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CBEX Firetube Line

The CBEX Elite is the only boiler package in the world to maintain 3% oxygen across the full operating range with 30 ppm NOx performance while firing natural gas.

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CBEX Firetube Line

  1. 1. Advanced FiretubeDesign BreakthroughsCleaver-BrooksCBEX Firetube Boilers
  2. 2. Slow Development In Firetube Technology Breakthroughs Packaged High Integrated Boiler vs. Turndown Boiler Field Burners Controls ErectedDecades Ago Today Integral Burner vs. Ultra Low Low NOx Packaged NOx Burner
  3. 3. Technology Hindrances• “Rules Of Thumb” Philosophy p y Five Square Foot Rule Of Heating Surface Four- vs. Three- vs. Two-Pass Dryback vs. Wetback• Unavailable Sophisticated Modeling • Sophisticated modeling did not exist or was not financially feasible • Relied on trial and error from the field or R&D lab
  4. 4. New Sophisticated Design TechniquesComputational Fluid Finite Element Dynamic Modeling Analysis• Computer software • Breakdown of complex solves conservation engineering problems equations into finite elements• Visualizations created • Finite elements broken showing distribution of down to sets of linear key parameters equations• Changes made to • Equations solved using model, testing matrix algebra improvements • Used for predictive• Provides for design performance and optimization evaluating new concepts
  5. 5. The Benefit Of Modeling Integrated Components• By modeling the boiler, burner, heat y g , , recovery, and other components together, more accurate calculations for the values of velocity, temperature velocity temperature, chemical species, species and other properties are determined from the boundary conditions
  6. 6. CBEX – The Most Advanced Firetube Ever BuiltPrimary Secondary Smaller Footprint / Higher Efficiency Less Weight Lowest Possible Quicker Steam-Up Emissions Extended Pressure E t d dP Vessel Life
  7. 7. Cleaver-Brooks Uses New Technology To Advance Firetube Design• Key elements of advancement to create the y CBEX – the most advanced firetube design 1. Heat 2. Furnace 3. CombustionTransfer Of Geometry PerformanceThe Tubes
  8. 8. 1. Heat Transfer Of The Tubes The FundamentalsTypical Boiler TubeT i l B il T b
  9. 9. 1. Heat Transfer Of The TubesCleaver-Brooks Advanced Heat Transfer Tubes
  10. 10. 1. Heat Transfer Of The Tubes An Optimized Heat Transfer TubeCleaver-Brooks Advanced Heat Transfer Tube
  11. 11. 2. Furnace Geometry Important Considerations• Balance of high heat transfer of the radiant g zone while minimizing pressure• Lower and more uniform flame temperature and flame stability in the furnace• Reduce heat release rates of the furnace • Current firetube average is 150,000 BTU/hr/cubic feet
  12. 12. 2. Furnace GeometryCleaver-Brooks Answer To Furnace Optimization • Maximized the heat transfer with the lowest possible pressure drop • Lower heat release rate enables a more uniform flame temperature • Reduced furnace heat release rates to 125,000 BTU/hr/cubic feet
  13. 13. 3. Combustion Performance Excess Air Is An Important Factor• Some excess air needed to reduce unwanted emissions and surface fouling• Controlling excess air reduces flame instability• Too much excess air causes a decrease in efficiency• An ideal balance calls for a 15% excess air level
  14. 14. 3. Combustion PerformanceAs Excess Air Increases, Efficiency Decreases
  15. 15. 3. Combustion PerformanceExcess Air Increases As The Firing Rate Decreases
  16. 16. 3. Combustion PerformanceEfficiency Drops Dramatically At Lower Firing Rates
  17. 17. The Integrated PackageBy integrating theburner and controls,combined with theoptimization of thefurnace, superior , pcombustion can beachieved
  18. 18. The Highest Operating Efficiency Of Any Firetube 10:1 turndownTypical Boiler whileFiring Range maintaining 3% O2 across the firing range
  19. 19. Higher Efficiency Over The Entire Firing Range
  20. 20. Optimized Combustion Results In Lower NOx • Optimized furnace provides lower heat release and near- perfect combustion • Combined with the Hawk, emissions are reduced to unprecedented levels • Prior to the CBEX, sub-5 ppm NOx without SCR had never been achieved* Select models
  21. 21. CBEX Firetube Boiler Line
  22. 22. • B t operating efficiency of any fi t b ever b ilt Best ti ffi i f firetube built• Completely integrated boiler, burner, controls, and heat recovery system• Minimum excess air across the operating range• Ultra-low NOx emissions without SCR• Can meet 10 ppm CO emissions requirements (at 30 ppm NOx)• 15% reduction in footprint vs. traditional designs
  23. 23. • EX technology in a high- value solution• Completely integrated p y g boiler and burner system• High-efficiency, next generation firetube• Can meet 9 ppm NOx and low emissions requirements• Smaller footprint than traditional firetubes
  24. 24. How Can You Find Out More?• The following tools can be found on the Cleaver- Brooks Website: • CBEX Elite & Premium Product Brochures • CBEX Technology – Boiler Heating Square Footage • CBEX Technology – Burner Efficiency and Firing Rate • CBEX Technology – Excess Air and Boiler Efficiency • CBEX Technology – Advanced Tube Design • CBEX Dimensions & Ratings Chart • CBEX Boiler Book • CBEX Elite & Premium Specifications • CBEX Elite & Premium Technical Drawings • CBEX Case Studies
  25. 25. Total Integration Goes Far Beyond Boilers