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presentation on transfer of training


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presentation on transfer of training

  1. 1. Group members Pallavi Bharadwaj Saumya Kumar Shounak Mitra Neha Gujjar Priyanka Makhija
  2. 2. What is Transfer Of Training? Transfer of Training means, when trainees actually use on the job, what knowledge and information they learned in training.
  3. 3. Transfer of Training involves Participant Supervisor Trainer
  4. 4. Types of Transfer 1. Positive: improvement in performance. 2. Zero: no change in performance 3. Negative: performance goes down.
  5. 5. Model of Transfer.
  6. 6. How to successfully transfer training Generalize skills Maintain skills
  7. 7. Theories of Transfer. 1.Theory of identical elements 2.Stimulus Generalization approach 3.Cognitive theory
  8. 8. Environmental Effects Work environment characteristics Organizational characteristics
  9. 9. Article Review O Article 1. Transfer of Training: moving beyond barriers. O Article 2. A-Meta analytic review, University of Michigan.