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SMS Based Applications: Behind the scene


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SMS Based Applications: Behind the scene

  1. 1. SMS based Applications:Behind the sceneBhabishyat Bikram KCAnjesh TuladharYoung Innovations
  2. 2. SMS?Short Messaging Service
  3. 3. Imagine sending same SMS to 100people from your mobile phone ....
  4. 4. Using SMS as Data● SMS can be structured in a way that it represented data● [string] [number] [string]....
  5. 5. Why using SMS as Data?● Ubiquitous● Accessible● Mobile Internet still an issue
  6. 6. Frontline SMS● Free and open source software● Can work without internet, only with cell phone and computer
  7. 7. Kannel● Open Source Sms gateway.● Gateway between SMSC (smpp protocol) and web application (http)● Works in linux environment.● Can handle thousands of requests.
  8. 8. Kannel● Kannel consists of three parts● Bearerbox ( common interface for sms and wep services)● Smsbox ( interface for sms service)● Wapbox ( interface for wap service)● Different logs are maintained.● e.g Bearerbox-access.log , smsbox-access.log
  9. 9. ● 2012-04-28 09:59:21 Receive SMS [SMSC:NTNepal5005] [SVC:] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:] [from:+9779841000000] [to:5005] [flags:- 1:0:-1:0:-1] [msg:5:MS 14] [udh:0:]● 2012-04-28 09:59:21 Sent SMS [SMSC:NTNepal5005] [SVC:default] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:] [from:5005] [to:+9779841000000] [flags:-1:0:-1:-1:-1] [msg:88:Thank you for voting .] [udh:0:]
  10. 10. Integration with Telecom Operators● VPN (using racoon)● Leaseline
  11. 11. System Lease line NTC ncell KannelSmart Telecom Drupal based system UTL Vpn connections
  12. 12. Push and Pull SMS● Sms services : pull and push● Getting service as requested - pull● Services sent by server itself - push● Short codes or short numbers can be used for SMS or MMS● Easier to read and remember.● Keywords are used to separate messages on shared shortcodes.
  13. 13. Drupal based MIS● System to send and receive sms using web interface. ( )● Services provided :● Pull : Poll , Basicnews and couple of other client based services.● Push: General push, Scheduled push.
  14. 14. Working of Drupal based MIS Drupal custom modules Drupal core PullKannel User Custom Classes Scheduler Push Sms daemon
  15. 15. Not enough for extensions● Not extensible, difficult to cope up with the specific needs of the client.
  16. 16. API development● Developed based on OneAPI standards.● OneAPI defines commonly supported web friendly api that allows to expose mobile and other network operators capabilities to web.● Provides API for developing systems for push and pull sms.● Easy to use and easy to maintain.● Sms/1/smsmessaging/outbound? senderAddress=4266&address=9841000000&mes sage=check
  17. 17. System extended via API Drupal based Kannel System API Third Party Software
  18. 18. National Immunization Programme● In partnership with UNICEF and GoN Child Health Division● For real time reporting via SMS by health workers●
  19. 19. NIP: Workflow
  20. 20. Thank you.