Delicious Indian Cuisine


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This was originally a 3ft x 4ft poster made for the India Night 2006 at the Oregon State University (OSU). I have split it into several parts to make a presentation. This one is about the varied cuisines of India that change from state to state and sometimes according to religion. Hope you enjoy the video :). Please vote, comment and follow!

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Delicious Indian Cuisine

  2. 2. Indian cuisine is as diverse as it's people and geography. Most Indian cuisines are related by similar usage of spices. Often, Indian cooking is distinguished by the use of a larger variety of vegetables than many other well-known cuisines. Within these recognizable similarities, there is an enormous variety of local styles. In this section we introduce you to the different strokes of Indian cuisine.
  3. 3. Punjabi Classic favorites in Punjabi food: Butter Chicken , Naan , Paratha, Makke di Roti and Sarson ka Saag. Usually have lot of onion, tomatoes, cumin, turmeric, mustard, garlic, ginger. Milk is a very important part of Punjabi food in its many form such as yogurt ( dahi ), lassi, paneer, makkhan (white butter) and ghee .
  4. 4. Punjabi
  5. 5. Wazwan, the delectable aromatic banquet of Kashmir . Wazwan consists of 36 course meal. Staple diet of every Kashmiri is rice. Pure vegetarian dishes include dum-aloo (roasted potatoes in curd-based gravy), Razmah and Kashmiri pulao. Roganjosh owes its rich red color to the generous use of Kashmiri chillies. Kehwa or green tea is used to wash down the meal. Kashmiri
  6. 6. Kashmiri
  7. 7. Gujarati Gujarati food is usually served along with sweets. Popular items include: Undhiu, Gujarati Kadhi (a savory curry made of yoghurt), Khaman Dhokla, Doodhpak, Shrikhand.
  8. 8. Gujarati
  9. 9. Bengali Bengalis have a notoriously sweet tooth. Rasgullas , the fresh cheese-dough balls in sugar syrup, is a favorite throughout India, but the array of delicious sweetmeats seems endless.
  10. 10. Bengali
  11. 11. Marathi Marathi food cooked in coastal regions uses lots of fish and coconuts. There is enormous variety of vegetables in the regular diet. Lot of jaggery and peanuts are used and peanut oil is the main cooking medium. Puran Poli is a traditional sweet.
  12. 12. Marathi
  13. 13. Andhra Pradesh The Andhra cuisine has a great Mughal impact. Their food is known for its spicy and hot taste. The kababs , the Briyanis and Puliyodharai (tamarind rice) are not to be missed. Desserts include payasam , a pudding made with rice and milk.
  14. 14. Andhra Pradesh Kabaab Biryaani
  15. 15. Mumbai Snacking is a favorite pass-time of the city of Mumbai , the financial capital of India. Chaat is probably the most widely eaten food in the city, followed by bhelpuri, paani puri, paav bhaaji and vadaa paav.
  16. 16. Mumbai
  17. 17. Goan Goa is the birthplace of incredibly delicious seafood recipes and is known for its spicy coconut curries. Goan cuisine also shows some Portuguese influence owing to its colonization by the Portuguese for a long time.
  18. 18. Goan
  19. 19. South Indian The very mentioning of the name of South India brings to ones mind the tastes of Idli , Dosai, Sambhaar and Vadaa. South Indian dishes are mainly rice-based. Sambhar , rasam and curries are important side dishes. Coconut is an important ingredient in most South Indian food.
  20. 20. South Indian
  21. 21. Muslim Food prepared by the Muslims is a part of the fabric of Indian culinary culture and is also reflected through Mughlai Cuisine of India. The lamb kebabs are laced with spices, the rice pulaos cooked with meat make tasty biryanis.
  22. 22. Muslim
  23. 23. Parsi Amongst the famous Parsi dishes are Patra ni Machhi (Steamed Fish wrapped in Banana leaf), Chicken Dhansak (Chicken in Lentil gravy), Sali Murghi (Spicy Chicken) and the Beda (egg) dishes.
  24. 24. Parsi
  25. 25. Staple foods
  26. 26. Common snacks
  27. 27. Common drinks
  28. 28. Common sweets
  29. 29. India Night 2006