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Descriptive essay powerpoint


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This is a quick, color-coded example of how to write a descriptive essay. Please check out more ESL materials at

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Descriptive essay powerpoint

  1. 1. How to write a Descriptive Essay
  2. 2. Introduction Paragraph:• Hook – something that gets thereader interested. Question,description, Statement, statistic, fact.Etc.•Connecting info from the hook to themain topic/ background information.•Give the thesis statement with 3 clearpoints of development.•Thesis Statement = The main ideastatement…with three points ofdevelopment.
  3. 3. Introduction Paragraph: I can still remember the beautiful breeze onmy face, the smell of the salty air and the soundof crashing waves on the shore. That day was themost relaxing day of my life. I will never forgetthe feeling of relaxation that I felt when I went toJamaica, it was like I had left my world offrustration and busyness. The beach is such aperfect place to relax for me because of itswonderful weather, the beautiful scenery, and itsfriendly people.
  4. 4. Has a clear topic sentence, supporting details and concluding sentence with transition words throughout the paragraph. Also, you must be sure that your paragraph connects clearly to your thesis statement! The weather in Jamaica is perfect relaxationweather. First, It never gets below 80 degreesFahrenheit, and the breeze is always light andrefreshing. Also, It hardly ever rains there and youdon’t ever have to worry about snow! In addition, I canrelax on the beach and never have to worry aboutcatching a chill at night. It is easy to see how theweather makes it so easy to relax on the beach inJamaica.
  5. 5. Restates the thesis and summarizes the points of development . Gives a suggestion, opinion, or prediction. (In conclusion,)I can’t think of any betterplace to relax than the beach. The pleasant weathermakes it comfortable all year round, the sceneryhas beauty beyond imagination, and the people arethe friendliest I’ve ever met. Anyone who reallyneeds to relax should consider booking the nextflight to the wonderful beaches of Jamaica.
  6. 6. More tips at