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Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap - Mobile Portland


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Mobile Tagging creates a bridge between traditional media and mobile lifestyles by using 2D barcodes which can be read from a mobile phone camera. The potential applications of this are wide-spread and have been successfully used in Japan for years, but there are barriers to adoption in the US.

Despite these barriers, both Microsoft and Google have recently announced plans to utilize 2D barcodes. Businesses are warming to the idea of using these codes to help people get to mobile content quickly. The question is how quickly consumers will warm to the idea.

Asia has traditionally led the way when it comes to mobile technology, and if this continues to hold true, it won't be long before we see mobile tagging spread in the U.S.

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Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap - Mobile Portland

  1. 1. Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Mobile Portland February 2009 Paul Dockter
  2. 2. Biography With Intel for 10 years  Enterprise Architect (i.e.: city planner for a system)  Versed in CDNs, digital signage, marketing metrics,  content systems, portals, security patterns, integration patterns, SOA, enterprise mash-ups, open source, application hosting, data centers, etc. Mobile enthusiast  Hobbies:  Backpacking/hiking, Kayaking, FIRST Robotics  2 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  3. 3. The Disclaimers The content in this presentation represents my personal opinion and although I  am an employee of Intel Corporation, the statements I make here in no way represent Intel's position on the issue, nor am I authorized to speak on behalf of Intel on this matter. I believe that innovative companies will come out of the current economic funk  much stronger. The issues presented and questions raised in this presentation have been are  painstakingly researched and I have even made an attempt to get my answers correct. People who are sticklers for the truth should rely on their own research. The opinions in this presentation are well reasoned and insightful, however, they  are not the opinions of Intel, Intel’s Information Technology group or their lackeys. Anyone who says otherwise is itching for a fight. All other trademarks mentioned in this presentation are the property of their  respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between myself and any other company. 3 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  4. 4. What is Mobile Tagging? Reading a 1D- or 2D-barcode by using a camera in a  mobile device Various data types can be stored in the codes, although  for mobile tagging predominantly urls are ciphered After decoding these codes, the user can be directly  linked to the corresponding website Definition and graphic from Wikipedia 4 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  5. 5. Photo board 5 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  6. 6. ISO Standards Tag Technologies QR Code Datamatrix Aztec “The good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.” 6 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  7. 7. Proprietary Tag Technologies Microsoft ColorZip Shotcode BeeTag EZ Code Tag and many, many more… 7 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  8. 8. Practical limitations The Declaration of Independence (7990 characters) 8 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  9. 9. Case Studies Japan  42% use QR Codes  Encoding standardized in 2000  Introduced to mobiles in 2002  Wide-spread use by 2005  Mega-pixel cameras  Flat rate data plans (80% mobile broadband)  Germany (2008)  Linkbox provides information about landmarks & public schedules  Case Western Study (2008)  First US Trial  Partnership between all US carriers and Mobile Discover (ScanBuy)  City of Manor, Texas  Accessing city / public information  9 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  10. 10. Barriers Mobile Broadband adoption rates   Carrier buy-in Readers pre-installed on phones  No standard Tag technology  Fragmentation due to Patent infringement  QR Codes, Datamatrix are de facto standards  10 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  11. 11. Implementation Models Direct Indirect A code that contains either A code that contains an identifier. The identifier has to be resolved 1. content for direct consumption in order to access the identified for the handset content or service. 2. the address of the service to be Register accessed Tag Generate Mgmt Service Create Resolve Scan Scan Fetch Decode Decode 11 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  12. 12. Recent Developments Open Mobile Alliance white paper  CTIA establishes code scan action team  Camera‐Phone based barcode scanning white paper outlines approach  Selecting standards & common approach for indirect codes  Support both EZ Code & Data Matrix  Plans to build an indirect resolution service in 2009  Google  Extending ad business into print  Including QR Code generation into APIs  Experimenting with YouTube & other services  Microsoft Tag launched at CES 2009  Mobile World Congress 2009  European leader MTag announced plans to enter US Market  US Patent Office awards NeoMedia amended patent on February 20, 2009  Key Driver is the growth of the Mobile Advertising Market 12 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  13. 13. Indirect Tag Resolution Service/ Clearing House 13 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09 From CTIA Camera‐Phone based barcode scanning White paper
  14. 14. Recent Handset Adoptions ScanLife/ScanBuy coming pre-installed  Samsung (#3) announced in 2008. Unknown number  LG (#4) Europe soon, with US models to follow  Sprint’s announced plans  Nokia installing QR & Datamatrix code readers  14 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  15. 15. Risks:  No Tag Trust / Tag Seal Print vs. public signage  Malicious potential  Link masks unknown resource  Some readers prompt, others don’t  Privacy  Variable Data Printing  Public Perception  15 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  16. 16. Futures Signed/Trusted Barcodes   Images with embedded color bar codes  Mobile payment systems 16 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  17. 17. References / Resources Open Mobile Alliance   CITA Code Scan White Paper   ABC News: Ahead of the Curve   Nokia Code Generation Site   EFF : Patent Office to Reissue Narrowed Version of  NeoMedia Patent  17 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  18. 18. Thank You! Paul Dockter 18 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09
  19. 19. Mobile data and communications activities (among those who have a cell phone or personal data assistant) % of cell/PDA users who % of cell/PDA who do have ever done this this on typical day Send or receive text messages 58% 31% Take a picture 58 15 Play a game 27 8 Send or receive email 19 8 Access the internet for news, weather, 19 7 sports, or other Information Record a video 18 3 Play music 17 7 Send or receive instant messages 17 6 Get a map or directions to another location 14 3 Watch video 10 3 Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Survey, December 2007, n=1,704 for those with cell phones or PDAs.. Margin of error is +/- 3 points. 19 Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Gap Feb-09