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Digital Entropy: Swimming Upstream in a Fast-Moving Industry


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Michael Parler (Vice President) and Jim Powell (Director of Technology) share experiences and insights from Purple, Rock, Scissors (PRPL), a fast-moving digital creative agency located in Orlando Florida.

Learn about the DNA behind the scenes at PRPL, how it recruits digital talent, and how they tackle projects with a goal-driven approach.

Michael & Jim will share insights on the agency’s trajectory, its growing pains, customer stories, and their own thoughts on the latest trends in digital marketing and product innovation.

Presentation given to American Advertising Federation (AAF) Tallahassee.

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Digital Entropy: Swimming Upstream in a Fast-Moving Industry

  1. 1. Digital Entropy S W I M M I N G U P S T R E A M I N A F A S T - M O V I N G I N D U S T R Y Presenters: Michael Parler & Jim Powell The information contained in this proposal or quotation constitutes a trade secret and/or information that is commercial or financial and confidential or privileged. It is furnished to you in confidence with the understanding that it will not, without the permission of Purple, Rock, Scissors, be used or disclosed for other than evaluation purposes. / A Digital Creative Agency
  2. 2. Hi, everyone! /// page2 @prplrckscssrs @michaelparler @prpljim
  3. 3. Whoweare Purple,Rock,ScissorsisanOrlando-baseddigitalcreative agency,ahomeofstrategists,creatives,andengineers.
 We’remindsandmakerswithbusinesssenseandcreative chops,setouttoconnectpeoplewithwhatmattersmost—the experience.Andwespendeachdaydoingsobysharpeningthe toolsofthedigitaltrade.
  4. 4. En·tro·py noun-alackoforderorpredictability; gradualdeclineintodisorder.
  5. 5. ThelifebloodofPRPLisourpeople.We’reatight-knitteamdevoted toaculturethatcultivates,andworkthatworks. 58rockstars and growing...
  6. 6. /// page7
  7. 7. Leadership (4) Departments Client Engagement (3) Office Operations (2) Strategy / Research / UX (5) Project Delivery (7) Search / Analytics / Content (5) Creative & Design (7) Technology (12) Brand / Products / Labs (4) discover plan produce equip Internships (7) Support
  8. 8. History of PRPL /// page9
  9. 9. What We Do /// page10
  10. 10. D I G I T A L 
 S T R A T E G Y S T U D I O P R O D U C T I O N P R O D U C T S & 
 S O L U T I O N S M A R K E T I N G & 
 C A M P A I G N S
  11. 11. D I G I T A L S T R A T E G Y Digital Strategy is at our core. We collaborate with our clients to understand their business,
 needs, and customers. D I G I TA L S T R AT E G Y 
 W E B A N A LY T I C S & A N A LY S I S 
 P R O G R A M M A N A G E M E N T 
 C R M / C X M
  12. 12. S T U D I O P R O D U C T I O N Our studio production team creates immersive brand experiences by focusing on innovative content and customer engagement. E X P E R I E N C E D E S I G N P H O T O G R A P H Y M O T I O N G R A P H I C S V I D E O P R O D U C T I O N B R A N D I M M E R S I O N
  13. 13. P R O D U C T S & 
 S O L U T I O N S We build simple and elegant products and solutions to solve even the most substantial business challenges for our clients and for ourselves. P R O D U C T D E S I G N E - C O M M E R C E S Y S T E M I N T E G R AT I O N 
 M O B I L E P L AT F O R M S 
  14. 14. M A R K E T I N G & 
 C A M P A I G N S Data-driven marketing and campaigns drive sales. We develop awareness and conversations using intelligent, cross-channel tactics. S E A R C H & A W A R E N E S S C O N T E N T D E V E L O P M E N T C U S T O M E R R E L A T I O N S I N T E G R AT E D C A M P A I G N S 
 S O C I A L E N G A G E M E N T
  15. 15. 100% Digital /// page16
  16. 16. /// page17 Primary Research SWOT Analysis Secondary Research Content Audit Stakeholder Interviews Traffic Analysis Focus Groups & Surveys Usability / Heuristic Analysis User Journeys Analytics Audit & Analysis Page Goal Definition Functional Requirements / Business Requirements Goal Funnel Definition Process Flow Diagrams Customer Interviews User Experience (UX) Wireframes Audience Persona Development Prototyping Actor Function Matrix Usability Testing - Online & In Person Competitive Analysis Card Sorting & Taxonomy Mapping Measurement Plans & Reports Google AdWords - Campaign Setup Google Analytics - Account Setup & Configuration Google Adwords - Ad Optimization & A/B Testing Webmaster Tools - Setup & Configuration Social Media Marketing - Paid Channels Google Analytics - Goal Configuration Social Community Management Google Analytics - Event Tracking Campaign Planning Google Analytics - Site Search Configuration RTBs & Other Ad Platform Management Google Analytics - eCommerce Configuration Campaign Financial Modeling Monthly Performance Reports A/B Testing & Optimization Sitemap & Content Outlines CMS configuration Content Inventory Content Population Content URLs Meta Data Population Copywriting & Content Decks Content Styling & Formatting Keyword Research Content Proofing Search Volume Research Asset Gathering / Strategy / Preparation 301 Redirect Strategy Content Governance Plans Video Script Writing Editorial Calendars & Publishing Plans Moodboard Development Motion Comps Look & Feel development Motion Graphics  Art Direction CSS Animation Style Guide / UI Kit Ad design & conceptualization Production Designs Video Production Hi-Fi Prototypes Photography  User Interface Design Application Design VPN Setup & Access eCommerce & Transactions Client-side development  (HTML/CSS/JS/Angular) Payment Gateway Provisioning Native Mobile Interface Development W3C & WCAG-Compliant Markup HTML email templates Server-side Programming Compliance Checks CMS Template Theming Mail Server configuration CRM Configuration & Integration Email Service Provider (ESP) Integration OOP and MVC-driven Complex permissioning schemes Test-driven development Data-driven solutions Advanced user and role systems Advanced Logging Systems CMS Installation & Configuration Custom theme development Custom module development Integrate with existing SOAP, REST, XML-RPC Custom Interface Development Payment Gateway Setup & Integration Shipping Calculation integration Merchant Account setup & Integration ERP / Order Fulfillment Systems Integration  Centralized/Bus-driven infrastructures Backup systems Design and manage multi-stack architectures Web server setup and configuration Implement interoperability systems Mail server setup and configuration Integrate with 3rd party and legacy systems Load balancer setup and configuration Program & Project Management Security Testing Client Communciation Compliance Verification Risk Management Waterfall / Agile / Kanban Methodologies Governance Functional Requirements & Documentation Quality Assurance Testing Functional Testing Regression Testing Device Testing Browser Testing PHP ASP.NET Ruby Python & Django HTML CSS Javascript jQuery AngularJS Node.js React.js Symfony Zend Framework Cake PHP CodeIgniter Wordpress / WP VIP Drupal / Acquia / Pantheon Expression Engine Sitefinity Magento Shopify Spree Salesforce Hubspot JIRA / Confluence MuleESB ServiceMix Sketch Axure Omnigraffle
  17. 17. ClientsasPartners Ourdigitaleconomyrunsonresults.Wetailorourcreativityto insightsuncoveredduringdiscovery,allowingustoalignourservices tobeeffective.Weexisttoprovidesolutionsoftruevalue.
  18. 18. Clients&Friends W E T A K E G R E A T P R I D E I N T H E C O M P A N Y W E K E E P
  19. 19. PRPL Culture /// page20
  20. 20. Values & Approach There are a lot of agencies that do what we do. We believe our passion and core values are what set us apart from the rest. It’s not about a paycheck or hours on a clock. We care about our clients. We care about good work. We care about results.
  21. 21. Authenticity.To be genuine, be vulnerable.
  22. 22. Simplicity.Distill to the meaningful and balanced.
  23. 23. Drive.Do what you love.
  24. 24. Adventure.Take risks and embrace where they take you.
  25. 25. Mindfulness.Exercise a nuanced, articulate understanding.
  26. 26. Appreciation.Dwell on the good.
  27. 27. Hustle & Collaborate At the heart of every successful project is a successful team, working together with common goals. Digital success hinges on speed. Our teams are agile and scalable for projects of all shapes and sizes. We offer cross-disciplinary collaboration with our clients, contributing ideas from every angle.
  28. 28. ONBOARDING.PRPL.RS Employee Onboarding
  29. 29. Employee Handbook /// page30
  30. 30. Office Perks /// page31
  31. 31. Working Remotely /// page32
  32. 32. Process /// page33
  33. 33. (not really) /// page34
  34. 34. Start with the “Why” /// page35
  35. 35. TEDX PUGET SOUND Simon Sinek HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=U4ZOJKF_VUA Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action
  36. 36. Why How What
  37. 37. Goal-DrivenDesign WebelieveinGoal-DrivenDesign.Wediveintoanalytics, interviewcustomers,projectstakeholders,andleverageother researchtosolveproblems.Weplanourprojectsaround businessgoalsanduserobjectives.
  38. 38. Goals Strategies Tactics
  39. 39. Products / Websites / Applications End Users / Customers Stakeholders / Business Owners Brand Interaction Business Relationship Channel / AssetGoal
 Design #GoalDrivenDesign
  40. 40. The Bauhaus School in Dessau, Germany Bauhaus - lit. “house of construction”
  41. 41. GOAL: A Practical Example… Move my knight to respond your pawn.TACTIC: STRATEGY: Control the middle of the board. Checkmate an opponent's king.
  42. 42. /// page46
  43. 43. Recruiting Talent /// page47
  44. 44. Work / Life Balance /// page48
  45. 45. Internet LIFESocial Media Networking WORK Creativity Passion Learning Blurring the Lines
  47. 47. Challenge Skills Apathy Anxiety Boredom Peak Performance Flow Channel Cruisers & Losers: People who like Time Sheets Dynamos: People who hate Time Sheets “Flow” by Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Flow: (mee-hy cheek-sent-mə-hy-ee) David Maister:
  48. 48. “Wally”
  50. 50. “Wally” NO PRODUCTIVITY
  51. 51. Growth & Trajectory /// page62
  52. 52. Innovation /// page63
  53. 53. /// page64
  54. 54. /// page65
  55. 55. /// page66
  56. 56. /// page67
  57. 57. /// page68
  58. 58. /// page69
  59. 59. /// page70
  60. 60. /// page71
  61. 61. Incubating Ideas /// page72
  62. 62. Real Time / Geofencing /// page73
  63. 63. Future of Advertising /// page74
  64. 64. Millennial Workforce /// page75
  65. 65. Digital Economy /// page76
  66. 66. Impact of Technology /// page77
  67. 67. Question Time!
  68. 68. Michael Parler @michaelparler Jim Powell @prpljim Thanks! PRPL HQ 189 S. Orange Ave., Suite 2020 Orlando, FL 32801 @prplrckscssrs Follow PRPL