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Recruitment and selection



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Recruitment and selection

  1. 1. Recruitment & Selection
  2. 2. Content: An introduction to Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection Process Planning for Recruitment and Selection Recruitment System Selection System Conclusion References.
  3. 3. Recruitment and Selection Recruitment : Recruitment is a process of attracting candidates towards a job in an organization. When a vacancy for a job exists recruitment is initiated. Selection : Selection is a process of hiring right person for a right job at a right time at a right cost. Selection follows recruitment.
  4. 4. Recruitment and Selection Process Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Planning for Recruitment: Locating Selection: Recruitment & Selection Prospective Candidates Evaluation and Hiring • Screening Resumes and Applications • Job Analysis • Initial Interview • Job Qualifications • Intensive Interview • Job Description • Internal Sources • Testing • Recruitment & • External Sources • Background Invest. Selection Objec. • Physical Exam • Recruitment & • Selection Decision Selection Strategy and Job Offer
  5. 5. Planning for Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection Objectives: The things the organization hopes to accomplish as a result of the recruitment and selection process. They should be specifically stated for a given period. Recruitment and Selection Strategy: The plan the organization will implement to accomplish the recruitment and selection objectives. The sales managers should consider the scope and timing of recruitment and selection.
  6. 6. Recruitment System  Internal Sources : It includes 1.Promotion, 2.Demotion,and 3.Reference.  External Sources : It includes 1.Advertisement, 2.Direct, 3.Schools,colleges,training institutions, 4.Employement Exchange, 5.At the factory gate, 6.Labour contractor/Placement agencies,and 7.Labour union.
  7. 7. Selection System  Preliminary Interview & Pre Interview Screening  Formal Application  Interview(s)  Reference & Credit Check  Testing  Physical Examination  Employment Offer
  8. 8. Recruitment and Selection Conclusion To fill a vacancy created in an organization it should be filled by a right person at right time at right cost.If recruitment and selection goes right the goal is achieved.Also it includes cost so it should be done at predetermined cost.
  9. 9. References:  Human Resource Management by K. Ashwathappa    Human Resource Management by R. Salekar
  10. 10. Thank You!