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Why Managing Mobility Matters


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Sybase is considered to be a leading provider of Mobile Device Management solutions for Enterprise.

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Why Managing Mobility Matters

  1. 1. SybaSe | I DG PlaybookWhy ManagingMobility Matters Device Management & Security Issues That Keep You Up at Night Conventional Wisdom: IT Must Manage and Secure Mobility The Five Must-Dos of Mobile Management The Mobile World Is Not the Wired World, and Vice Versa Tasty baking Company Case Study Forrester Consulting Study What’s Next 4 n ext page Custom Solutions Group
  2. 2. Conventional Wisdom: It MustManage and Secure MobilityA ‘plAtform ApproAch’ yields control And Agility forhArried mAnAgers Shifting mobile landscape screams, ‘Manage me!’ many it groups are now being asked to provide broad accessConventional Wisdom: not too long ago, business support of mobile workers centered to networks, databases and critical enterprise applications onIT Must Manage and Secure iphones, BlackBerrys and a myriad devices powered by Windows on managing the use of a limited number of Windows-basedMobility laptops and BlackBerry smartphones. today mobile phones are mobile, as well as many cell phones and smartphones from ubiquitous for almost all employees, and it departments are manufacturers such as motorola, nokia and samsung runningThe Five Must-Dos of MobileManagement being asked to manage, support and figure out how to protect on google’s Android and the symbian os. data from theft and security breaches.The Mobile World Is Not the ‘Secure me, too!’Wired World, and Vice Versa comscore recently reported that smartphone use in the U.s. security is top of mind for anyone considering mobile increased to 33.7 million in August 2009, up from 20.7 million management. in a report issued in march 2009, market researchTasty baking Company only a year earlier. touch screen phones increased to 23.8 million firm idc observed, “in the rush to capitalize on the opportunityCase Study for the same period, up 159 percent from the year-earlier figure, 9.2 million. Smartphone and touch screen phoneForrester Consulting Study usage has increased over the past year. Just from July through september of 2009, there was a (numbers in millions)What’s Next relentless parade of new smartphone announcements, including the BlackBerry curve 8520, htc tattoo, lg gW880, 20.7 august 2008 Smartphone motorola cliQ, nokia 5230 and n900, palm pixi and sony 33.7 august 2009 ericsson XperiA X2, to name a few. it departments, many of which are budget-constrained to 9.2 august 2008 begin with, are expected to ensure the security of increasing touch screen phones 23.8 august 2009 numbers and types of portable systems and figure out a way324 to manage their use not only in the corporate environment but also at home and on the go. Source: Comscore, november 3, 2009SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  3. 3. for improved efficiency and profits, businesses have moved to risks such as unauthorized access to networks. data breaches,Conventional Wisdom:IT Must Manage and Secure leverage email and im applications on mobile devices; security, regardless of how they happen, are increasingly expensive, cost-Mobility it seems, is an afterthought that is not integrated into certain ing businesses $202 per customer record on average, according devices. consequently, even companies that are aware of the to an annual report from the ponemon institute. “more thanThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile danger and looking to secure mobile devices may lack solutions 88% of all cases in this year’s study involved insider negligence,”Management to address the issue.” the report says, “and 35% of all cases in this year’s study involved lost or stolen laptops or other mobile data-bearing devices.”The Mobile World Is Not the “Because of their form factor, mobile devices are an easy target,”Wired World, and Vice Versa says matt carrier, an enterprise mobility consultant with The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has sybase, which provides software and services for mobilizingTasty baking CompanyCase Study information. “many companies extend corporate e-mail systems documented that more than 340 million and documents to mobile devices, but there’s no telling what kind of confidential corporate data is on those devices.” private records containing sensitiveForrester Consulting Study personal information have been involved security is just one element of mobility management. itWhat’s Next departments are being asked to provide users of mobile in security breaches in the U.S. since devices with access to networks and enterprise applications such as crm and erp, ensure that Vpns and antivirus software January 2005—a number greater than are utilized and prevent the loss or abuse of corporate data. the entire U.S. population. Data breaches today’s smartphones feature as much Although the largest breaches involved hackers’ gaining access storage as yesterday’s laptops, with to corporate databases, the organization has gathered informa- $202 Cost to business per customer record gigabytes of internal memory and often tion about hundreds of stolen or lost laptops. the ability to use tiny storage cards that can hold gigabytes of data. plus, most 88% Breaches involving loss or disclosure of data stored on mobile devices could result insider negligence new devices feature both Wifi and in some companies being in noncompliance with federal or Bluetooth radios that can provide a