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Big Data Examples


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Big Data Examples, Amazon, Netflix, Boeing, Kaggle, Formula 1,

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Big Data Examples

  1. 1. Big Data Examples Image Source: Ozan Saglam @ozantechnews
  2. 2. Amazon Amazon has been estimated to alter its prices more than 2.5 million times daily. By comparison, retailers such as Best Buy andWal-Mart make roughly 50,000 price changes over the course of an entire month. 360pi estimates that Amazon changes the prices of 15% to 20% of its inventory daily.
  3. 3. Netflix Based on all this data they collect, Netflix could safely determine that certain ingredients would lead to the phenomenal success of House of Cards. A healthy amount of subscribers streamed David Fincher’s ‘The Social Network’ on the site and watched the film from beginning to end without leaving. Also, Kevin Spacey films on Netflix have, on average, 5 star ratings from customers. Finally, the original British version of House of Cards was extremely popular with Netflix users. And so the company bought the license to the show without even watching the pilot.. Image Source :
  4. 4. Boeing jet engines can produce 10 terabytes of operational information for every 30 minutes they turn.A four- engine jumbo jet can create 640 terabytes of data on just one Atlantic crossing; multiply that by the more than 25,000 flights flown each day, and you get an understanding of the impact that sensor and machine-produced data can make on a BI environment. Image Source: Boeing
  5. 5. Rolls Royce monitors 3700 aircraft engines Spot the problem before break down Services revenue %70 of aircraft division revenue Book : Big Data: Using SMART Big Data, Analytics and Metrics To Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance Image Source : Rolls Royce
  6. 6. Kaggle
  7. 7. Kaggle - Boehringer Participants were tasked with discovering the relationships between these molecular characteristics and the occurrence of DNA mutations, to generate models that would be able to predict mutagenic activity for new, unseen compounds. 703 teams WinningTeam : insurance, physics, and neuroscience; and its analysis beat existing predictive methods by more than 25 percent.
  8. 8. Kaggle - Facebook Facebook Uses Kaggle to RecruitTop Data ScienceTalent
  9. 9. Foldit But what is perhaps slightly disappointing is that of 236 K players who registered to Foldit, success came from problem- solving skill of a handfull of apparently highly-inteligent indiviuals.That said, the majority of even most active players reportedly did not come from a biochemical academic background.
  10. 10. Formula 1 According to Red Bull’s head of technical partnershipsAlan Peasland, some 100 gigabytes of data goes into winning a race. (That’s the equivalent of streaming every episode of the long-runningSeinfeldTV series six times over.)A lot of that comes from telemetry, a term that describes data collection on the move. Each car is fitted with around 100 sensors throughout the vehicle.The sensors gather data about temperature, g-forces, spin—and other things—and feed it back to the garage off to the side of the track, where it is analyzed by a team of engineers. (QZ) Image Source :
  11. 11. A good example of their work was the final race last year in Brazil where Vettel narrowly won the championship. It was a wet weather race with plenty of incidents, one of which involvedVettel damaging his car in a crash with Bruno Senna which sent him to the back of the field.The normal response would have been to return to the pits so the mechanics could inspect the damage and replace broken parts. Because of Red Bull’s real time data analysis capability, the team were able to keep him out on the track and assess the car’s performance and safety while still racing. (MoneyWeek) Formula 1
  12. 12. Los Angeles AutomatedTraffic Surveillance andControl system, which was completed in February 2013 and synchronizes all 4,500 traffic signals...According to the Department ofTransportation, traffic is 16 percent faster across the city (TheVerge) Image Source :
  13. 13. Jawbone Up How the Napa Earthquake Affected BayArea Sleepers 45% of UP wearers less than 15 miles from the epicenter stayed up the rest of the night.
  14. 14. Thanks Ozan Saglam @ozantechnews