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Caso de Sucesso Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - Siemens PLM


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Em uma das mais completas implantações de sistemas PLM ja feitas em universidades da America Latina, A Universidade Bolivariana e a Siemens PLM trabalham juntas para formar Engenheiros melhor preparados para o mercado de trabalho.

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Caso de Sucesso Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - Siemens PLM

  1. 1. Solid Edge • NX • Teamcenter • TecnomatixUniversidad Pontificia BolivarianaDemonstrating leadership and innovation through advanced PLM curriculumIndustry University provides students its opinion when acquiring new designEducation with real-world experience for software, even asking that our institution provide training on how to better take each stage of the product advantage of Siemens PLM Software’sBusiness challenges lifecycle; graduates adopt tools,” says Silvio Andrés Salazar Martínez, cutting-edge PLM tools in the a mechanical engineer and research leaderProvide students with cutting-edge tools that allow them to workplace at UPB.experience every stage of theproduct lifecycle Trendsetter among higher Salazar notes, “UPB and Siemens PLM education institutions Software have similar business priorities,Attract the right students and In 1998, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana as we both have a long-term vision for ourhelp them excel in a highly (UPB), located in Medellín, Colombia, was relationship with customers. In our case,competitive field in search of the latest 3D design tools, we want our students to be successful and including those used by other higher edu- competitive in the real world, both at theKeys to success cation institutions around the world. After local and international levels. Siemens PLM conducting research to determine the Software has helped us accomplish thatSiemens PLM Software’s holis- most advanced product lifecycle manage- goal.”tic offering, from 3D design to ment (PLM) tools across industry and edu-actual production cation, UPB contacted the leading PLMEase of use and user-friendly providers. Ultimately, UPB found Siemensinterface PLM Software’s technology not only to beProviding students academic among the most advanced, but UPB alsoknowledge and understanding noted that the Siemens team was the mostthat helps to prepare them for proactive in assisting the university withthe job market its requirements. This resulted in UPB receiving a grant for using Solid Edge® software in the classroom. In fact, UPB wasResults Siemens PLM Software’s first customer inA solid, long-term relationship Colombia.that has allowed UPB to offerstudents real-world experi- That was the beginning of a 12+ year rela-ence for each stage of the tionship between Siemens PLM Softwareproduct lifecycle and UPB, a relationship that UPB credits with enabling the university to become established as a pioneer and trendsetter among higher education institutions around the country. “UPB has become a point of reference as other schools request
  2. 2. Results (continued)UPB considered a leader andinnovator by other education-al institutions, with diverseeducators seeking advice fromUPB on PLM technology andits role in the curriculumStudents adopting SiemensPLM Software tools in theworkplace – proof ofimpact on graduates’ profes-sional livesAlumni providing outstandingPLM curriculum programsupport UPB is currently training its students using comfortable with these tools that, when a broad array of product lifecycle manage- they graduate, they introduce them to ment tools from Siemens PLM Software: their new employers; therefore, the Solid Edge® software, NX™ software, Siemens PLM Software solutions continue Teamcenter® software, and Tecnomatix® being part of the professional lives of most software. of our alumni,” states Salazar. The “relationship” – a critical Offering students real-life, concept- success factor through-production experience “Siemens PLM Software is a true ally for Fifty-five years ago, UPB became the first UPB, offering the institution the ability to university to offer a Mechanical handle all stages of the product lifecycle Engineering degree in Medellín. Now, with CAD (computer-aided design), CAE there are four other regional schools offer- (computer-aided engineering) and CAM ing that degree; so the competition to“Using the product lifecycle (computer-aided manufacturing) tools,” attract the right student body is high. UPB management tools of says Salazar. “In addition to the Solid Edge continues to excel through curriculum and Siemens PLM Software, we 3D solution for design, we use Siemens’ program innovation. Salazar explains, have accomplished our mis- NX, which provides comprehensive “UPB’s long-term vision has allowed it to sion. Our alumni are fully digital product development; Siemens’ attract the best students and offer them ready for real life; hence, Teamcenter, which manages the entire the greatest opportunities. In 2004, the they are grateful and loyal, digital lifecycle; and the Tecnomatix solu- university started an international program and they support our new tion, which includes a complete digital where its students have the opportunity to projects to help the next manufacturing suite.” go on-site and apply their newly acquired generation of students.” skills internationally, including in Australia, Having all of these solutions allows stu- England and the United States.”Silvio Andrés Salazar Martínez dents in the industrial, mechanical andMechanical Engineer and aeronautical engineering curriculum, as UPB’s goal is to offer students real-lifeResearch Leader well as in the industrial design program, to experiences that equip them for the com-Universidad Pontificia master the design of components and petitive job market. That’s why the institu-Bolivariana equipment. It also enables them to actu- tion’s next plan is to have students who ally mechanize and produce the final proj- have attained different levels of academic ect. In fact, about 150-160 students use achievement work on group projects, with tools from Siemens PLM Software every each student taking care of a specific stage semester. “Most of our students feel so of the product lifecycle – from digital
  3. 3. Solutions/Services design to actual production. This affordsSolid Edge the students the chance to apply a of CAD/CAE/CAM tools throughout their academic careers. The students manageNX project information and collaborate each other using Currently, the institution is participating inteamcenter the Formula SENA, a project organized byTecnomatix the National Educational Service Learning (SENA per Spanish acronym), intecnomatix which several students from various higher education institutions are working together on manufacturing a car that willCustomer’s primary business ultimately compete in a race. The student fostered valuable feedback and enabledUniversidad Pontificia group is using Solid Edge for the car improvement of each design component.Bolivariana (UPB) is a non- design. In addition, with Teamcenter, theprofit, higher-educational group is able to manage each others’ car “Using the product lifecycle managementinstitution supervised by the components, regardless of the product tools of Siemens PLM Software, we haveArchdiocese of Medellín. Now development software that each student accomplished our mission,” says its 75th year, UPB is a legal, uses. Students involved in the project indi- “Our alumni are fully ready for real life;ecclesiastic entity, possessing cated that, with the Siemens CAD/CAE/ hence, they are grateful and loyal, andthe high-quality institutional CAM and product data management (PDM) they support our new projects to help theaccreditation granted by the tools, the team was able to easily combine next generation of students.”Ministry of National Education the design, engineering and manufactur-of Colombia. UPB offers ing processes. During development, thisextensive program options,including 69 undergraduate,1 technology, 22 master’s,and 7 doctorate, to a studentpopulation of 17,500 inundergraduate programs and2,600 in graduate programs.UPB utilizes 820 internalteachers and more than 1,000external locationCampuses at Medellín,Bucaramanga, Montería,Palmira and BogotaColombiaSiemens Industry SoftwareAmericas +1 800 498 5351 © 2011 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved. Siemens and the Siemens logo areEurope +44 (0) 1276 702000 registered trademarks of Siemens AG. D-Cubed, Femap, Geolus, GO PLM, I-deas, Insight, JT, NX, Parasolid, Solid Edge,Asia-Pacific +852 2230 3333 Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and Velocity Series are trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. All other logos, trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks used herein are the property of their respective Z3 24243 11/11 C