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Celebrating 3900 Blog Posting at the Independence Day!


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A digital ecosystem is a distributed, hyperconnected, complex, adaptive, and interdependent system with properties of self-renewal, scalability, and sustainability inspired from natural ecosystems. To master changes and solve emergent business problems, today’s digital leaders and professionals must cultivate the thinking habit, and develop the high-level thinking ability to gain an in-depth understanding of the business issues, and speak digital dialect fluently via continuous learning, reflection, and practices. It is the time to celebrate the 3900th blog posting, and it is also time to practice Digital Leadership to Celebrate the Independence Day!

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Celebrating 3900 Blog Posting at the Independence Day!

  1. 1. Pearl Zhu 3900 Blog Posting Celebration A A Digital Leader and Author of “Digital Master” Book Series (17 Books) The “Future of CIO” 3900 Blog Posts to Celerate the Independence Day!
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