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The GAVI Alliance


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The Power of Vaccines: ‘getting to zero’ for HIV and TB was an event hosted by the TB/HIV and Prevention Working Groups of the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development. The meeting was sponsored by Pamela Nash MP and held on Friday, 18th May 2012, in Portcullis House, Westminster. Read more at

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The GAVI Alliance

  1. 1. The GAVI AllianceIain SimpsonThe Power of VaccinesLondon, May 18th 2012
  2. 2. GAVI has supported countries in preventingmore than 5.5 million future deathsSource: These estimates and projections are produced by the WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccinesand Biologicals, based on the most up-to-date data and models available as of 30 September 2011.*Polio estimate includes deaths averted by vitamin A supplements supported by GAVI. Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  3. 3. A strong platformSource: WHO/UNICEF, UN population division Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  4. 4. Causes of child deaths in low-incomecountriesSource: WHO, World Health Statistics 2011 Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  5. 5. Children immunised with pneumococcal androtavirus vaccinesSource: WHO-UNICEF coverage estimates for 1980-2010, as of July 2011. Coverage projectionsfor 2011-2012, as of September 2011. World Population Prospects, the 2010 revision. New York,United Nations, 2010 (surviving infants). Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  6. 6. Increased competition reduces vaccine pricePrice decline of pentavalent vaccine and number of manufacturersfrom which vaccines were procured in each yearSource: UNICEF Supply Division, 2012 Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  7. 7. Tiered pricing2011 prices per doseSource: UNICEF Supply Division; CDC Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  8. 8. Increasing number of GAVI vaccine suppliersbased in emerging marketsSource: UNICEF Supply Division, 2011 Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  9. 9. Human papillomavirus (HPV) The cause of cervical cancer, which kills over 270,000 women every year 85% of deaths are in developing countries Vaccines can protect against the HPV types causing 70% of cervical cancer cases GAVI is working with partners to reduce prices and prepare for introduction in GAVI- eligible countries Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  10. 10. Malaria Caused about 780,000 deaths in 2009, mainly among children in Africa First vaccine could be recommended for use by WHO in 2015 GAVI continues to monitor the development of malaria vaccine GAVI will be instrumental in ensuring vaccines are available and accessible to the developing world Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  11. 11. Over 19 million children still unimmunisedGlobal number of under-five children unimmunised with 3 doses of DTPSource: WHO/UNICEF coverage estimates2010 revision. July 2011 Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  12. 12. Impact 2011–2015 GAVI can prevent 3.9 million future deaths between 2011 and 2015Source: GAVI Alliance Strategic Demand Forecastversion 2.0 and Long Range Cost and Impact Model Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  13. 13. Thank you GAVI/10/Ricci Shryock Basic facts about GAVI DATE
  14. 14. Basic facts about GAVI DATE