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Leveraging social service to increase customer loyalty ben kay, everything everywhere


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Ben Kay, Head of Digital Strategy at Everything Everywhere.

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Leveraging social service to increase customer loyalty ben kay, everything everywhere

  1. 1. Leveraging SocialService to increasecustomer loyaltyBen KayHead of Digital
  2. 2. Firstly a quick intro. One company running two of Britain’s most famous brands.
  3. 3. Some scene setting.• Social Media has changed the world.• Behaviours have changed & we must recognise opportunity.• Social media brings many challenges.• It’s an immature space, unstructured, data intensive, continuous, and characterised by an ever-changing set of technology platforms and audience behaviours.• Running two large brands presents us with huge challenges • How do we understand what is happening? • How should we react / engage? • What are the benefits?
  4. 4. Smartphone’s are acceleratingsocial interactionVast majority of customers now have asmartphone and can be more loyal..Last year our customers :• Made 1.33bn calls• Sent 5.5bn texts• Used 326bn Kilobytes of dataBUT – Smartphone users need moresupport from us, if they don’t get it, theyare happy to leave us.Service IS a differentiator
  5. 5. If customers need answers, theydon’t always call in straight away. 77% Search for a 48% read about 71% visit the company’s product or service via products/services on a website a Search Engine review site 6% Chat live with a 13% talk about a 12% visit the company’s customer service product/service on a facebook page company social network representativeSource : Mintel Digital Winter trends December 2011
  6. 6. Our social service journey• Simple buzz monitoring & defining an engagement model• Small scale proof of concept pilot• Operationalisation• Benefits
  7. 7. Start with simple listening andwork out a plan Orange customers were pretty unhappy with customer service Broadband was a highly debated topic (speed) What is being3 simple questions T-Mobile customers were very vocal about Android software updates said? Our network generated huge volumes of reaction Everyone was searching for (and failing to find) answers Twitter Where is it Facebook being said? Mainstream technology /consumer communities Specialist interest communities – Who is saying ???? it?
  8. 8. What approach have we taken? 8
  9. 9. We built out a small scale pilot Ways of Measurement People working & Metrics• Find people who • Empowerment • Call centre metrics are • Support network don’t apply • Passionate • Have fun, and let • Efficiency? • Human personalities • NPS? • Social! flourish! • Sentiment? • Thick skinned • Expect the unexpected
  10. 10. Our organisational structure isevolving naturally. Decentralised Centralised Hub and Multiple Hub Holistic or Spoke and Spoke or “Honeycomb” “Dandelion” Source: Jeremiah Owyang – Altimeter Group 201010
  11. 11. From sticky back plastic tooperational excellence We reached a plateau: • Free tools are great, but limited • Goodwill runs out • MI • Coordination is challenging (and that matters to customers) • Resource management is impossible Operationalising ‘social service’ • Social ambition, KPI and objectives set • Robust Social Interaction platform • Routing • Reporting / MI • Social recruitment process • Social accreditation programme • Social ambition, KPI and objectives set
  12. 12. Employees are already outthere.Mostly employees are keen to help and participate positively in their sparetime – This should be promotedHowever, not everyone will be quite so positive A recent example…A social media policy is really important to protect your organisation andyour employees For example - Dell* Protect Information Be Transparent & Disclose Follow the Law, Follow the Code of Conduct Be Responsible Be Nice, Have Fun and Connect *Source: Dell Global Social Media Policy
  13. 13. Despite some negativity, itsreally rewarding. 798 2126 725 69 28,420 13
  14. 14. Don’t wait. Get stuck in! • At first you will surface pent up frustrations – so don’t expect immediate results • Consider every social response carefully (expect the unexpected) • Be prepared to make mistakes • You won’t reduce inbound call volumes • You need to trust and empower your agents • Transparency is critical
  15. 15. What have we seen so far? • Benefit to the bottom line • Opportunity to channel shift during “crisis” periods • 4x Efficiency over telephony channel • 10 point higher NPS • Improving customer engagement • Improvements in online sentiment scores • A growing army of very engaged advocates • Industry award recognition
  16. 16. Some tips from me… • It’s not just about ‘customers’. Audiences include Participants not customers current/prospective employees, industry experts, other brands, prospects… • Done well, social can enhance every aspect of an Untapped opportunities organisational experience Power has shifted • Participants have unprecedented access to information, meaning brands are no longer in control • Credibility is gained from listening to and engaging with an Broadcast vs. Engagement audience, taking action in response • Getting involved where participants are (rather than wait for Proactively engaging them to come to us) No place to hide • Transparency, transparency, transparency • Success comes from a coordinated, managed approach Coordination across functional areas Collaboration • No single owner of social within an organisation
  17. 17. A final thought“The beauty of social media is that it will point outyour company’s flaws; the key questions is howquickly you address these flaws.” Erik Qualmann, Socialnomics
  18. 18. Thank you.
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