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Best practice checklist


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Best practice checklist

  1. 1. Best Practice ChecklistEnergy best practice initiatives need to be prioritised. The standard methodology for achieving this isto put them into the following categories: 1. no/low cost 2. quick payback 3. capital investment.Question: 1. Have you prepared a list of energy saving initiatives? 2. Have they been prioritised for ease of implementation? 3. Do you know the age and condition of buildings, plant and equipment? 4. Do you understand what can be more easily addressed? 5. Do you know the energy performance of equipment/processes 6. Do you have senior management support? 7. Is your workforce fully engaged and supportive? 8. Are your service providers/suppliers involved? 9. Are you using an independent to verify your results? 10. Are your results reported effectively?