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IndieCF company brief 2018


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IndieCF Company Brief JAN 2018

Published in: Business
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IndieCF company brief 2018

  1. 1. Company Brief
  2. 2. “Why do only big companies shoot ads?” An employee at a video advertising agency once asked this question. Her colleague responded, “Because ads are expensive and only big companies can afford them?”
  3. 3. Inequality in Advertising = Social Inequality In that moment they realized their work was enabling big companies to get bigger while smaller companies were left out. “That’s not fair. Inequality in commercial ads is contributing to wider social inequality. Let’s do something!” they decided.
  4. 4. Commercial Equality They came up with a social mission to increase everyone’s success by providing equal access to video ads, something they called Commercial Equality.
  5. 5. Independent Commercial Film Indie CF They founded a video production agency called Indie CF to work independently from big capital, the mass media, and creative limitations while promoting Commercial Equality. + =
  6. 6. Indie CF Production Indie CF worked on TV commercial ad campaigns for all kinds of social ventures and non-profit causes. It continues to offer customized, affordable and effective video production for any interested organization. Watch Video Reel Make Inquiry
  7. 7. Expensive Difficult Time-Consuming Video Production is Hard Delivering great ad campaigns is tough work and Indie CF could only help a handful of the companies it wanted to. To achieve their social mission, they realized they would have to make an impact in a much bigger way.
  8. 8. Social Media Homepage Email + 200-300% click-through increase with video * “Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2017” + 80% conversion rate increase with video 8 billion daily video views on Facebook, Instagram Content Marketing 60% of marketers and SMEs plan to increase investment in video marketing in 2017 Video Content is King Advances in technology and the way media is being consumed have caused video content to become an even more effective and important communication channel.
  9. 9. HD Camera CG Editing Voice Recording Broadcast Network They realized everything a production agency needed was right in the palm of their hands—in a smartphone.
  10. 10. Cramming their years of experience into a pocket- sized phone, Indie CF created an app that was a video agency anyone could access to create their own ads.
  11. 11. Ta da~ Create the Perfect Video for Social Media
  12. 12. A mobile app for creating eye-catching videos in minutes using automated designs that increase views and conversions on social media. Video Content Automation For Social Media Marketing Watch How it Works
  13. 13. Optimized for Social Media Big, Bold Captions Stand out in social media newsfeeds where auto-play and mute are norms Square Format Square, 1:1 aspect ratio outperforms widescreen views by 57% Licensed Music Tracks Music tracks free for commercial use sync to video automatically Brand Watermark Customizable video branding using own company logo Watch Contenter User Videos
  14. 14. Professional Video Templates Service Explainer (CPC) Property Listing 3 Tips Explainer Product Catalogue How to Explainer Video Product Overview Hashtag Campaign Sales Promotion
  15. 15. Features Ready-to-use Templates Automated Text Designs Completely Customizable Multi-channel Sharing Watermark Branding
  16. 16. 10,000 marketing videos Made by users in over 50 Countries From American Bakeries to Saudi Arabian Real Estate Agents
  17. 17. Target Digital Marketing Content Creators who need daily content for social media but don’t know how to make video
  18. 18. $45 Million Korea $1.5 Billion Worldwide 30% increase each year Market Size Digital Marketing Content Production
  19. 19. Freemium Model - Monthly Payment Plan Monthly payment plan for companies that need video content for digital marketing and marketers without a video production team available ● Custom-made video templates ● Additional brand watermark uploads ● HD quality download ● Premium editing features ● Increased video clip number ● Upgraded text artwork and effects ● More licensed music tracks Business Model !
  20. 20. Competition Mobile Social Marketing Optimization Automated Editing Watermark Branding iMovie Magisto Shakr Animoto Contenter
  21. 21. Team Junghwa Park Founder, CEO Former Commercial Advertising Planner for 8 years Mark Brazeal Co-Founder, CMO Former CSV and HR Analyst at CJ Corporation Suhyun Kim Co-Founder, Designer Background in animation Kirin Sinn Co-Founder, Videographer Former freelance video director Dukwoo Kim Head Programmer Former Web App and iOS Developer Youngho Byeon Programmer Former Web and iOS Developer Jayeong Kim Financial Advisor Former Ewha Womans University Product Design Research Institute
  22. 22. 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Timeline 9 Launched Video Editing App, Hooreel 10 Secured Investment from Korean Angel Investor, Primer and US eCommerce Company, Sazze Partners 10 Awarded Best October App at Korea Mobile Awards 10 Awarded Best Solution Prize at Korean Ministry of Labor and Employment Social Venture Contest 3 Launched Mobile Advertising App, Pariro 6 Awarded CEO Prize at the 21st Korea Multimedia Technology Awards by Korea Economic Daily 10 Participated in Startup Nomad, Global Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley 3 Participated in Hyundai’s H-On_Dream Startup Incubator Program 12 Established as Indie CF Inc. 9 Awarded Grand Prize at Investment Bank of Korea’s ”Social Venture Recognition Contest” 11 Ad:Tech New York 2016 Exhibitor 2 Launched Automated Video Marketing App, Contenter, featured on Korean App Store in “New Apps We Love”
  23. 23. Company Address homepage Facebook Youtube CEO Email Phone Contact Information Indie CF Inc. #319, Innovation Park 22, 684, Tongil-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea Junghwa Park +82-02-6384-0007
  24. 24. Independent Commercial Films Indie CF