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Communication disconnect


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Proactive communication is vital to a well-functioning organization.

Presented at the staff meeting of December 13, 2011.

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Communication disconnect

  1. 1. Communication Disconnect?
  2. 2. Five staffEach person had four other connections to manage.Total number of reciprocal connections = 10.
  3. 3. Twelve Staff
  4. 4. Twelve StaffEach person has 11 potential connections.Total number of possible connections = 66.This does not include Taligent contractstaff, temp staff, and other positions.
  5. 5. Metcalfe’s Law:Connections in a network = n(n-1)/2 2 telephones = 1 connection 5 telephones = 10 connections 12 telephones = 66 connections
  6. 6. Increasing Specialization• Staff are increasingly focused on areas of specialization;• Complexity of tasks increases
  7. 7. Demand for Formal/Informal Communications Tools• Wiki• Status Board• Monday Meetings• Staff Meetings• Team Meetings• 1:1 with Manager• Messaging• E-mail (cautionary note)• Salesforce Chatter• Informal
  8. 8. E-mail• - Pick Up the Phone Instead of Emailing to Communicate Your Point Without Making Enemies:• Google “Writing Effective E-mail”
  9. 9. A Communications Approach• Solution-oriented• Deal directly• Don’t assume• Recognize and break down silos• Common mission vs. team/individual domains