Proposed structure of pgdm marketing project


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Final project guidelines for BK School of Business Management evening PGDM marketing class (2011-12)

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Proposed structure of pgdm marketing project

  1. 1. Proposed structure of final project in marketing (PGDM – BK School of BusinessManagement)Proposed guidelines of the final project: 1. The final project could revolve around your current job and current organization where you work 2. Find out the background about your industry – global trends vs. domestic trends 3. PEST analysis or Porter’s 5 force model (optional) 4. What is the current product mix of your organization, pricing strategies, distribution networks (national, international, local) and promotional tools used currently. 5. Marketing strategies currently adapted by your organization 6. What are the marketing strategies adapted by global leaders in your industry / product categories? 7. Is there a scope for promotions by the use of new media eg. social media, mobile apps etc.? 8. Comparison and proposed recommendations to improve your current marketing strategies.The report structure could involve some of the following components: Sr. Section PurposeNo.1 Title Page Title of report Student name/student number Course/subject Date due2 Acknowledgement Mentioning the names of people who helped during the project3 Table of Contents Shows the sections of the report4 Executive Summary / Abstract Gives a summary of the whole report Outlines -purpose, research method, findings, main conclusions and recommendations Mainly past tense Written last5 Introduction Outlines context, background and purpose Defines terms and sets limits of the study The reader/audience can easily identify what, how, why (Mainly uses past tense and can be written later although presented first)6 Macro-economic Data Global data relevant to your industry 1
  2. 2. 7 Industry Overview Country level data relevant to your industry8 PEST Analysis / 5-force To give an idea about various factors affecting your analysis industry (optional)9 Organization Overview Give history of company. What are the products and services? Who are your clients? Which markets are you in? Distribution channels and locations etc.10 Organization Structure Draw an organization chart showing important designations and reporting heads11 Departments / Functions Details about various sub-divisions within your organization12 Job Description Details about your job profile. Roles and responsibilities taken up during the internship period.13 Marketing Mix Product, Price, Place and Promotions of your organization14 Marketing campaigns Currently in force15 Global marketing practices Pertaining to your industry, product categories, competitors etc.16 Comparison and scope for Compare and find out areas of improvement improvement17 Conclusion Brief statement of what was found / learnings / results achieved18 Recommendations Suggest suitable changes/solutions to the marketing activities of your organization19 Appendix Attachments of additional information (eg. surveys, questionnaires, glossary, brochures, company data, industry data etc)20 References All references used: online media, books, magazines, journals etc. 2