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Prashant's Portfolio

  1. 1. 17% 38%21% 25% Direct Digital Integrated BTL Experience 0 3.5 7 10.5 14 17.5 Years Copy Sr. Copy Group Head ACD CD/HOD Years in Roles 0 25 50 75 100 125 Work Creativity Crisis Conflict Participative Delegative Process Driven Time Bound LeadershipStyle
  2. 2. Challenge Inspiration Create a website experience for bookers of TUI – one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies TUI’s logo has a “Smile” and that triggered the thought of the website. A smile is the purest manifestation of delight, something that is deeply engrained into the DNA of TUI. Our theme for the website, hence revolved around how we are ready to reward the delight a booker brings to his client Execution…
  3. 3. Post login
  4. 4. Challenge Inspiration Create a website experience that brings the complete value chain of manufacturers and connects them to their potential buyers As there are different stakeholders that we needed to address, the website was created with three user journeys in one website. Execution…
  5. 5. Challenge In a world flooded with free TV Apps, dishTV came up with its paid Mobile App that lets only dishTV subscribers watch TV on a mobile. As the ATL campaign was yet to be even scripted, we had to create something groundbreaking, fast for the launch. Solution • Contextual advertising was the name of the game for this launch • Armed with Google geo-location based ad banners and Memes on Social pages, we helped dishTV subscribers warm up to this offering Results • Increased the intent to purchase by 1174% • 197,000 downloads in just the first 20 days of launch Popular Memes on Social Platforms Contextual banners
  6. 6. Challenge Create active conversation points on a daily basis with almost dormant Delhi Daredevils page Solution To really connect to the fan base, the Delhi Daredevils needs to talk to them regularly, and not only during the season. I thought, we have 33 players, all from different backgrounds and different countries. Why can we not go ahead and talk about these players until the next IPL? From a dearth of opportunities to engage, we had umpteen conversation points to interact with the audience. The idea clicked and every other IPL team now follows the norm we created. Results The interactions resulted in a whopping increase in fan base from 38,749 to 9.75 Lacs and counting. Even the talking about peak at 89,487 people when we started at just 768 people. During the season
  7. 7. Challenge Congress, under the leadership of Mrs. Sheila Dikshit had won three State elections consecutively. In her 15 years, Delhi had truly become a world-class city. The only chink in her armor were the recent Nirbhaya Case, price rise and corruption infested Central government. All these issues were already on the agenda of the Aam Aadmi Party. BJP wanted us to come up with a strong ad banner campaign that not only hits Aam Aadmi Party but also ensures that the relatively fresh face of Dr. Harsh Vardhan becomes the obvious alternative to Mrs. Sheila Dikshit Solution Created hard hitting contextual banners and placed them strategically across the popular sites Results BJP Microsite that we created got more than 20 Lakh hits and the banners were appreciated by news forums and general public alike. Most importantly, the BJP won 32 seats, the highest amongst the contesting parties. Refer: mbly_election,_2013 Movie Review Websites Sports Websites Job Search Websites
  8. 8. Challenge Mahindra Reva wanted us to create an engagement program that enhances the relationship with existing & new buyers so that they: • Continuously enjoy their association with Mahindra e2o through various activities • Became brand loyalists • Refer friends to buy e2o Solution We created “Club Electric” Group on the Social Platform and invited all owners to have conversations with the brand and within themselves. The Group became a platform of spreading the Goodness through Social Events, Eco Drives and more with an intertwining of Factory visits Results • Improved propensity to recommend the Electric Car to 76% from 24% Factory visits Driving EventsCSR Initiatives Facebook Group
  9. 9. Challenge Inspiration Create a digital experience for Club Electric Members that entails all the activities that are happening on Social and on ground. As Club Electric is an engagement led programme and the car is specifically a city car, we created the website as if the Car is driving across the city. The content was curated using all that happens in a city. Post Login we brought the Gamification elements to life and used the current Telematics (App led interactive interface with the car) to create a highly customized experience Execution…
  10. 10. The parallax website design shows a Club Electric revving across the city
  11. 11. On the Scroll, the Club Electric showcased the many stories of the Mahindra e20 owners The stories were populated from our YouTube channel and personal user blogs PHASE II
  12. 12. Next stop was the Open Forums, which again was updated real-time
  13. 13. Mahindra e20 will reach a point where the visitor can discover the city of their choice. On the click, the user saw a map and all the happening spots with user fed videos/photos of that particular part of the city
  14. 14. Mahindra e20 now drives into a red carpet event, which showcased all the upcoming & recent events. On click, the event description was displayed with ‘Enroll’ link. On clicking, user will be asked to login or sign up
  15. 15. Mahindra e20 will now head to the fun zone of the website. Here visitors participated in Cool Contests, Fun facts and amazing downloads etc.
