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Still life 1 2013


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Still life 1 2013

  1. 1. PRESENTATION: Every area of the drawing appears equally complete; there are no neglected areas of the artwork. The drawing appears evident of quality time, thought, and care. The drawing is free of excess smudges, tears, folds, etc. DESIGN: Wide range of value to create high contrast and the illusion of form. Background communicates a sense of space or depth (could be shallow or deep space, but not flat). Arrangement of objects and shadows creates a sense of visual movement. STUDIO SKILLS: You have used sighting to accurately represent proportions, angles, spacing, etc. You controlled your pencil by appropriately applying pressure in areas that need to be darker, and using your eraser to lighten areas of brighter value. OBJECTIVE: You have completed a drawing from observation, looking at a still life, on the designated size paper for your placement (GT - 12”x18” or reg 9”x12”). TOTAL: /25 /25 /25 /25 /100 /25 /25 /25 /25 /100 Using complete sentences, compose an Artist Statement of at least one paragraph that addresses the following questions: • What techniques did you use to create a strong drawing and composition? • Compare this drawing to your pre-instructional drawing which we made in the first week of class - how do you feel you have improved? What do you look at differently? What do you still want to work on? Type or NEATLY write your Artist Statement. Grade yourself below: PRESENTATION: Your reflection is written legibly or typed. DESIGN: Your reflection is written using complete sentences. STUDIO SKILLS: Your reflection uses correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. OBJECTIVE: You addressed all questions completely. TOTAL: /5 /6 /5 /9 /25 /5 /6 /5 /9 /25 Appel • Art 2 / Art 2 GT YOUR NAME: RUBRIC: In-Class Still Life #1ProblemcriteriaSelf- Assessment Teacher Assessment ARTIST STATEMENT / REFLECTION ProblemcriteriaTeacherSelf
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