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Sample energy survey overview


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I've done a number of energy surveys for a big energy user and there are a lot of opportunities to improve their performance and realise a significant saving. I produced a few slides as a summary of my findings. Let's hope they move to phase 2!

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Sample energy survey overview

  1. 1. Energy Survey Overview
  2. 2. Sites SurveyedSite 1 Site 2Site 3 Site 4
  3. 3. Company-Wide Actions ISO50001 Bureau Energy Air Building Energy Service with Energy Awareness Conditioning Sub Metering ManagementManagement Monitoring & Surveys Campaign Inspections Systems Standard Targeting
  4. 4. Prioritised Actions •Condition Survey •Sub Metering Survey Site 3 Site 4Site 1 Site 2 •Steam demand •Sub Metering Survey •Monitor Boiler Use •Volt Op Survey •Shop Floor Heating •VO Survey •Enhance Maintenance •Generation Study •Ventilation Survey •Reorganise Offices •ACI •Motors & Drives Study •Humidification System •Revise Lighting •Pollution Issue Proposal •Combustion efficiency •Energy KPIs •Non-Process Heating •Compressed Air •Heat transfer •ACI •Staff awareness Survey efficiency •Asset Register •Maintenance manual •Motors & Drives •Boiler heat loss •Compressed Air •ACI •ACI •Maintenance manual Survey •Compressed Air •Asset Register •Combustion efficiency •M&T Survey •Staff awareness •Boiler Blowdown •Bureau Service •Asset Register •Maintenance Manual •Variable Speed Drive •Sub Metering Upgrade •VSD on kitchen •Steam System Review •BMS •M&T extract •Compressor •Boiler Maintenance •Bureau Service •M&T management •Combustion Efficiency •Sub Metering •Bureau Service •M&T Tool •Heat Transfer •BMS •Install Sub Metering •Flue-gas heat recovery •Boiler Heat Loss •ISO50001 •BMS •Radiant heaters •Maintenance manual •Lighting Upgrade •Heater controllers •VOT •Steam Distribution •Compressed Air •Extract Fans •Compressor heat •ISO50001 Controllers recovery Replacement •Heater controllers •Washroom Upgrade •Lighting Upgrade •ISO50001
  5. 5. Renewable Options Technology Bradford Greenford East Kilbride NewcastleSolar PV Yes Yes Yes YesSolar Water Heating Yes Yes Yes YesWind turbine Yes No No YesGround Source Heat Pump Yes No No YesRainwater Harvesting Yes Yes Yes YesMicro CHP Yes Yes Yes YesWood Fuelled Boilers Yes Yes Yes YesCCHP Yes Yes Yes Yes
  6. 6. Next Steps Client to agree to move to next stepReturn to four sites with specialists to produce accurately costed proposals Undertake Air Conditioning Inspections to ensure compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive across portfolio Appoint Dedicated Energy Management Resource conversant with ISO50001 Initiate Energy Awareness Campaign
  7. 7. PotentialA saving on total energy costs of between 20 and 30% can be achieved at each site