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  1. 1. 1920’s1920’s FashionFashion By Rachel MartinBy Rachel Martin
  2. 2. Social Changes • World War I had just ended. • Social morals became more lenient. • Stock market sky-rocketed. • New freedom for women.
  3. 3. The Role of Women • As their roles changed so did their clothing. • Younger women wore now shorter skirts with pleats and slits to allow for movement. • More woman were starting to work. • Made clothes easier to move around in.
  4. 4. New Rights for Women• August 26, 1920 the 19th Amendment was added to the US Constitution. • Women rebelled and cut their hair short. • Drank alcohol which was not considered classy. • The women now thought corsets were confining.
  5. 5. Flappers • They smoke, drank,voted and danced. • These women went against the norm • Looked down upon by society. • Cut their hair, wore makeup and were adventurous.
  6. 6. Coco Chanel • First to adopt the new era of clothing. • She adopted a more boyish look. • Flattened chests to achieve this look. • Used clothing that wasn’t so restrictive.
  7. 7. Shapes and Silhouettes • Straight and angular • Ideal body: Flat chest and no hips. • Pleats, panels, and drapes created an uneven hemline. • V and U necklines came about. • Longer skirts soon evolved to below the knee. • Makeup-Red lips, powdered skin, and dark eyes. • Pearls, stockings, beading and feathers were common.
  8. 8. Famous Influences LouiseBrooks Gloria Swanson JosephineBaker Silent movie star Dancer,showgirl Dancer,singer
  9. 9. What would something cost today? Girls Bob Evens Middy Blouses $2.75 Wisconsin 1921 Today- $28.13
  10. 10. Value 1920-Now Men’s Dress Shoes $4.85 in 1921 Wisconsin Today :$49.62
  11. 11. History Repeats- 1920s Fashion Today Cardigans Fringed dresses Long pearl necklaces Beaded dresses
  12. 12. Upper vs. Lower Classes • Had more sequins, fancier hats, stockings and lace. • Had plainer clothes, not so extravagant. • Didn’t have much jewelry/accessories.
  13. 13. Men’s Fashion •Suits became slimmer •Wide legged trousers •Colors became brighter reflecting the time. •V-neck sweaters & white trousers
  14. 14. Men’s Fashion continued… Charles Lindbergh- leather driving jacket Red Grange-footbal player the camel hair polo coat & raccoon coat
  15. 15. Movies based around the 1920’sChicago (2002) Some Like It Hot (1959) Boardwalk Empire (TV Series 2010) The Great Gatsby (1974)
  16. 16. Summary A few key words to describe the era…  Rebellious (Prohibition) Feministic Care-free Shorter and more revieling dresses Bright colors Chanel Fringe,sparkles, and feathers Flappers
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