Course outline brand management v1.0b2


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For T3 (marketing) students of Shanti Business School

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Course outline brand management v1.0b2

  1. 1. Course Title: Brand ManagementCredit Points: 3 No. of sessions: 33Faculty: Manish PariharPurpose of the courseThe purpose of the ‘Brand Management’ course is to give a fundamental understanding of how to build, measure, andmanage brands.What is a brand?A ‘brand’ is the personality that identifies a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, orcombination of them) and how it relates to key stakeholders: customers, staff, partners, investors etc.Course Deliverables Understand the fundamentals of brand management and measuring brand equity Understand how marketing activities are carried out to increase brand equity Contemporary issues in the world of brand managementCourse Description Text- Session Module No Topic Name Sub-topics book reading Comparision of top brands with GDP of What is a brand? The importance of brands "Do selected countries. Historical origins of 1. 1 brands rule the world of marketing?" branding. Introduction What can be branded? The biggest global and Examples: Coke, DeBeers, Eaton, Intuit, Chapter to brands and Indian brands. Branding challenges and Google, National Geographic, Star Wars, 1 brand 2 opportunities. WWF management The concept of brand equity. The strategic 3 process of brand management Example of Christies Auctions 4 Brand equity as perceived by the customer Apple Computer associations The concept of brand awareness and brand 5 image Example of The Body Shop Chapter 2 6 The four steps of building brands Tropicana and Campbells Soup 2. Brand equity and Creating value for customers and relating Brand imagery, brand judgements, brand brand 7 customer equity to brand equity feelings, brand resonance, brand salience positioning 8 Establishing brand positioning PODs, POPs, Positioning of Diet Coke Example of BMW. Concept of brand Chapter 9 Positioning guidelines mantras with example of Nike 3 10 Brand Audits Example of Rolex Watches Brand names, brand associations, URLs, Logos Chapter and symbols, characters, slogans, jingles, 4 11 The different brand elements and their tactics packaging,Shanti Business School | T3 | 2012
  2. 2. Memorability, meaningfulness, likability, 12 Criteria for choosing brand elements transferability, adaptability, protectability 3. Designing and implementing marketing Implementing 13 programs Experiential marketing, permission marketing Chapter marketing Examples: American Airlines, Marlboro, 5 programs to General Motors, Louis Vuitton, Tupperware, build brand 14 Product, price and distribution strategies Goodyear equity Chapter Integrating marketing communications to build 15 brand equity MarCom options 6 Companies, countries of origin, channels of Chapter distribution, co-branding, characters, 7 16 The concept of secondary brand associations endorsements, events Case Study - ‘Tata Indigo: An Indian sedan that spoilt an entire nation’ from Draft FCB+ULCA, Brand Building 17 Advertising, Concepts and Cases (Casebook II) What is brand performance? The concept of 18 brand value chain. Example of CVS Pharmacy Chapter 8 19 Tracking brand performance Managing brands at Ogilvy & Mather 4. Brand Methods of measuring brand equity: Qualitative Free association, projective techniques, performance 20 Research Techniques ZMET, experiential methods Chapter and its 9 Expectancy value model, Young & Rubicams measurement 21 Quantitative Research Techniques brand asset valuator Brand based and marketing based methods, 22 Comparitive Methods Conjoint analysis Chapter 10 Residual approaches, valuation approaches, 23 Holistic Methods of measuring brand equity general approaches Brand-product matrix, example of ESPN, 24 Brand architecture and brand hierarchy General Motors Chapter 11 Examples of 3M, British Airways, Hersheys, 25 Designing a branding strategy Nestle. Concept of green marketing Ansoffs growth share matrix. Example of Chapter 26 New products and brand extensions Segway, Old Spice, Audi, Virgin, Gucci, Levis 12 5. Enhancing brand equity Examples of Gillette, Oldsmobile, Harley Chapter for 27 Reinforcing and revitalizing brands Davidson, Mountain Dew, Volkswagen 13 sustainability 28 Global branding strategies Advantages and disadvantages of going global Chapter 14 Examples: Heineken, Coca Cola, Vodafone, 29 Building global customer based brand equity Kellog, Camay Case Study – ‘ – Guess you have heard of them’ from DRAFT FCB+ULCA, Brand Building 30 Advertising, Concepts and Cases (Casebook II) Geographical branding - Case study city Article discussion with inputs from Prof. Satish Nair, 6. 31 branding of Ahmedabad Nirma University Contemporary issues in brand 32 Collaborative branding - Wikibrands Based on the book Wikibrands by Don Tapscot management The concept of personal branding and how to Proposed Webinar with Delhi-based personal branding 33 create credible personal brands expert, Dr. Amit NagpalShanti Business School | T3 | 2012
  3. 3. Teaching Resources:Text-Book: Strategic Brand Management – Kevin Keller (3rd Edition), Pearson EducationSuggested Reference Material:Reference Books: 1. Draft FCB+ULCA, Brand Building Advertising, Concepts and Cases (Casebook II) – M.G. Parameshwaran, Kinjal Medh, Tata McGraw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd. 2. Strategic Brand Management, Creating & Sustaining Brand Equity Long term - Jean Noel Kapferer, 2nd Edition, Kogan Page 3. Building Strong Brands - David A. Aaker, Free PressExtra Reading: 1. Wikibrands – Reinventing Your Company in a Customer Driven Marketplace – Sean Moffit, Mike Dover, Don Tapscott, McGraw Hill 2. Don’t Go Away, We’ll Be Right Back: The Oops and Downs of Advertising – Indu Balachandran, Westland and Tranquebar Press 3. The (Un)Common Sense of Advertising: Getting the Basics Right – Sanjay Tiwari, Sage PublicationsMagazine/Newspaper 1. AFAQs 2. Brand Equity (Economic Times)Online Resources www.afaqs.comEvaluation Procedure:Continuous Evaluation in the form of tests, assignments etc. and End-term ExaminationShanti Business School | T3 | 2012