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Published in: Business
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  1. 1. Great Truths about Six Sigma brought to us by various cartoonists
  2. 2. Nothing can stop automation
  3. 3. Don‘t set too ambitious deadlines Deadline is deadline !
  4. 4. Always listen to the market
  5. 5. Users don‘t like bugs Access denied O.k., and now you‘ll do exactly what I‘m telling you !
  6. 6. Simulation expertice helps
  7. 7. Not every presentation is successful
  8. 8. What suits one customer might not suit the next
  9. 9. Look for efficient solutions
  10. 10. Support!different situations by specific tools
  11. 11. On-line help can be useful
  12. 12. Forecasting and optimization are complex Come on! It can‘t go wrong every time...
  13. 13. Select significant attributes for your forecaster Which one Is mine?
  14. 14. Maths is not everything
  15. 15. Use check-lists for testing ears neck feet