state privacy or financial oversight laws and regulations. for Breaches involving 35% lost or stolen gateway to unauthorized access to corporate networks and information. example, sarbannes-oxley (soX) penalties can run as much as $1 million a day for unauthorized disclosure of financial mobile device Source: ponemon Institute information. The perils of inaction the power and storage of handheld devices and their ability employee devices can be infected with malware such as to transfer digital information are tremendous liabilities if an viruses and worms, which can be introduced into the corpo-334 organization isn’t able to manage their use and security: devices can be lost or stolen, exposing a business to potential rate network, resulting in steep costs to clean up the mess. in a hallmark 2007 study, computer economics estimated thatSybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  4. 4. the worldwide cost of malware infections in 2006 totaled for many companies, the introduction of the Apple iphoneConventional Wisdom: $13.3 billion in damages, including labor costs to analyze, repair decimated efforts to limit the use of mobile devices. forIT Must Manage and SecureMobility and cleanse infected systems; loss of user productivity; loss of many executives and information workers, it was a must-have revenue due to loss or degraded performance of a system; and item even though enterprise security and manageability wereThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile other costs incurred directly as the result of a malware attack. major it concerns at its initial introduction and remain soManagement despite the strides Apple has taken to make its device more Pitfalls aplenty business-friendly.The Mobile World Is Not the the entry of consumer devices into the enterprise is drivingWired World, and Vice Versa “things quickly get out of control when the default action of rapid change. many organizations have concluded that it is less costly to support workers who buy their own authorized devices the iphone is to do a backup when connected to itunes,” saysTasty baking Company from third parties, such as the major wireless vendors, than to carrier, who notes that microsoft exchange data is stored inCase Study try to mandate use of corporate-owned devices. others give in unencrypted databases on that device. “your corporate data to demands from executives and business departments to could be backed up on your employee’s home pc—well beyondForrester Consulting Study accommodate readily available devices that provide access the reach of the it department.” to new features that are impractical to create with in-houseWhat’s Next resources. the result is a proliferation of device types that must Another complication is the need to coordinate a myriad of be accommodated in a corporate infrastructure. services and software providers, which becomes more complex as more devices are supported. rather than try to implement a series of point products to manage different components, many organizations today are opting for a “platform approach” in which one vendor provides foundation software that enables all devices and applications to interoperate. a device-agnostic solution A significant benefit of a platform approach is the ability to provide a central management console. sybase’s industry- leading mobility management solution ensures that mobile data and devices on both corporate and personally owned devices are up-to-date, reliable and secure. this gives technical staff the ability to manage and secure all mobile device types across the enterprise. illustrating some of the capabilities for dealing with evolving challenges of mobility, sybase tools simplify the complexity344 of managing the entire mobile enterprise, including theSybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  5. 5. ability to restrict the use of the a device’s Web browser, limitConventional Wisdom:IT Must Manage and Secure access to specific Web sites such as youtube or hotmail,Mobility allow or disallow specific applications and even disallow screen captures and use of the camera. sybase’s mobilityThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile management solution provides the best protection againstManagement security threats and compliance issues. A multitenant option enables service providers to offer hosted managementThe Mobile World Is Not the capabilities to multiple companies or divisions.Wired World, and Vice Versa Addressing the prime concern of security, administrators canTasty baking Company set up remote “time bombs” that automatically wipe out dataCase Study on a device if it has been inactive for a certain period, which may indicate that it’s been lost or stolen. Although microsoftForrester Consulting Study exchange provides a “mobile wipe” capability, it’s not reliable if the device sim card is removed or the device is prevented fromWhat’s Next connecting to the network. Managing change made easy one big mobile management headache is that users move around the company or leave for other ventures but take their devices with them. so sybase’s platform makes it possible to set and change access rights according to a worker’s profile and can integrate with Active directory to do so. meanwhile, companies also come and go via mergers and acquisitions, and according to carrier, it departments using sybase’s Afaria mobile enterprise business intelligence software can quickly reconfigure devices to comply with new mandates and companies can add servers for scalability. With businesses increasingly urged to better pursue opportuni- ties and serve their customers, investing in a platform approach to mobility enables you to not only support the devices that are on the market today but also to adapt as the technology and354 user needs evolve. ►SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  6. 