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Phil Evans CV January 2012


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Here's my updated CV

Published in: Business, Technology
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Phil Evans CV January 2012

  1. 1. Phil Evans CEnv IEng BSc (Hons) MIE MPlantE MSoE Summary I have twenty years experience in a wide range of energy and environmental management consultancy projects, having held positions with Consulting Engineers, Local Authorities, private sector energy consultants, Government-funded organisations and in full-time energy management roles. I have been based in the UK throughout my career, but I have worked on energy-related projects in Europe and Asia. I am confident in my abilities and have an approachable and trustworthy manner that allows me to deal with projects and problems with clarity and calmness. I can apply my energy andenvironmental skills to any situation and have always found ways to improve performance and/orreduce costs; whether I find myself in a massive Beijing tyre manufacturer or a hotel in centralLondon. As a committed and passionate environmentalist, it is very important to me that Iconduct myself in a professional manner with high ethical standards. I am known for my honestyand desire to present the best solutions for all clients as well as the environment. I am acompetitive person and it is very important to me that I deliver meaningful, practical solutionsthat make sense and are in line with the four pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental,social and cultural).Specialties  ISO50001 Implementation  Strategic Energy Management  Strategic Environmental Management  Solution Identification/Implementation  Project ManagementExperienceManaging Director of Green11th July 2011 - presentI have brought my skills and experience to bear on identifying and delivering energy efficiency-driven cost saving solutions. To enable me to use a verifiable framework to deliver this work Ihave become an ISO50001 Internal Auditor through BSi. My preference is to help organisationsprioritise their energy saving initiatives rather than audit their performance, but the auditorcourse has allowed me to become conversant with exactly what an auditor would look for, whichmeans accreditation and ongoing compliance is assured.A selection of the work undertaken since starting Green Bridge is shown below:ISo50001 Energy Management System – Reviewing the existing environmental and carbonmanagement practices of a large rail transportation organisation and assessing the work involvedto move into an ISo50001 framework.EU Emissions Trading Scheme – Auditing the in-house practices for data collection, collation andpresentation to identify time and labour-saving improvements within a UK-based prestige carmanufacturing company.
  2. 2. Phil Evans CEnv IEng BSc (Hons) MIE MPlantE MSoEAir Conditioning Inspections – As an accredited ACI, I have conducted a number of inspections andproduced the associated reports to ensure that a large high street retailer is compliant with theEnergy Performance of Buildings Directive, thereby avoiding fines and significant negativepublicity.Head of Energy and Environmental Services at Westway Services LtdMarch 2010 – June 2011I developed a range of energy and environmental services to complement and enhance the coreengineering and maintenance skills of Westway. These services were designed primarily tofacilitate growth of the core business.I was Director of a £1,500,000 project to install ~700 wireless energy management systems,overseeing a team including ~50 installation engineers. The calculated payback on this projectwas less than two years.I secured a contract to produce air conditioning inspection reports for a prestigious high streetretailer. The agreement was that Westway would be one of two companies responsible forimplementing energy saving improvements. The conservative estimation of potentialimprovements was £2,500,000 across the entire estate. The estimated payback on theinvestment was between one and two years.Associate Director Energy Management & Engineering at CBREFebruary 2008 - March 2010I worked within the Building Consultancy Group of CBRE and my remit was to develop a newenergy-focused service line. The aim was to ensure our clients were compliant with energy andenvironmental legislation; to help them achieve their own corporate commitments and controltheir costs, consumption and carbon emissions. I exceeded my financial targets and took controlof energy engineering services for the whole of the UK, even though it had been previously beenconsidered to have minimal profit potential. This move increased the fee earning potential toover £1M p.a.I demonstrated that the need for good energy management is more important than ever as it is ameans to control costs as well as ensuring compliance with the increasing amount ofenvironmental legislation. The model I developed is still being used as a business differentiator ina market that continues to increase in competitiveness.Senior Energy Manager at EMCOR Facilities ServicesOctober 2006 - February 2008I provided a full range of energy management services and support to the European OperationsEnergy Manager on our GSK Account. I was identified as a candidate for the EMCOR SeniorManagement “Talent Programme” which meant additional training and exposure to a widerrange of business management functions, such as business development, accounting andfinance, leadership skills, project management etc.The Director of Energy recognised my commercial skills and urged me to focus my attention onbusiness development and management, as he believed they were where my main strengthswere. I produced a business development plan for submission by the Director of Energy to theCEO to justify the expansion of the existing energy business through organic growth, strategic
