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I need a flourishing business model v2.0 (comments remove, pk original text)(1)

  1. I love my work. And, like anybody, I want to be financially viable.
  2. I want to be financially viable, but money isn’t all I care about.
  3. What defines “success” anyway?
  4. A financially viable enterprise must have great value.
  5. But what good is my enterprise if the only way I think about value is financially?
  6. I want my enterprise to do good and…
  7. … I need my enterprise to do well.
  8. In other words, I want my enterprise to do good and do well.
  9. Is it possible to do good AND to do well? My enterprise affects a lot of people.
  10. I’m going to have to great plan. But there’s so much to consider.
  11. My enterprise affects other people.
  12. I need help to make sense of it all.
  13. I need to be able to see.
  14. I need a big picture of my enterprise that considers all my concerns: be financially viable, deliver social benefits, and regenerate the environment .
  15. With a visual tool, I could make sense of all the confusion.
  16. I could map my ideas and try out different scenarios.
  17. With a big picture I could easily explain my ideas and plans.
  18. Together we could create an enterprise that does good and does well.
  19. I need a tool to help me build a model for my enterprise.
  20. A Flourishing Business Model – financially viable, socially beneficial, and environmentally generative.
  21. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter @FlourishingBiz Join our Strongly Sustainable Business Model community Story and illustrations by Patricia Kambitsch