6. the Five Must-Dos of Mobile ManagementcorporAte dAtA integrity mAy Very Well liVe or die By yoUr ABility to ensUre thAt dozens,hUndreds or perhAps thoUsAnds of moBile deVices Are mAnAged And Used the right WAy.Conventional Wisdom: IDC says it expects the smartphoneIT Must Manage and Secure market to grow faster than the overallMobility mobile market. That means you need toThe Five Must-Dos of MobileManagement look beyond the immediate demands ofThe Mobile World Is Not the a line-of-business application andWired World, and Vice Versa anticipate your future mobile plans.Tasty baking Company 2. Plan ahead!Case Study there’s nothing worse than building a great mobile Follow these five steps, and be on your way to compre- application only to realize that you’ve forgotten to considerForrester Consulting Study hensive management of the mobile environment. how to manage it. you need to plan ahead to determine security requirements as well as how to configure, deploy andWhat’s Next 1. Plan to support a broad range of mobile devices. update data and devices. this up-front planning will ensure efforts to keep the genie stuffed in the bottle are likely to be that your help desk is prepared for requests for assistance. short-lived at best. market research firm idc recently reported that worldwide shipments of smartphones reached 43.3 million 3. establish guidelines for all types of users. units during the third quarter of 2009, a new record for a single today’s technology makes it easy for employees to take quarter. Unlike the pc market, which is dominated by one oper- advantage of almost any mobile device for personal use: ating system, there is a multitude of smartphone os choices, visiting consumer Web sites; checking personal e-mail; and including Apple’s iphone, google’s Android, microsoft’s Win- storing music, games and other files. it is critical to educate dows mobile, palm’s Webos, research in motion’s BlackBerry them on acceptable use and make sure that published poli- and symbian. the many operating systems are providing con- cies reflect differences between different types of users—for sumers and now enterprise users with a wider breadth of appli- example, access granted to a top executive is likely to be much364 cation options and a distinctly more “friendly” user experience. broader than that of contractors.SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  7. 7. Conventional Wisdom: 4. leverage tools that make it easy to control Setting new mobile phone shippingIT Must Manage and Secure device settings and access. records with each quarter.Mobility Unless your company is very small, it’s not feasible to handle 43.3 each device physically, so you need technology, processes andThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile procedures to provision devices, track hardware inventory and 41.5 41.9Management software licensing conformance and set up blacklists and/or whitelists to manage appropriate access to applications andThe Mobile World Is Not the data. Adopt a system that enables you to centrally manage aWired World, and Vice Versa units in millions broad range of device types from a single interface for addedTasty baking Company simplicity.Case Study 5. ensure that corporate data is encrypted and secure.Forrester Consulting Study data security is only as strong as its weakest link, and with the likelihood that mobile devices will be lost or stolen, companiesWhat’s Next need assurance that a missing device can’t be exploited. Q3 Q2 Q3 strong data encryption is a must for data stored on a device 2008 2009 2009 and being transmitted over the air. devices and access need Source: Worldwide Converged Mobile Device (Smartphone) Market Continues to Grow Despite Economic Malaise, Says IDC (Nov. 5, 2009).374SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  8. 8. ity to be protected by strong passwords, and you need the ability Hear how Duke UniversConventional Wisdom:IT Must Manage and Secure to lock or wipe lost or stolen devices. one big consideration to and others are usingMobility check: Will your security protections persist if a device is off- Sybase technology to network or if its sim card is replaced? ► manage and secure ).The Five Must-Dos of Mobile mobile devices (click belowManagementThe Mobile World Is Not theWired World, and Vice Versa Click here to listen to an informative Webcast:Tasty baking Company The Top 5 Best Practices for Managing Mobility Within Your EnterpriseCase StudyForrester Consulting StudyWhat’s Next384 SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  9. 