  16. 16. On clicking on any of the links provided, the visitor is immediately asked to login
  17. 17. On Signing up, the visitor provided their details to enable real-time information flow from App Telematics to the website
  18. 18. On logging in, the user is welcomed to their Dashboard
  19. 19. From updates about the company to DIY Videos and service tips, this section keeps the driver posted on all the latest from us
  20. 20. The next badge is shown here. For example, here being able to optimally charge the vehicle for the best average distance is the next badge
  21. 21. User was also requested to join groups, e20 owners in their vicinity and then see collectively how they have given back to the environment
  22. 22. All upcoming events in the user’s vicinity was visible here
  23. 23. User accessed previous 7 drives and see how they fared
  24. 24. The Activity Dashboard shows how the user is faring from the telematics system
  25. 25. Challenge Inspiration Create a digital experience to excite prospects with an offer on Samsung Camera NX1000 where they would win assured Travel Vouchers The idea came to life with the line: “Samsung Cameras are ready to take you places”. We wanted to take the user out on a journey, right from our banners. Execution…
  26. 26. The GDN Banner used stop motion animation to show what’s on offer
  27. 27. The website was created like the table of a traveler with each offer popping out on mouse over
  28. 28. Challenge Create a platform idea for Samsung Notebooks that can be leveraged throughout the year. Starting the campaign with the launch of Samsung ATIV hybrid notebooks Solution • The market was only talking about the “What & How” –what is the product and how is it different. With a commoditized market, such reasons fall flat. How about telling the „why‟ –why do you need a Notebook? • In search of the “why‟ we need a Notebook, I came up with the thought of “Breaking Free‟. With a Notebook by your side, you can Break Free from your desk Results • The Facebook Contests created a lot of traction. 5,40,000 resolutions and 4,30,000 messages were sent respectively • Website hits were thirty times the average campaigns run during the time of the year • Forty five times higher sale through the Samsung eStore Apps created Website Banners
  29. 29. Challenge Create a unique digital experience that showcases the unique ability of the Samsung ATIV Solution • Taking the concept of Breaking Free, we created a character called BreakMilaNahi, who would help you break free. • A series of customized videos were created where Advocate BreakMilanahi would fight your case to break free • For evidence, BreakMilaNahi would use your Facebook information and BreakMilaNahi would present your case using the Samsung ATIV • These customizable videos would end with a verdict from the judge that would put your name into the lucky dip contest Results • Website hits were thirty times the average campaigns run during the time of the year • Forty five times higher sale through the Samsung eStore TVC Teaser Click to view Facebook App &
  30. 30. Replicating the Platform Idea across the category Touch & Type Notebook Banner
  31. 31. Challenge Help Samsung Sales Teams to know about the new Printer range and how they can sell the product Solution We created a series of eDMs revolving around the lives of two Salesmen, Simpu and Smarty. We even extended the idea to a year-long learning program where we created a Sales Incentive Program, Cool Merchandise, and even a physical Learning Kit Comic Series for Executives to learn. Results • Improved 46% of propensity to sell and recommend Samsung printers • Won global excellence award at Samsung Global Meet
  32. 32. Challenge Portea Medical Services wanted to introduce a new fitness solution that uses Fitness Bands and On Call Consultations.
  33. 33. Challenge An Institute with Real Estate programmes wanted to target the Real Estate Agents who may want to take their courses.
  34. 34. Challenge Showcase the advatages of LAPF through a series of Magazine ads that were published at once in the popular Trade Magazines
  35. 35. Challenge Nestle was relaunching the Slim Milk that had all the goodness of milk, but 15 times less fat. The challenge was to find a way to WOW the fitness enthusiasts and tell them that the milk is as good as it can be, yet less in fat. Solution • The ability of the milk to keep you fit inspired us to create this creative, where the glass seems to have grown its own six packs • Armed with the Dietician and Milk samples, we created a Fitness Tracking Drive. The team checked BMI of people and recommended the Milk. As a giveaway, these Abs glasses were given out the prospects too Results • Our Team of Dieticians gave 5 million people Dietary Tips and took their BMIs during the drive • Increased the intent to purchase by 1231%
  36. 36. Challenge Excite the college going students to join Truly Madly, a dating APP for the Single, ready to mingle. Solution • To create the excitement, we came up with a unique contest, My Truly Madly DP Contest. • The contestants were to click a really truly madly DP (Display Picture) that would be put up on their profile. • The one who gets the maximum likes, wins an iPhone. • This way, we initiated them into our Truly Madly App and into the database for other singles to meet with them Results • 6,00,000 students participated in the Contest • 500% more Downloads than the target
  37. 37. Challenge Invite members to meet the President of Liva and discuss the new directions they are planning to take. Solution • We sent the invite with a DM at the centre. The DM had a magnet hidden within so that the needle inside the compass was always pointing towards the address of the meet Results • We had a whooping 98% attendance, something they had never experienced The InviteOn the box
  38. 38. Challenge Engage with the top 100 Distributors of Nokia during the Annual Meet up with the Chairman Solution Our theme for the event was to harness the inner creativity every individual has. During the event the Distributors were asked to show their power of imagination. They were given a canvas and paint. They were asked to draw anything their heart desires and then our Artists completed the paintings, which were presented to the Distributor by the Chairman himself Results • The Distributors were left with a overwhelming feeling of how creative their thoughts can be • Showed how Nokia empowers their vision with the best line of products Events
  39. 39. Challenge Birla Cellulose wanted to communicate the revamped LAPF program. The program was realigned with a purpose to find solutions that help the members solve their business problems Solution • When there are no worries about ones business, they would have a sound sleep. To showcase this, we sent out these beautiful cellulose pillows to our members stating the revamp and the changes they should expect from the program On the box On the pillow Z-fold Leaflet cover One of the LAPF advantages
  40. 40. Challenge Acquire new members and tell the LIVA advantage in an interesting manner Solution • We used chess as a metaphor to showcase the capabilities of LIVA and how LAPF can help spinners and weavers achieve their goals • Innovative invites both via direct mailers, magazines and hoardings were sent to non-members to an event at a major exhibition in Surat
  41. 41. Please connect with me at: +91 8826 8380 80 |