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Mind forg'd manacles


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The story of how communities of practice such as filmmakers, educators and librarians have journeyed from a permissions culture to one of free expression and claiming of rights, enabling them to meet mission better, by understanding their fair use rights under copyright.

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Mind forg'd manacles

  1. 1. MIND-FORG’D MANACLES:Fair Use, Free Speech, and Political ActionPat AufderheideCenter for Social MediaAmerican University
  2. 2. Mind-forg’d manacles
  3. 3. A TALE OF THREE JOURNEYS• Inside people’s heads• From submission to agency• From agency to action
  4. 4. FAIR USE:The Escape Hatch!
  5. 5. JUDGES LOVEFAIR USE• Did you transform the use?• Did you use the appropriate amount to satisfy the transformative use?PLUS: What are your community’s expectations?
  6. 6. JOURNEY #1
  7. 7. JOURNEY #2
  8. 8. Open CourseWare Designers
  9. 9. RESULTS • 31 new courses at MIT alone in one year • Previously rejected for Open Course Ware
  10. 10. JOURNEY #3