10 Search Marketing Tips for Local Business


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"Getting Your Community to Shop Local with Ten Easy Tips" Search marketing advice for small businesses, presented by digital creative agency Purple, Rock, Scissors at 2014 Surf Expo.

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10 Search Marketing Tips for Local Business

  2. 2. Friday, January 10, 14
  3. 3. OVERVIEW OF LOCAL SEARCH Friday, January 10, 14
  4. 4. T H E I M P O R TA N C E O F LO C A L S E O FOR SMALL BUSINESS - 1 in 3 searches on Google is a local search - 4 in 10 people do a local search everyday - 70% of online searchers will use local search to find offline businesses - Revenues for companies using integrated local marketing processes are expected to increase 10-15% by 2015. Friday, January 10, 14
  6. 6. D E V E LO P I N G A R E A L I ST I C M A R K E T I N G B U D G E T: PROFESSIONAL WORRIES - 75% of business owners are worried about finding new customers and retaining current customers. - 21% of owners are also worried about the competition. Friday, January 10, 14
  7. 7. D E V E LO P I N G A R E A L I ST I C M A R K E T I N G B U D G E T: M O N T H LY B U D G E T A L L O C AT I O N - 1 in 4 small business owners report not spending any money on marketing. - More than half of small businesses spend less than $500. Friday, January 10, 14
  8. 8. D E V E LO P I N G A R E A L I ST I C M A R K E T I N G B U D G E T: I M PAC T O F LOW B U D G E T S “While the consequences of inaction may seem small now, they will only become greater in the future, threatening the stability and growth of small business owners’ operations.” - Search Engine Land Friday, January 10, 14
  9. 9. D E V E LO P I N G A R E A L I ST I C M A R K E T I N G B U D G E T: K E Y FACTO R S PRIMARY GOALS GENERATING SALES ROI BOOSTING VISIBILITY strategic allocation key factors Friday, January 10, 14 marketing flexibility
  10. 10. A D D I N G O N - S I T E M E TA D ATA TIP TWO Friday, January 10, 14
  11. 11. A D D I N G O N - S I T E M E TA D A T A W H AT I S M E TA D ATA ? - Metadata is what you put in your site to tell search engines what they are looking at - Consists of keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions Friday, January 10, 14
  12. 12. A D D I N G O N - S I T E M E TA D A T A W H AT I S M E TA D ATA ? Friday, January 10, 14
  13. 13. A D D I N G O N - S I T E M E TA D A T A RESEARCH TOOLS - Research keywords by creating a Google Adwords Account and using the Keyword Planner Tool - The most obvious keywords are not always the best keywords - Many tools are free and offer deep insight into search trends. Friday, January 10, 14
  14. 14. UTILIZING LOCAL SEARCH TERMS TIP THREE Friday, January 10, 14
  15. 15. C R E AT E L O C A L I Z E D C O N T E N T B R I N G C U STO M E R S TO YO U - When creating metadata, include localized search terms and content (Example: Daytona surf shop, surf shop near Daytona beach, etc.) - You can also set your search for keywords to be targeted by location - Make sure you have your location set on your social profiles Friday, January 10, 14
  16. 16. C R E AT E L O C A L I Z E D C O N T E N T RESEARCH TOOLS Friday, January 10, 14
  17. 17. C R E AT E L O C A L I Z E D C O N T E N T TA L K A B O U T I T - Geo-tagged content: Once you upload your picture/txt/video, be sure to check in at your shop or the nearby area - Talk about the area on your site and social - Don’t forget to add an image from the competition and check in as well Friday, January 10, 14
  18. 18. BLOGGING FOR CONTENT TIP FOUR Friday, January 10, 14
  19. 19. B L O G F O R C O N S TA N T C O N T E N T B LO G S A N D RA N K I N G - Every blog post you write becomes another web page, and every web page is another opportunity to rank - Topics should be strategically chosen with the user (and search engines) in mind Friday, January 10, 14
  20. 20. B L O G F O R C O N S TA N T C O N T E N T TECHNIQUES H O W T O F O R M AT W H AT T O A V O I D Lead with keywords Duplicate content Number your lists Chasing page rank The colon is your friend Automated title tags Share on social Using free hosting blogs Key word-rich content Key word stuffing Key word-rich titles To o l i t t l e c o n t e n t F o r g e t t i n g t h e A LT t a g Friday, January 10, 14
  21. 21. B L O G F O R C O N S TA N T C O N T E N T SUGGESTIONS - Turn customer questions into “Dear Abby”style posts - Scour sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, or other forums where prospective customers may be asking questions about your brand. - Stay in touch with other industry-level blogs to learn more about changing trends. Friday, January 10, 14
  22. 22. H AV I N G A M O B I L E - F R I E N D LY W E B S I T E TIP FIVE Friday, January 10, 14
