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IT Training Division of Molybdenum Technology Solutions

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  1. 1. TechiMindsTechiMinds is the Software Training Division ofMolybdenum Technology Solutions
  2. 2. Courses Offered Core Programming Workshop Java/J2EE DotNetTechiMinds Share Point SAP Data Ware Housing Back
  3. 3. TechiMinds What keeps us stand Apart from Others FacultiesInfrastructure QualityOpportunity
  4. 4. TechiMinds Our Secret Sauce Of SuccessTechnological Knowledge Industry Expertise
  5. 5. TechiMinds Training Technology Aspect Industry AspectTechnology Concepts Interview prep Techno Labs Work on projects Industry ScenariosMotivation Classes Working on Projects Self Belief Born to Win My fight is with myself Techno LabCommunication classes Enriching the Content Technology Concepts Gaining Confidence Speak Fearlessly We Take you towards success Back
  6. 6. TechiMindsYou Choose your Career with Us We will Make your Career Bigger and Better
  7. 7. TechiMindsWe Believe in Giving back moreWith every Enrollments we GiveMotivation Classesand CommunicationWorkshops free
  8. 8. Our ApproachCreatingBuildingBlocks ofTechnologicalUnderstanding
  9. 9. Our Approach PracticalTrainingImplications & making Comfortable withBasicprogramming
  10. 10. Our ApproachTraining High-end Tricks &Techniquesfor Optimized coding
  11. 11. Our ApproachMolybdenum Technology Solutions
  12. 12. Our Expertise Easy to Understand
  13. 13. Our Expertise Teaching the Easy to ApplicabilityUnderstand of Technology
  14. 14. Our Expertise Teaching the Updated Easy to Applicability With CurrentUnderstand of Technology Technology Trend
  15. 15. Trainer’s DeskQuality Teaching Makes the difference TechiGurus
  16. 16. Trainer’s Desk8 Years of Average Industry Expertise & 5 Years ofOnsite Experience 6 Years of Average Teaching Experience
  17. 17. Trainer’s Desk Trainers are Engineers & MBAs from reputed colleges around the globe Trainers are currently working in Software development with MNCsTechiGurus Good Understanding of the Current and Future Trend Very successful In the technology world They Understand the students requirement and difficulties really well
  18. 18. Trainer’s Desk 11 years of Industry Experience Worked in Many Worked with Wipro foreign countries Technologies, HCL Including Technologies, HCL UK, Europe, Germany, Infosystems, SAP LabsSingapore, Malaysia, Sa Engineering from NIST & EPBM udi Arabia from IIM Calcutta Abinash Routray Technology: SAP
  19. 19. Trainer’s Desk 6 years of Industry Experience Worked in Many Worked with Nokia, CEO of foreign countries Mund Consulting.Including UK, Europe Engineering from CET , Bhubaneswar, MBA from LBS, London Sumit Mund Technology: Dot Net & Share Point
  20. 20. Trainer’s Desk 8 years of Industry Experience Worked in Many Worked with TCS, CTS & foreign countries Molybdenum TechnologyIncluding, UK, Europe Solutions Engineering from CET , Bhubaneswar Subhendu Ranjan Mishra Technology: Java, J2EE, SQL, PLSQL, Main Frames
  21. 21. Our Expertise RightChoose theOrganization Careerfor yourDevelopment
  22. 22. TechiMindsIf you have We have theDesire Weapons
  23. 23. Techi GurusWe help you to Write Your Own Destiny……….
  24. 24. Our ExpertiseWe create Champions
  25. 25. Graphics Design Excellent Technological Understanding Adaptivness to Technological ChangesTechiMind Skill Sets Hands on experience in different Projects Adequate Industry Etiquates Industry Ready << Back
  26. 26. TechiMinds Success Doesn’t come to anyone………… You have to go about it & grab it …
  27. 27. TechiMindsThe Early you Start you get moretime to Achieve the Goal Join Us in the journey of Flourishing a Career in Technology
  28. 28. TechiMinds Mode Of TeachingFace to Face Classroom Virtual Classroom
  29. 29. TechiMindsTrainer will Available in theclassroom to take classes & it’sthe primitive way of teaching
  30. 30. TechiMinds Virtual ClassroomTrainer will Available in some otherpart of the world but there will be atwo way interactive Classroom withthe use of high end technologies
  31. 31. TechiMinds Virtual ClassroomClass Can be attend from Home Class Can be re seen if theincase student cant make it to the student couldn’t attend the classclasses Advantages of Virtual Classroom
  32. 32. TechiMinds Virtual ClassroomDistance is no more a hindrance for Quality Teaching
  33. 33. TechiMindsClass will be interactive where Virtual Class room where the students can ask their students can see the trainer indoubts and the teacher will be the screen who is teaching from clarifying them some other part of the globe Virtual Classroom