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Electoral and Political Reforms Conference Presentation


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Electoral and Political Reforms Conference Presentation

  1. 1. Role of Business and Government Enabling a Groundswell of Change Rajesh Jain NetCore Solutions 1
  2. 2. We need to combine Information, Participation, Regulation, and Tech Information Participatory Infrastructure Governance Regulatory and Tech Framework 2
  3. 3. An “InfoStructure” is needed to aggregate and dissemination information • Constituency-level – Local data – Social and Infrastructure Metrics, and changes over time • Election-time – Candidates info availability in structured format • “Political Bio” – Track promises made • Governance – Actions, Results, Scorecards, Comparisons, Funds flow 3
  4. 4. Citizens need to be given ways to Participate in the Governance Process • Two-way governance: Input and Involvement in Decisions – Engagement – Feedback – Response • Businesses also needs to be involved in a positive, pro-active manner • We, the People, need to be more-proactive – Will need Time from each one of us – Real Reform will come when candidate quality improves 4
  5. 5. This needs to be supported by a Regulatory and Tech Framework • Regulation – Transparent Government Act – Mandatory declaration of info – Internet / Mobile voting? – Sharing across government agencies! • Technology – Internet – Mobile 5
  6. 6. Experiment: Use of SMS to disseminate info in recent Assembly Elections • Chattisgarh, Delhi, MP, Rajasthan Elections • 4 free, opt-in, multi-lingual SMS channels for updates on candidates and their criminal records – eg. To subscribe: sms START ELECTIONDEL to 575758 – Promotion: via ads on MyToday and ADR website • 1,500+ citizens subscribed • 15+ SMSes sent to each subscriber – There are 24 MLAs in current Delhi Vidhan Sabha with pending criminal cases. Vote for clean candidates this time. – The present Delhi Vidhan Sabha has 70 MLA’s out of which 6 MLA’s are women (Src: Delhi Govt website). 6
  7. 7. Ideas for “InfoStructure” in National Elections 2008 • Internet + Mobile combo – Constituency-wise info availability – Candidate comparison – Political party info • Opt-in SMS service to drive voter education – Voter Registration – Candidate info – Alert on Election day – Feedback on ‘Mischief’ (SMS, Photos, Videos) 7