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Brent's Place: Non-Profit Marketing Consultation


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Published in: Marketing, Sports, Business
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Brent's Place: Non-Profit Marketing Consultation

  1. 1. Raising Money for a Remarkable Organization Presented By: Paige Mullen Megan Oberg Connor O’Halleran Adam Pettyes Austin Schneider
  2. 2. A Compelling Story with Denver Roots ~ Established in 1998 by Donn and Linda Eley ~ Dedicated to the memory of their son, Brent ~ Brent passed away from a rare, malignant and fast moving form of cancer at 14 years old ~ Required travel and extreme difficulty for the family to attempt treatment
  3. 3. Visiting Experience We met with the Executive Director of Brent’s Place: Sean Meyerhoffer Incredibly positive experience ~ Great staff, great drive in an exceptional building ~ Our secondary research was confirmed and enhanced
  4. 4. Challenges Brent's Place is needing more space to keep up with demand ~ The current facilities have been at capacity since June of 2010 ~ Mr. Meyerhoffer expressed the previous expansion felt rushed and undercapitalized
  5. 5. Challenges This goal to expand is met with funding challenges. Mr. Meyerhoffer said more corporate sponsors would be a huge gain for Brent’s Place. ~ By expanding corporate sponsors, the hope is individual donor base will grow and strengthen.
  6. 6. Positioning Target Audience Positioning Challenges Executives in large organizations with a Denver presence. Making Brent’s Place a valuable investment. Such as Executives From… ~ Maintaining invitee engagement in the long run, looking passed this single event.
  7. 7. Positioning Core Idea Key Features and Benefits To host a Black Tie dinner event in the Bronco’s Locker Room for six hand selected organizations in the Denver area. Unique experience for attendees ~ Community outreach and integration for Brent’s Place ~ Exposure of Brent’s Place impact ~ Positive association for corporate partners ~ Revenue generating event An event that creates The purpose of the event is to raise funds for future expansion projects at Brent’s Place. value.
  8. 8. Positioning Positioning Statement For executives in large organizations located in Denver, this Black Tie event hosted by Brent’s Place provides a unique experience with an opportunity to raise money for expansion.
  9. 9. Positioning Event Tagline “Pushing Past the Barriers to Tackle the Goal of Expansion”
  10. 10. Rushing to Raise! Pushing Past the Barriers to Tackle the Goal of Expansion What? Where? An exclusive Black Tie dinner with 120 guests. Invitees include past Brent’s Place families, corporate executives and special guests. Sports Authority Field Locker Room Purpose Experiential Fundraising Event for Brent’s Place. Special Guests Keynote speakers and MC’s include Zane Beadles as well as past Brent’s Place families selected to share their experience. Silent Auction Items Autographed Bronco’s Memorabilia | Weekend Stay in Aspen | Dinner at Elway’s
  11. 11. Zane Beadles for Brent’s Place
  12. 12. Our Vision We want to give partners and families of Brent’s Place a chance to come together for a once in a lifetime experience in support of a great cause. With support from corporate sponsors and the Denver Broncos, we have the opportunity to raise awareness and money for Brent’s Place while giving corporations and partners positive and influential publicity. Proceeds will go toward ongoing expansion efforts of Brent’s Place.
  13. 13. The Implementation Process Target: CEO or Donation Coordinator Target: CEO’s Invitees to the Event Step 1 Edible Arrangement and Information Letter to each of the six CEOs or Donation Coordinators Step 2 Follow up email with Video to CEO or Donation Coordinator Step 3 Personal invitation and information about Brent’s Place to each invitee of the special event Time Elapsed from Step 1-3: 4 weeks
  14. 14. Edible Arrangement Target: CEO or Donation Coordinator Edible Arrangement Citation:
  15. 15. Video Message
  16. 16. Invitation Target: CEO’s Invitees to the Event Invite Citation:
  17. 17. Simplified Expenses Expenses *Highlighted items denote initial grant money ($5,092.63) used Item Expense Total Venue Rental $1,500 Catering $100 x 120 people Edible Arrangements $72 x 6 Arrangements $432 Premium Invitations $5.07 x 48 Invitations $243.36 Auction Items St. Regis Elway’s Dinner for Two Bronco’s Memorabilia $833/night x 2 Nights $250 Gift Card $0 $1,667.27 $250 $0 Photographer $1,000 $1,000 Incidentals $1,000 $1,000 Total Expenses Venue Rental: Catering, inc. Labor: Edible Arrangements: Edible Arrangements, 2013 Invitations, upgraded linen, larger size, shipping/postage: $1,500 $12,000 $18,092.63 Auction Items St. Regis, inc. Taxes: Elway’s, inc. Tip: Bronco’s Memorabilia: Photographer, including rights:
  18. 18. Simplified Revenue Revenue Item Revenue Total Initial Budget $10,000 $10,000 Table Revenue 13 Tables x $3,000/Table $39,000 Auction Items (Proj.) St. Regis Elway’s Memorabilia $1,667.27 x 2 $250 x 2 Donated Individual Donations (Proj.) $600-$1000/couple x 52 Total Revenue $3,334.54 $500 $1,000 $31,200-$52,000 $85,034.54 - $105,834.54 Auction Revenues: Best Projection Individual Donations: Based on Historical Events, Roadless Ride Total Funds Raised $66,941.91 - $87,741.91
  19. 19. Thank You! Presented By: Megan Oberg Connor O’Halleran Paige Mullen Adam Pettyes Austin Schneider
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