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1960s - 2000s FASHION


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1960s - 2000s FASHION

  1. 1. 1960s – 2000s FASHION FA #2 PANG #3 MAY #5 FON #11 NOEY #20
  2. 2. 196 0s
  3. 3. 60s fashion trends • 1960 was a decade that broke many fashion traditions • People were dressing in highlighter colors, and mismatched patterns • Men let their hair grow long • The widely popular of bikini
  4. 4. WOMAN FASHION • Mini-skirt and pillbox hat were invented and then becoming popular • False eyelashes were worn • Woman hairstyles were a variety of lengths and styles • The hippie movement also influence on clothing styles
  5. 5. MEN FASHION • The Beatles exerted a major influence on young men's fashions and hairstyles • menswear was now bright and colorful • men's hats went out of style, replaced by the bandanna of afro • full-grown beards became popular with young men
  6. 6. FASHION 70‟ STYLES • 1970s fashion, which began with a continuation of the miniskirts, bell-bottoms and the androgynous hippie look from the late 1960s • These include platform shoes which appeared on the fashion scene in 1971 and often had soles two to four inches thick. Both men and women wore them.
  7. 7. • Wide-legged, flared jeans and trousers were another fashion mainstay for both men and women throughout most of the decade, • This style has been immortalized in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, which
  8. 8. DISCO LOOK • The "disco look", complete with three-piece suits for men and rayon or jersey wrap dresses for women, which the film further popularized, lasted until it was gradually replaced by punk fashion and straight, cigarettelegged jeans.
  9. 9. FASHION TREN • Fashion of the 1980s has been quoted as “you can rock today.” • 80s fashion trends have been slowly making their way back into stores. They are arriving with updated silhouettes and details to keep things fresh and interesting.
  10. 10. MEN WITH HAIR AND LOTS OF IT • the golden long hairstyles and boldly bright hues to blossom together. particularly on the alternative/rock scene.
  11. 11. BLACKED OUT • It was in the form of leather, denim, or simply a tee, black was the go-to color for the stylish rockers of the „80s.
  12. 12. MOHAWK • Nothing made you stand out more in the „80s than a spiked strip of hair running down the middle of your cranium. The height on these things could almost reach the pearly gates.
  13. 13. IPPED CLOTHES • Using scissors, sandpaper, or just plain ripping to distress your clothes was a big trend in the „80s. Anything that was torn or tattered meant that you were a hardcore rocker.
  14. 14. FASHI ON 1990s
  15. 15. „90s FASHION TREND • Fashion of the 1990s has been quoted as “The decade fashion has forgotten.” Trends that peppered the 1990s were an eclectic mix of influences from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s • Some of the key elements of the 90s grunge are jeans that are ripped, patched with fabric, and/or drawn on with a permanent marker, long sleeved flannels, long sleeved cotton shirts with a rock band t-shirt over it, doc martens, skate shoes, chuck taylors, or any other type of boot.
  16. 16. WOMEN‟S • women wore denim button down shirts, neon colors, oversized sweaters, TFASHIONdoll shirts, sweatshirts, baby dresses, turtleneck shirts matching with jeans or mini skirt.
  17. 17. MEN‟S FASHION • Men wore denim jackets, wool sweaters, black leather jackets, sheepskin coats, corduroy, anoraks, polo shirts with jeans. • Hip-hop fashion is also popular in US, with
  18. 18. Mash-up |fashion. 2000s
  19. 19. Ea +Minimalism and the return of bright rly colors. From 2001 onwards many women wore more feminine styles such as denim miniskirts, daisy dukes, flared trousers and tank tops! Although bright colors were a hit including hot pink, baby blue and yellow.
  20. 20. Mi 2000s +Boho and Vintage. d From 2005, women mostly wore low-rise tight jeans such as skinny jeans. -1960s inspired tren chcoats, tunics worn with belts, longer tank tops worn with a main blouse. -1940s inspired New Look dresses and leggings. -Vintage clothing including hippie and Boho inspired dresses with paisley patterns.
  21. 21. 2000s Late + 1980s revival Beginning in 2006, men and women's fashion was influenced by 1980s punk, especially acid wash skinny jeans, bright neon colors and jackets customized with metal studs.
  22. 22. VOCBULARY • immortalized – to make someone or something so famous that they are remembered for a very long time • reminiscent - making you remember a particular person, event, or thing • Cranium - the hard bone case that gives an animal's or a human's head its shape and protects the brain
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