Introduction to raspberry pi


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This ppt contains the introduction to raspberry pi.which is available for very cheap cost as well as consumes very less power. This is the Cheapest board can be used as a computer works on Linux platform designed by raspberry foundation which is a charity, and the aim to produce this board is to develop an interest of basic computer programming among the kids and adults ...

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Introduction to raspberry pi

  1. 1. A Presentation on Raspberry-pi By Praveen Dewangan ED-500 NIELIT,Calicut
  2. 2. A Small Introduction A Small Introduction -credit card size single board ,super low cost computer.. Credit card size single board ,super low cost computer.. -Developed in UK by Raspberry-pi foundation in 2009. Developed the study of basic computer science 2009. -to promote in UK by Raspberry-pi foundation in in schools. supported by “University of Cambridge Computer laboratory & Broadcom” -element 14,RS components and Egoman tech corp,these are the distributors of the product all over the world. To promote the study of basic computer science in schools & to develop interest among kids and adults.
  3. 3. The Foundation has produced two models INR 1625 INR 2275
  4. 4. SoC Broadcom BCM2835 “High Definition Embedded Multimedia Application Processor.” Uses ARM1176JZF-S(ARM v6) J- Jazelle bytecode Z- Trust zone F- Floating point S-Synthesizable core. AMBA-3 improves memory bus performance.
  5. 5. Power Supply Micro USB power supply 5v,700mA=3.5W which is less than a bulb. Standard Charging port. Universal charging solution by GSMA. USB Keyboard & Mouse
  6. 6. Monitor Supports only HDMI. Old analogous TV, Modern digital TV Destop Monitor or even your smartphone as a display. SD memory card Min 2GB,expandable upto 32GB
  7. 7. -Home Automation System.
  8. 8. OS -mainly linux based OS. Supports only Linux. Fedora , Archlinux & Desbian . Most recommended Desbian ,Because it supports python programming language. OS and Programming language Raspberry Pi Versions of Kernels are available Fedora-Pidora Desbian-Raspbian
  9. 9. How it differs from other Board Low power consumption PC takes 65-250W Laptop takes 15-60W Low cost Small in size
  10. 10. Applications Home Automation System. Home Security System. HD surveillance Camera. Media Center. We can develop what we can think using GPIO.
  11. 11. Distributers Of Raspberry pi these are the licensed distributors of the product all over the world.
  12. 12. Handling the RP -The Raspberry Pi was built to be used, but not abused. Every Printed Circuit Board (PCB) should be handled with care. -Handle the RP only by the edges of the board itself. Avoid touching or holding any of the components on the board. -Rough handling can cause solder points to fail and may result in short circuits, but be careful with the GPIO pins as well.