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  1. 1. 2 Jump. Pause. Stop. Choose between different course modules and go at your own pace Get started today at elearning.PerformanceInstitute.org
  2. 2. Strategic Planning Performance Measures Step 1: Connect Strategic Planning and Step 1: Measure Performance for Results Organizational Results • Understand why you should measure performance in • Discover why traditional strategic planning processes your agency often fall short of delivering results • Implement the four criteria of effective performance • Identify the characteristics and requirements of measurements systems successful strategic plans, planning processes • Illustrate the linkages between daily activities and implementation and outcomes • Receive updates on the latest government performance mandates Step 2: Identify Characteristics of Effective Performance Management Systems Step 2: Identify the Seven Strategic Elements of • Understand the 8 critical success factors for effective Results Oriented Agencies performance management systems • Establish clear linkages to provide a visible chain of • Increase data availability and make sure the data is evidence to current agency value readily accessible • Measure the importance and relative impact of • Manage and Analyze data in a uniform and agency strategies consistent manner • Clearly communicate agency priorities and goals to all stakeholders Step 3: Understand Logic Models • Define the relationship between outcomes, measures, Step 3: Evaluate Strategy and Assess activities, outputs and inputs Stakeholder Involvement • Develop a framework and a process for planning, • Conduct a SWOT analysis to analyze internal and management and evaluation external factors • Provide a structure for understanding the situation that • Solicit stakeholder input for your strategic drives the need for an initiative 3 planning process • Identify all parties impacted by adopting new strategies Step 4: Identify Outcomes and Intermediate Outcomes and define a way to engage stakeholders • Develop end outcomes that are grounded in mission and statute and that assess progress toward strategic goals Step 4: Conduct the Strategic Planning Process • Measure only the things you can count rather than • Develop results-oriented strategies to achieve things that are strategically important departmental outcomes • Use the SMART framework to develop • Develop statute-based mission statements and effective outcomes customer focused values • Assess internal & external factors affecting agency’s Step 5: Develop Measures and Metrics delivery of outcome • Create meaningful measures useful for decision makers and other stakeholders Step 5: Implement and Manage Strategic Plans: Best • Develop clear measures that tells your departments story Practices in Government Strategic Planning • Create relevant measures that do not become obsolete • Conduct an organizational readiness assessment to too early target barriers to change • Define role for and appoint an external performance Step 6: Narrow Casting and Targeting advisory panel • Set targets for your chosen measures • Appoint initiative owners to keep strategic initiatives • Establish desired results within a specific timeframe on track • Understand the four attributes of a quality target Step 7: Manage through Measures • Use measures to manage and motivate employees • Manage your budget based on performance measures • Develop performance-based statements of works to manage contracts Get started today at www.PerformanceInstitute.org/elearning
  3. 3. How to Register One Two Three Four Online Via Phone Via Fax Via Mail at Call customer service at: Fill out this page and Fill out this page and mail PerformanceInstitute.org/elearning 800-395-5914 fax to: 800-759-7179 to: 805 15th Street NW 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20005 Registration Form Tuition Strategic Planning $799 Yes! Register me for the Strategic Planning eLearning Course. Performance Measures $699 Yes! Register me for the Performance Measures eLearning Course. Both Courses $1450 Delegate Information Name Title Office Organization 4 Address City State Zip Telephone Fax Email Payment Information Training Form Purchase Order Credit Card Check (By mail only) Training Form/Purchase Order Number Credit Card Number Expiration Date Name on Card A confirmation of your registration will be emailed to you within two business days. Organizational rates are available. For information, please contact us at 800-395-5914. Get started today at www.PerformanceInstitute.org/elearning