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Stayin ontrackagilebyexample2014


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Stayin ontrackagilebyexample2014

  1. 1. STAYING ON TRACK Paweł Wrzeszcz Agile coach & trainer @pawelwrzeszcz
  2. 2. The goal of this presentation is to provide you a Magic Tool @pawelwrzeszcz that will make You and Your Team super effective
  3. 3. You don’t need to reach the goal. @pawelwrzeszcz It’s a direction that counts
  4. 4. @pawelwrzeszcz There is no point in driving faster in the wrong direction
  5. 5. @pawelwrzeszcz Whole Team Responsibility Not only Product Owner’s job
  6. 6. WHAT’s The goal? @pawelwrzeszcz
  7. 7. @pawelwrzeszcz What’s the goal of this meeting?
  8. 8. @pawelwrzeszcz ”How are the topics we’re currently discussing connected to our objective?”
  9. 9. @pawelwrzeszcz Goal of the Sprint Review meeting?
  10. 10. @pawelwrzeszcz Goal of the Sprint Retrospective meeting?
  11. 11. @pawelwrzeszcz What’s Your goal here, on ABE 2014?
  12. 12. @pawelwrzeszcz Just a mental exercise. To focus on the right direction.
  13. 13. @pawelwrzeszcz Which feature should we build next?
  14. 14. @pawelwrzeszcz “We need audit logs”
  15. 15. @pawelwrzeszcz “We need user management”
  16. 16. @pawelwrzeszcz How to make this approach a habit?
  17. 17. @pawelwrzeszcz
  18. 18. @pawelwrzeszcz Thank you! Paweł Wrzeszcz Agile coach & trainer