9. the Mobile World Is not theWired World, and Vice VersaJUst ABoUt eVerything inVolVed in mAnAgingmoBile deVices is drAmAticAlly different thAnWith stAtionAry, Wired pcs. When it needs to access or audit a desktop pc, it’s typically aConventional Wisdom: simple matter to locate and access the computer. But a mobileIT Must Manage and Secure device can be unavailable in so many ways: locked in “airplaneMobility mode,” left in the back of a taxicab or lying at the bottom of a stolen handbag.The Five Must-Dos of MobileManagement thus, it’s much more challenging to ensure the integrity of needed,” says milja gillespie, a marketing manager withThe Mobile World Is Not the the data on that remote device as well as to reconfigure it to mobile middleware provider sybase. “in today’s market, withWired World, and Vice Versa meet changing organizational needs, administer software the introduction of the Apple iphone and google’s Android, patches and simply keep track of computing assets.Tasty baking Company companies are supporting a wider range of mobile devices,Case Study allowing their users to choose the personally owned devices Whereas business desktops and even they want to use.”Forrester Consulting Study laptops are likely to be running a varia- After struggling for years to perfect the usability of enterpriseWhat’s Next tion of the Windows operating system resource applications, businesses now need to extend resource- intensive back-office applications to mobile devices that have with standard office applications, there limited bandwidth, limited processing capabilities and relatively small screens and keyboards. oh, and figure out how to remote- are many more varieties of mobile ly troubleshoot issues with workers whose only communica- device operating systems to support. tions device is the one they’re having trouble with. “three or four years ago, businesses had pretty much mobile devices are subject to carrier or contract limitations,394 standardized on the BlackBerry; they thought it was all they degraded signal quality in particular areas or limited accessSybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  10. 10. to Wifi hotspots—factors that complicate an organization’sConventional Wisdom: ability to meet application performance and dataIT Must Manage and Secure transmission speed requirements.Mobility Without a management solution in place, it administratorsThe Five Must-Dos of MobileManagement are required to physically collect devices and manually per- form software installations or upgrades one by one. the costThe Mobile World Is Not the impact in terms of it resources, shipping costs and loss of fieldWired World, and Vice Versa worker productivity is significant.Tasty baking CompanyCase Study For a small deployment, a hands-on approach may seem manageable atForrester Consulting Study first, but when the number of usersWhat’s Next grows to the hundreds or thousands and updates are required multiple times per year, it simply becomes an impossible task. many firms today also face strict regu- if the problems outlined above sound all too familiar, a mobile latory issues and risk significant devices management and security solution might be just penalties in the event of noncompli- what you need. such solutions provide a range of options ance. staying in compliance is much for dealing with the challenges of managing mobile devices easier in a wired world where compli- through their entire lifecycle, from the initial provisioning ance can be centrally monitored and of a new application to the remote wiping of data when an enforced. But what do you do when a employee is no longer with the firm. ► mobile device has slipped between the cushions of a couch and has been “lost” there for more than a week?3104SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  11. 11. case study :a Fresher approach to DeliverytAsty BAKing compAny tUrns to syBAse for neW distriBUtion recipe tasty Baking company is one of the country’s leading bakers director of applications at tasty Baking company. “As theyConventional Wisdom: of snack cakes, pies, cookies and doughnuts. founded in 1914, made their rounds to the numerous outlets on their routes,IT Must Manage and Secure the company is a philadelphia institution. it offers more than the distributors would pull outdated products from the shelves,Mobility 100 products under the tastykake brand name. over the years, determine restock requirements, go back out to their trucks to philadelphia’s hometown secret has spread, and the products get those products and then wait until a manager was free toThe Five Must-Dos of MobileManagement are now available as far west as cleveland, north to northern count and verify the delivery by signing a paper form.” new Jersey, south to northern Virginia Creating an application to increase distributors’The Mobile World Is Not the and east to the eastern shore of maryland. the companyWired World, and Vice Versa distributes its products to convenience stores, supermarkets efficiency and profitability “What we wanted to do,” says Kang, “was to create an and other retail outlets across this geographic territory byTasty baking Company application for our sales distributors that would help them using a direct-to-store delivery (dsd) system that is operatedCase Study run their businesses more efficiently and more profitably. We by more than 450 independent sales distributors. wanted this application to automate data capture, includingForrester Consulting Study signature capture and other types of data, and we wanted “Our vision was to help distributors to provide them with a tool that would provide them with aWhat’s Next increase the efficiency of their daily runs and maximize their profitability.” – Chan Kang, director of applications, Tasty Baking Company Until recently these independent distributors ran their businesses by using a combination of an outdated dos-based application and paper records.34 11 “the old mobile platform that our distributors used was strictly transactional and text-based,” explains chan Kang,SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  12. 