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PuraNatura Presentation GFIA 2014 Februari 2014 Abu Dhabi

Presentation within category : Regulatory Innovations that improve sustainable intensification.

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PuraNatura Presentation GFIA 2014 Februari 2014 Abu Dhabi

  1. 1. PuraNatura Foundation
  2. 2. Founded 2007 To increase the relevance of sustainably intensified greenhouse cultivation -by stimulating innovation
  3. 3. Thanks to a ERDF co-finance grant we can develop our systems and demonstrate our societal added value.
  4. 4. “Any young person should experience fresh vegetables not just to be healthy but to feel human, to use all the senses and thus define its relationship with the natural world at large”
  5. 5. Fresh kids, fresh vegs, fresh ideas. Each and every day, everywhere.
  6. 6. “Make the exclusive good into the inclusive better”
  7. 7. Principles of Organic Agriculture Health Ecology Fairness Care
  8. 8. Principles of Organic Protected Cropping 1. CARE 2. FAIRNESS 3. HEALTH 4. ECOLOGY Care and fairness reflect personal, political choices on how we want to live together. Health and ecology are “just” common sense, good science and hard work.
  9. 9. Protected cropping… provide nutrient-dense vegetables, sustainably intensified, resource efficient, locally.
  10. 10. Some of the Organic Nomenklatura treat modern greenhouses with reservations: “As not respecting nature’s cycles; needs too much fertilization and resources; at times too much energy; it does not “look natural”, too capital-intensive etc etc
  11. 11. We believe protected cropping, greenhouses to be: the first among equals!
  12. 12. public organic regulation by the sector, for the sector, of the sector.
  13. 13. public organic regulation by the sector, for the sector, of the sector.
  14. 14. public organic regulation by the sector people, for the sector people, of the sector people.
  15. 15. public organic regulation by you, for you, of you.
  16. 16. public organic regulation … is a public tool to be used for sustainable intensification of agriculture in two ways:
  17. 17. A tool that improves environmental performance and increases societal impact of the “organic” 3% AND improves environmental performance of the “conventional” 97% by setting “do-able” examples.
  18. 18. Properly regulated greenhouse cultivation lifts the entire organic market into higher relevance. Best way to lift…
  19. 19. Debate on organic greenhouse regulation looks like Dr. Dolittle’s Pushmi-Pullyu, it does not bring any of us (in Europe, North America AND in producer nations) any step further.
  20. 20. Organic protected cropping
  21. 21. The world needs a true high nutrientdense vegetable strategy. Properly – globally- regulated and state-of-the-art organic greenhouse cultivation will even accelerate it.
  22. 22. Tell your political leaders to make right-tech, high touch protected cropping the top of the bill in organic production rules, not the ugly duckling! “Make the exclusive good into the inclusive better!