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N locate - market perspective


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Richan Shrestha's presentation on nLocate and market perspective

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N locate - market perspective

  1. 1. Presented by:RichanShresthaCo-Founder @Nepways Pvt.
  2. 2. Finding an ATM
  3. 3. Finding a Workshop
  4. 4. Problem Background Finding local businesses and places that youdon’t know before is very difficult inNepal, especially Kathmandu Reaching out customers in order to promote their offerings is very costly and ineffective most of the times, especially for small local businesses
  5. 5. Hey, I got a New Idea !!
  6. 6. Solution isSMART PHONE
  7. 7. Product vision and mission Vision  To help people discover and connect to great local businesses. Mission  To provide a social technology platform that inspires our customers to explore their locality to find great local businesses.  To help fantastic local businesses promote their unique offerings and engage with their customers
  8. 8. Product Features Mobile apps for iPhone , Android phones and web. Information about thousands of local businesses and places. Storage of important information and favorite businesses on phone. No internet required. Deals and Offers. Private location sharing. Check-in offers.
  9. 9. Nepali Facebook Users Statistics1.6 Million Facebook Users as of Aug 09, 2012.1.3 Million aged between 16 to 34 years.
  10. 10. Users Market Size 3G/GPRS Subscribers Projected nLocate Users41030 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  11. 11. Marketing StrategyProductPricingPromotionPlace
  12. 12. Positioning and KSF How do you want to rule the mind of yourcustomer? What are the key factors that will ensure thesustainability of your product? How will you compete?
  13. 13. Operation Plan Organization Structure Development Process Sales Management Marketing ManagementQuality Management
  14. 14. Product Ecosystem
  15. 15. Questions ??