacks control on receiving such messages (cannot stop specific messages) 2
  3. 3. What should be the consequence of registering to NDNC? • Does it mean that the person cannot opt-in to any service at all? • Must this be an ALL or NOTHING deal for him? • Should he not be allowed to make selective choices, instead of being forced to be completely shut off? • After all, he has chosen to cut-off unsolicited messages. Does he give up his right to exercise his choice as well? • Does this not mean that he is being penalised for having registered himself in NDNC? 3
  4. 4. Opt-in • The person registered under NDNC still has the right to receive information • He still has the right to make a choice • He still has the right to be in control of the content he wants to receive • The only solution to all of this is he can voluntarily opt- in to any service he desires • This opt-in gives him the power to make a choice of – Content – Sender – Time – When to stop 4
  5. 5. What do subscribers of MyToday, an Opt-in Service say – Nielsen Study • MyToday Dailies service is appreciated for three key reasons – Choice: of channels available to them & time of reading – Convenience: as the messages come to them on their own – Uniqueness: is the only service that offers topics that are of interest to them • Users are discerning and show intention to opt out of the channel if the content is not good enough • 76% of the people surveyed said that they read all messages that they receive • 98% said that they will continue with the service and recommend it to others 5
  6. 6. MyToday SMS Dailies: Opt-in Process, Success, Recognition • MyToday Dailies is an explicit permission based service – User sends START SERVICENAME to longcode (9845298452) – Opt-in to longcode vastly more popular due to lower costs • Service Popularity – 3.7 million subscribers (all word-of-mouth) – 11 million subscriptions – 13 million SMS sent daily • Great Recognition Internally – True Mobile Start-up Award at GSMA Barcelona 2008 – Rajesh Jain presented MyToday ‘s SMS Subscription Innovations at Web 2.0 Summit (Nov 2008) 6
  7. 7. MyToday: What could be the reasons for Complaints? • Despite all the care, users may still complain for the following reasons – Churn in mobile numbers - previously subscribed mobile number gets assigned to a new user Solution: Advertise STOP methodology regularly – User forgets that he/she had opted in Solution: Netcore can provide proof – Fraudulent complaints – Rare technical errors 7
  8. 8. Recommendations for Mobile Operators / TRAI • Explicit SMS Opt-in MUST override NDNC – SMS can be sent to shortcode or longcode • Create a process to deal with NDNC-registered user complaints – Server Logs of cos. like MyToday must be recognised [to show user subscription request] – Backup option: Check shortcode / longcode logs maintained by Operator / Aggregator • Voluntary violations by an SMS service provider need to be treated differently from possible errors from an opt-in service provider (i.e., 3 involuntary errors cannot warrant a shutdown) 8