  3. 3. Phil Evans CEnv IEng BSc (Hons) MIE MPlantE MSoEpartnerships and acquisition. This meant considerable market research into the current energymarket, including competitor analysis, assessing changing customer needs/priorities andexpressing this information using PESTLE and SWOT analysis, amongst others.This research confirmed my belief that an organisation that has engineering and technicalcapabilities as their core business is ideally positioned to put energy at the heart of the business,thereby demonstrating a clear business differentiator from its competitors.Energy & Environmental Manager at Imperial College LondonJuly 2003 - October 2006I developed energy and environmental strategies and policies to ensure the College wascompliant with legislation and the requirements of students, academics and estates staff. I wasresponsible for the development and delivery of the College-wide awareness campaign, whichultimately led to me being receiving the ‘Hero of the Year’ Award – something never achieved byan estates staff member before.I was responsible for the £22M energy budget, which was spent across eight campuses, whichcomprised eight campuses, ~350 buildings, 500,000sqm of floor space. It is one of the largestacademic institutions in the UK with 12,000 students and 6,000 staff.I coordinated the efforts of the outsourced Utility Bureau Service Provider and was theappointed ‘Responsible Person’ for the South Kensington Campus Combined Heat and Powerplant and our involvement with the CHPQA.During my time at Imperial, I identified over £2,500,000 of energy-related savings, with a further£5,000,000 ongoing savings from proposed improvements to refurbishments and new buildprojects.Senior Energy Consultant at Johnson Controls LimitedSeptember 2001 - July 2003I managed energy efficiency-related projects for JCLs extensive client base and developing newbusiness. I was the energy efficiency good practice adviser to JCL Facility Managers.Consultant/Project Manager at AEA TechnologySeptember 1998 - September 2001I was part of the International Consultancy Team, concentrating on projects that required energysurveys/audits and M&T experience. I was responsible for ETSUs energy efficiency work in thetechnology of boilers and heat distribution systems, which was at that time, known as the EnergyEfficiency Best Practice Programme (The forerunner of The Carbon Trust).Bureau Manager at EnTech Energy ConsultantsJune 1997 - September 1998Full responsibility for monitoring and targeting of 1200 sites of a major high street retailer,leading to the identification of retrospective and projected savings via invoice data and tariffanalysis. I undertook surveys of energy inefficient sites including commercial, retail andresidential properties.
  4. 4. Phil Evans CEnv IEng BSc (Hons) MIE MPlantE MSoEEnergy Engineer at Bristol City Council Energy Management UnitNovember 1996 – June 1997Worked as part of the in-house energy team, monitoring energy performance and conductingsurveys across the council’s estateJunior Engineer for Hoare Lea & PartnersApril 1989 - September 1992My first job after leaving school. It was during this time, whilst working with M&E designengineers and attending day-release College, that it became apparent that my talent andenthusiasm lent itself to the energy and environmental sector.EducationUniversity of the West of England, BristolBSc. (Hons), Environmental Quality and Resource Management, 1994 - 1996Cardiff Institute of HigherHND, Environmental Engineering, 1992 - 1994Cardiff Institute of HigherONC, Building Services Engineering, 1990 - 1992Barry CollegeBTEC First, Construction and Engineering, 1989 - 1990Honours and AwardsHero of the Year (2006). As voted for by Imperial College Student Union for improvements inEnvironmental Performance. BS EN 16001 (ISO500001) Energy Management Internal Auditor Incorporated Engineer Member of the Engineering Council Member of the Institute of Energy Member of the Institute of Plant Engineers Member of the Society of Operations EngineersInterestsSCUBA diving & Underwater Photography – I have been lucky enough to dive in exotic locationsthroughout the world, which I appreciate every time I dive in the UK.I played rugby for 20 years in south Wales and for whichever local club was closest as I movedaround the country for work. Since retiring, I now confine myself to supporting from the comfortof my armchair and occasional live matches during the Six Nations. I have become one of the3,000,000 Welsh rugby ‘Armchair Experts’.
  5. 5. Phil Evans CEnv IEng BSc (Hons) MIE MPlantE MSoEProfessional ReferencesAndy Donnell: Managing Director of Westway Services LtdKeith Pedder: Energy & Engineering Director at EcovertHeidi Teague: Business Integration & Development Manager at Johnson ControlsIan Crosby: Manager at International Finance CorporationBob Jauncey: Technical Development Manager at RWEAdditional InformationHome address: 22 Norlington Road Leytonstone London E11 4BGTelephone: +44(0)208 257 9451Mobile: +44(0)7854 791 829Personal email: phil.evans@greenbridgeservices.comMarital Status: SingleDriving Licence: Full and cleanPassport British
  6. 6. Phil Evans CEnv IEng BSc (Hons) MIE MPlantE MSoECertificatesA selection of certificates of achievement