12. broad range of information to help them analyze and grow distributors to quickly andConventional Wisdom: their businesses—information such as product sales by store accurately capture data onIT Must Manage and Secure and special sales promotions. our vision was an application product being removed fromMobility that would automate delivery and documentation processes the shelves and productsThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile and improve synchronization with our back-office systems to being delivered. they areManagement help distributors increase the efficiency of their daily runs and connected via Bluetooth to a maximize their profitability.” thermal printer to enable theThe Mobile World Is Not the distributors to print documentsWired World, and Vice Versa As it created its list of application criteria, the company when required. met with its intended users—the independent salesTasty baking Company distributors. there were a few givens: the need to gather communication between the distributors and tasty BakingCase Study and synchronize transactional information, a desire to improve company’s back-office systems is via an internet Vpn operational efficiency and the ability for the company’s it connection.Forrester Consulting Study staff to manage the distributors’ mobile devices from a central leveraging Sybase Services to improve location. still, the tasty Baking company it team wanted toWhat’s Next application performance get direct input from the distributors. including them in the After tasty Baking company successfully deployed the route process did produce a better understanding of the kinds of dsd application, it started to discover areas where it could functionality the distributors would welcome and prepared improve the application. one of the first things it did was to them for the transition to a new application. address the need to optimize synchronization between the Choosing key technologies for building an symbol devices and the company’s microsoft sQl server and application sAp erp system. tasty Baking company then turned to an outside software application vendor to help it create the new route dsd “it was taking our distributors as long as 18 minutes each application. With the assistance of this company, time they wanted to synchronize with our systems,” says it created the application, embedding sybase’s Kang. “this was a bit of a sore point with them, as they had Afaria and sQl Anywhere into the to just wait around for the process to complete. We knew application. Afaria enabled tasty we had to improve the synchronization performance, so we Baking company’s it staff to manage turned to sybase professional services to help us do that. the distributors’ symbol devices from a Working together, we were able to tune mobilink to reduce central location. sQl Anywhere provided the synchronization time for data volumes of up to three database and synchronization capabilities. megabytes from an average of 18 to five minutes per session. the route dsd application was installed on symbol 9090 this performance improvement was enthusiastically received handheld devices that were issued to the distributors. these by our distributors and won us a lot of good will from them.3124 devices are equipped with barcode scanners that enable With mobilink, our distributors can quickly sync their symbolSybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  13. 13. devices with our erp system first thing in the morning, at the wait while the products are counted and continue to wait untilConventional Wisdom: end of their runs or both.” a manager signs various forms acknowledging receipt, whichIT Must Manage and Secure can be quite time-consuming when stores are busy. instead,Mobility enabling scan-based trading our distributors can just walk in the front door of the retail the new application also includes signature capture func- establishment, do what they have to do as far as merchandisingThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile tionality, which enables the distributors to capture the store the shelves and then leave. their time spent at each store isManagement managers’ or receivers’ signatures digitally in the application significantly reduced, largely because they don’t have to wait forThe Mobile World Is Not the and incorporate them into the printed delivery tickets. the a receiver or store manager to verify the delivery and sign off onWired World, and Vice Versa digital signatures are then electronically transmitted to tasty it. the stores also like the increased efficiency.” Baking company as proof of delivery. this alleviates the needTasty baking Company for the distributors to mail in or deliver the tickets to tasty ‘The success of route DSD owes a greatCase Study Baking company. deal to Sybase’ “We’re a bakery,” says Kang, “not a software developmentForrester Consulting Study company, so when we wanted to improve this new route Signature capture saves the distributors dsd application, we knew we couldn’t do it ourselves.What’s Next time and reduces Tasty Baking “it’s clear to us that the success of our route dsd application Company’s administrative burden. owes a great deal to sybase technology—particularly the mobilink synchronization product,” adds Kang. “We really Although this functionality is very useful, the sybase-powered couldn’t have implemented scan-based trading without the route dsd application is enabling tasty Baking company and functionality we’ve gotten from sybase. sybase’s data syn- its distributors to move to an even more efficient distribution chronization platform is very robust and reliable and offers a and sales model called scan-based trading. lot of flexibility. it’s open and enables us to connect to mul- tiple databases. it’s also very scalable. it’s enabled us to meet scan-based trading is a distribution and sales system in which a lot of immediate business requirements, and we expect products (in this case, tastykakes) delivered to a store are not to use mobilink, Afaria and sQl Anywhere to continue to the property of the store. the products that are delivered to a enhance the application as we move forward. i would highly supermarket or convenience store and merchandised on the recommend sybase to any company planning to deploy mo- shelves by the independent distributors remains the property bile applications.” ► of the distributors until it is sold and scanned by the store’s register. At that point, and only at that point, the transaction is reported and the store is invoiced for the product. “the benefit to our sales distributors,” explains Kang, “is that3134 they don’t have to go to the receiving area and get checked in,SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  14. 