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Course outline industrial marketing v1.0b2


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For T3 (marketing) students of Shanti Business School

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Course outline industrial marketing v1.0b2

  1. 1. Course Title: Industrial MarketingCredit Points: 3 No. of sessions: 33Faculty: Manish PariharPurpose of the courseTo understand the concepts, meaning and importance of industrial marketing (also known as B2B marketing or businessmarketing) and to know the differences between industrial marketing and consumer marketing. To understand theorganizational buying behavior processes and latest trends in B2B marketing, especially online strategies using Web 2.0technologies.Course IntroductionIndustrial marketing (or business to business marketing) is the marketing of goods and services by one business toanother. Business (or industrial) organizations include manufacturing companies, government undertakings, privatesector organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, distributors and dealers. Industrial goods are those an industryuses to produce an end product from one or more raw materials.Course Deliverables Understand the fundamentals of industrial marketing and business buying process Understand how marketing activities are carried out in B2B model Contemporary issues in the world of business marketingCourse Description Text- Session Module No Topic Name Sub-topics book chapter Introduction to industrial marketing and industrial Chapter 1 products Business Vs. Consumer markets 1 1. Introduction Types of business consumers. Classification of to industrial 2 industrial products and services Examples of various sectors Chapter marketing 2 Purchasing practices of business customers. 3 Environmental analysis in business markets Activity Chart The balanced scorecard framework. Types 4 The organizational buying process of purchases or buying situations The concept of buying centre and buying Chapter 5 influences The buygrid framework. 3 2. Business The Webster and Wind Model, Sheth Model buying 6 Models of organizational buying behavior and Choffray and Lilien Model process Types of relationships. Short introduction to 7 Buyer-seller relationship RM and CRM Chapter Sales presentation, negotiation, special 4 8 Methods used to influence business customers dealings Selected decision areas in research design, Chapter 9 Marketing research process for B2B marketing Standard Industrial Classification 5Shanti Business School | T3 | 2012
  2. 2. 10 Industrial marketing intelligence system Components of decision support system PLC for high-tech products and commodity 11 Industrial product life-cycle and strategies products Chapter 7 Developing product strategies for existing Product evaluation matrix, perceptual 12 products mapping techniques 3. Product pricing objectives, demand analysis, cost and pricing analysis, competitive analysis and in industrial 13 Factors influencing pricing decisions government regulations Chapter marketing 12 Competitive bidding and negotiation, pricing 14 Pricing strategies new products, pricing across the PLC 15 Role of leasing Terms associated and basic types of leasing Case Study – “Sigma Telecom Company” from Business Marketing, Text and Cases, Krishna Havaldar 16 Participants / intermediaries in business 17 The nature of business marketing channels marketing channels Chapter The framework for designing a channel. 9 18 Channel Design Managing channel members 4. Place and 19 Supply chain management and logistics Major cost centres of market logistics promotion Introduction to business marketing in industrial 20 communication Hierarchy of effects marketing Chapter Target audience, budget, message strategy, 11 21 Developing the business communications program media, promotions 22 Role of advertising in business marketing Functions and media used Process, positioning, tools for brand building Chapter 23 Branding in business markets and brand audits 7 Major variables used in segmentation, Chapter Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning in simple matrix system for selecting target 6 24 business marketing segments, perceptual mapping Strategy hierarchy, BCG model, product- 25 Strategic planning in an industrial setting market expansion grid 5. Strategic Chapter industrial 13 26 Strategic planning process at business unit level Developing a business marketing plan marketing planning Key efficienty indicators and ethical aspects in Product, distribution, communication 27 business marketing efficienty Risks involved and entry strategies in Chapter 28 International business marketing international markets 15 Case Study – “Siddhi Enterprises” by Dr. Vilas Kulkarni and Manish Parihar, BK School of Business 29 Management 6. Industrial 30 Introduction to E-commerce Classification of E-commerce marketing Chapter using online Supplier oriented, buyer oriented, 14 media 31 Models for B2B E-commerce intermediary oriented, virtual corporationShanti Business School | T3 | 2012
  3. 3. Electronic cash, cheques, smart cards, 32 Electronic fund transfer (EFT) electronic wallet 33 Using Web 2.0 technologies for B2B marketing Examples of and Tradesparq.comTeaching Resources: Text-Book: Business Marketing by Krishna Havaldar, 3rd Edition, Tata McGraw HillSuggested Reference Material:Books: 1. B2B Marketing R Wright, Prentice Hall, Latest Edition 2. Business Marketing Management : B2B by Michael D Hutt & Thomas W Speh, CENGAGE Learning, Latest EditionJournal 1. The Journal of Industrial Marketing Management (Elsevier, ISSN: 0019-8501) Resources 1. 2. 3. Procedure:Continuous Evaluation in the form of tests, assignments etc. and End-term ExaminationShanti Business School | T3 | 2012