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Practical communication strategies for software architects


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This presentation covers fundamentals of communication for software architects.

Published in: Technology
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Practical communication strategies for software architects

  1. 1. Practical communication strategies for software architects Manu PK @manupk12 Software Architects Meetup; Bangalore; 7 July 2018
  2. 2. …and today we are talking about
  3. 3. …specifically about Software Architect’s
  4. 4. Let’s go through some real world examples  With business stakeholders  EngineeringTeam  Other Architects / Tech Lead / Engineering Manager
  5. 5. You are invited to a workshop to solve a business challenge
  6. 6. When talking to business  Study the organizational dynamics  Leadership, People, Policies, Decision making styles  Prepare, practice, practice.  Context, content and delivery  Show the business impact of architectural changes  Schedule / Help to plan a staged approach.  Business continuity is utmost important in a transition  Often business needs suggestions to how can the changes be staged.
  7. 7. You want to set expectations with engineering team
  8. 8. Engineering team  Documenting architectural decisions  Start with self – Show the way  Emphasis on the benefits than bureaucracy  End of Week-1 of the project  Must have a repository, working application  Code quality, CI build set-up  On-going communication  How can you set-up a code quality improvement with team
  9. 9. You are about to co-create with other architects
  10. 10. Other Architects / Tech Lead / Engineering Manager  Work closely with engineering manager / Tech lead  Schedule  Feedback on people – Reinforcing feedback and corrective feedback.  Conceptual integrity of the system  Choices of where to have a functionality  Desired system properties and evolution  Curiosity – a good skill to have in communication  Be curious in your conversations and more importantly questions
  11. 11. Thank You for Listening
  12. 12. Questions / Comments / Feedback @manupk12| Slides @