14. forrester consulting study :Understanding the Critical role of Device Managementand Security in your business’s Mobile StrategyHoW IT CaN ProVIDe beTTer MobIlITy SUPPorT To ITS aNyTIMe, aNyWHere WorkerSDeSPITe a ProlIFeraTIoN oF INCreaSINGly DIVerSe MobIle DeVICeS executive summaryConventional Wisdom: in January 2009, sybase commissioned forrester consulting to More than half of firms support multipleIT Must Manage and Secure operating systems, and 10% have plans to do so. assess the importance of mobile device management and, inMobility particular, mobile security and the associated issues that keepThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile cXos up at night.Management 53% While conducting in-depth interviews with 30 it and telecom/ Support multiple mobileThe Mobile World Is Not the network decision-makers at north American and Western oSs, 16Wired World, and Vice Versa european companies with 500 or more employees, forrester found that these it professionals:Tasty baking Company 10% n Anticipate that the number of mobile devices they support 37%Case Study will continue to increase through 2010, despite the global Support one economic recession Support one single single mobileForrester Consulting Study mobile oS today oS, 11 n recognize that mobile devices need to be managed and secured in the same way that pcs are today, although but have plans toWhat’s Next support multiple most admit that they don’t do this yet oSs in the future, 3 n Are feeling increased pressure from c-level executives, line-of-business managers and employees to support more base: 30 senior It managers involved in mobile device manage- mobile platforms and even personal mobile devices ment and security in public and n prioritize security as the no. 1 consideration when making private organizations in the U.S. changes to their mobility strategy and Western europe Source: U.S. and Western european phone survey conducted by Forrester3144 Consulting and commissioned by Sybase, February and March 2009SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  15. 15. key FindingsConventional Wisdom: forrester’s study yielded four key findings:IT Must Manage and SecureMobility n despite tightening budgets as a result of the global economic recession, 28 out of the 30 itThe Five Must-Dos of Mobile professionals interviewed anticipate that the numberManagement of mobile devices they support will increase through 2010.The Mobile World Is Not the n firms are increasingly embracing more than just oneWired World, and Vice Versa mobile platform, making it critical that they invest in tools that can support mobile devices powered by BlackBerry,Tasty baking Company Windows mobile, symbian, mac os X and Windows ce.Case Study n With the changing workforce, it is feeling intense pressure from c-level executives, line-of-business managers andForrester Consulting Study employees to support personal devices and applications, making security a major concern.What’s Next n companies are increasingly investing in mobile device management and security solutions that will help auto- mate support tasks, streamline the operations of enterprise mobility and secure data. This report is from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sybase. [ ClICk Here For THe FUll STUDy. ]3154SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS
  16. 16. What’s nextresoUrces And Action items for yoUr moBile mAnAgement strAtegy a Checklist of key Moves emerging The 60-Second Mobile ManagerConventional Wisdom:IT Must Manage and Secure from This Playbook A small sampling of must-see resources on mobile management.Mobility 4 surge ahead with a multi-os/multi-hardware mangement and security strategy for Android, BlackBerry, iphone, In one convenient place, here is a collection of case studies,The Five Must-Dos of Mobile nokia, palm, sony, Windows mobile and so on and push short videos, solutions overviews and other superb mobileManagement this project up the list of it priorities before the crush of management resources. new devices overwhelms you.The Mobile World Is Not the Tapping the minds of two mobility experts, this WebcastWired World, and Vice Versa 4 take the lead in establishing mobile usage guidelines for offers practical, immediately usable best practices designed all types of users. to get it started on the road to comprehensive mobileTasty baking Company 4 drive home the point to your it staff that the mobile and management and security.Case Study wired or networked world are very different and therefore Survey says that both the number and type of mobile need to be managed and secured with different solutions.Forrester Consulting Study devices seeking it support will continue to soar, the reces- sion notwithstanding. read the full report of the incisiveWhat’s Next study from forrester consulting.3164SybaSe, aN SaP CoMPaNy | I DG Playbook: Why ManagI ng Mob I lIty MatterS