  23. 23. H A V E A M O B I L E - F R I E N D LY W E B S I T E : SEARCH ON MOBILE - 59% of consumers visit a business’ website when conducting a mobile search - 93% of people who use mobile to research go on to complete a purchase of a product or service. Most purchases happen in physical stores Friday, January 10, 14
  24. 24. H A V E A M O B I L E - F R I E N D LY W E B S I T E : MOBILE DEVICES Friday, January 10, 14
  25. 25. H A V E A M O B I L E - F R I E N D LY W E B S I T E : M O B I L E A N A LY T I C S Friday, January 10, 14
  26. 26. H A V E A M O B I L E - F R I E N D LY W E B S I T E : C A L LS -TO - ACT I O N - Strong calls-to-action remove any sort of guessing for what you want them to do - If you don’t have mobile eCommerce, push users straight to your store (CTA: Find Us Now, Visit Us Today, etc.) Friday, January 10, 14
  27. 27. BU I L D I N G R E L AT I O N S H I P S A N D L I N K S TIP SIX Friday, January 10, 14
  28. 28. B U I L D R E L AT I O N S H I P S A N D L I N K S BUILDING TRUST - One of the most impactful tactics for SEO is link building. - Having more websites linking to your website shows that you’re a trusted source - Don’t take shortcuts - Similar to public relations, you want to build trust with other writers & brands Friday, January 10, 14
  29. 29. B U I L D R E L AT I O N S H I P S A N D L I N K S INBOUND LINKS Friday, January 10, 14
  30. 30. B U I L D R E L AT I O N S H I P S A N D L I N K S TRACKING KEYWORDS - Set up Google Alerts for important keywords and topics - See a reputable company talking about an interesting topic? Create content that complements it and include a link to their article - Reach out to the author and share the love! Friday, January 10, 14
  31. 31. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SEARCH TIP SEVEN Friday, January 10, 14
  32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SEARCH SET UP FOR SUCCESS - Use keywords in your about section and your posts (and don’t forget hashtags!) - Title your social pages appropriately for search rankings - Optimize YouTube videos with keywords and tags Friday, January 10, 14
  33. 33. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SEARCH SET UP FOR SUCCESS Friday, January 10, 14
  34. 34. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SEARCH S H A R E YO U R ST U F F ! - Social media links to your site to bring in referral traffic - Referral traffic should make up 15-20% of all visitors - Referred visitors from social are already aware and interested in the brand Friday, January 10, 14
  35. 35. U T I L I Z I N G G O O G L E + PAG E S TIP EIGHT Friday, January 10, 14
  36. 36. UTILIZE GOOGLE+ PAGES + 1 TO U P YO U R RA N K - A site’s number of Google +1s (the Google equivalent of a Facebook like) is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor - Having a Google+ account and posting updates regularly can greatly increase your chances for ranking Friday, January 10, 14
  37. 37. UTILIZE GOOGLE+ PAGES + 1 TO U P YO U R RA N K Friday, January 10, 14
  38. 38. UTILIZE GOOGLE+ PAGES B U I L D YO U R C R E D I B I L I T Y - If you have a blog, set up a Google+ authorship - Authorships tell users and Google who’s doing your blogging, and increases your credibility with your customers and search engines Sample Blog Post Friday, January 10, 14
  39. 39. GETTING LISTED ON REVIEW SITES TIP NINE Friday, January 10, 14
  40. 40. GET LISTED ON REVIEW WEBSITES SET UP - Claim and certify profiles - Make sure your listing is complete and accurate. This is important to potential customers - Don’t forget pictures Friday, January 10, 14
  42. 42. GET LISTED ON REVIEW WEBSITES I M PAC T O N S E A RC H Google.com Bing.com Yelp.com YP.com Localeze.com SinglePlatform.com Yext.com Friday, January 10, 14
  44. 44. OPTIMIZING GOOGLE PLACES LISTING OVERVIEW - 97% of consumers search for local businesses online - Show up across the web (Google Search, Maps, Google+, and mobile) - Easily improve your business information (Get customers the right information) Friday, January 10, 14 “50% of users do business with one of the top three results”
  46. 46. OPTIMIZING GOOGLE PLACES LISTING O P T I M I Z I N G YO U R PAG E - Connect with customers by responding to feedback and reading customer reviews - Manage any changes on the go with the companion app. Use the Google Places for Business mobile app and manage your business page from your smart device. Friday, January 10, 14
  47. 47. D O W N L O A D P R E S E N TAT I O N w w w.PRPL.rs / sur f-expo @prplrckscssrs Friday, January 10, 14
  48. 48. LETS KEEP IN TOUCH! Kristina Doyle Director of Marketing @KristinaDoyle Friday, January 10, 14 Vinnie Gulisano Lead Search Strategist @Vinnie_3000 Alex King Assoc. Marketing Strategist @AKing90
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  50. 50. THANK YOU! Friday, January 10, 14