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Monthly photomagazine


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Monthly photomagazine

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  2. 2. WELCOME to Monthly Photo Magazine We have a great issue for you, full of interesting tips, handy techniques and thought- provoking articles, all designed to help you improve Whether you use a compact camera, a DSLR or a phone camera, there is something in this issue for everyone. Every article and technique has been written for you to get the mostout of it and include step by step guides, written in an easy tounderstand, jargon-free way. your photography. What’s more, virtually every photograph taken to illustratean article, tip or technique has been taken on a compact digitalcamera, including the cover shot. We want to prove what ispossible using your compact cameras, and so in every issue youcan be assured the results you are seeing ARE possible for YOU too!Try your hand at a new technique, like Panning on page 4. Maybeyou’d like better pictures of your children, so why not combinelight with fun in our informative article and project, ‘Children InNatural Light’ found on page 6.We’d love to hear your feedback. Whatever comment you’d liketo make, whether it’s to tell us what you think of the magazine, asuggestion for what you would like to see in future issues, shareyour experience of putting the tutorials into practise, visit the teamat look forward to hearing from you soon. The Team @ Digital Compact Photography is brought to you by Visit us for more digital camera tips and techniques.
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